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Small Steps Leads To BIG Change

Is it weird that I get anxiety from being absent on the blog? More than one week doesn't feel good. More than two makes me feel ashamed. More than three, I’m evil to not put something out there. Anyone feel the same?
But blogging more than two times a week makes me feel like I'm not bringing quality and thought into my posts. And I hate when I do "filler reviews" instead of admitting that I'm so full of ideas that I hit walls. – Yeah, filler reviews are those really straight forwards short reviews just to say something. Anything.

Living in a fast paced world makes you feel like you're disappearing into a crowd if you're not active and deliver in time or consistently and also of quality. How can someone be remembered or live up to that in this day and age?
If you take it seriously, it will stress you out.

My lack of posts lately has been majorly affected by the need to shift my focus and energy into making blogging something more than just a hobby. I have so many ideas but I'm mostly doing it all by myself and I'm the only creative person I know, so all details and design sits on my shoulders.  Well, I kind of have myself to blame because I'm a loner by heart with aspie traits, connecting with people or even turning to others for help doesn’t come very naturally to me. It’s probably some control issues that I’m dealing with too.

Two years ago I bought a domain for this blog with a vision. I also finally found a subject I'm passionate about and that brings me joy to share and write about. Buying that domain name was the kickstart, but when it comes to change and the unknown I’m pretty slow at start. I need to be 95% sure of things before I even try to do them. And I'm much so guided by feelings.
If I don't feel confident, it's probably not the right time. 

But something I've faced a lot this year and learned from is that you can't always wait for confidence to grow. You kind of have to water and tend to it.
"When things are perfect I will do this… When I have this I can do that…” When and when and when, it was ruining me from going after my dreams and living the life I wanted.  Truth is, there will never be a right time; things will never be perfect. What happens is that you get stuck in “Perfection Paralysis”.
In the end you have to put Action before Perfection.
I tell myself: I am not Coca Cola, I can always change my mind.
Not putting something out there, no matter how bad it may be the first time, is not doing anything for progress.
You don’t always have to believe in yourself at first, by watering and giving some occasional fertilizer (aka: action steps) belief will start to come to you.

At the beginning of this year in March I applied for Marie Forleo's B-School. Since then I've been testing and planning, dreaming and taking small baby steps. However, I need to do it in my pace, no matter how slow I am comparing to others.
The course was the final tool into actually knowing how to put my dream out there.

I'm probably one of the oldest bloggers out there and no one knows about it.
I've been blogging since I was fourteen, that's 2005 guys. I've had several blogs, one even more successful than this one, thanks to one famous blogger...
And one that I managed one night around 2AM high on coffein to accidentally completely erase. Yeah, I still beat myself up after that stupid double click I did back in 2009. And had to kind of start from scratch again. 
But maybe if I hadn't done that, maybe Frivolous Girl would have never been born?
Well I'm hoping there was some kind of greater purpose to make up for all the memories and thoughts lost in to cyber's vacuum.

I’m ashamed it has taken me two years to do this, but the almost-right-but-perfect-time has come, I’ll be moving my blog where I will have more control and I’ll be releasing all the fluff I always wanted to do. It will probably seem “B" at first, but keep in mind I’m a one woman show. As of the summer I’m actually registered as self-employed company, just to pressure me more to finish what I startedand get som money back for that expensive camera I bought for my blog. (high quality pictures has really payed off!)
When will the move happen?
As soon as my boyfriend manages to set up a decent site to blog on. In other words: the deadline is preferably before December, but I can't promise anything. My boyfriend has a fulltime job and my programming skills extends to source mapping which isn't enough to build a website. But I can do some wicked graphics with it.
But just the thing that my life brought an awesome programmer + my graphic design talents together shows that this is what I’m supposed to do.

I’m really nervous and excited to take you with me on this :D

So I’m sorry for the lack of content lately, but with the move I’ll be starting from scratch. Which means I’ll be manually, importing the most relevant content from this blog into the new site. I should really hire someone to do this, but the control-ist in me won’t and I'm not 100% sure on how I want things to look just yet.

I'm thankful for your patience!
Love you all and see you in future posts

Lily Lolo Clementine Swatch

From the top: Clementine, Alima Pure Leigh

I’m in Stockholm for the time being helping out my mom who’s undergone surgery on her foot. Meaning, she won’t be able to properly walk for a month and could need a personal assistant to do the groceries, cook and clean. Personal assistant sounds way cooler than what I really am for the next month: a slave.
So while in Stockholm I thought I’d visit the one pharmacy that carries the brand Lily Lolo here in Sweden, Apoteksgruppen.
Internet is great and all, but sometimes it’s lovely to get a proper look on all the colors and consistency. Lucky me, they were either preparing to get the new look of Lily Lolo, or they were discontinuing it. Either way, I was happy to see 50% off everything they had left.
I went straight to whatever blushes and bronzers they had and went home with Clementine.
I thought about South Beach bronzer for a long time, but felt Alima Pure’s Mauna Loa was more worth my money.

Clementine, as described, is a Matte Peachy Pink. And I would say that the color is more towards Ooh La La on picture than what is presented (and OLL is more towards Candy Girl if anyone wonders).
I couldn’t try it directly on my cheek so I went with whatever matched my hand the best.
After realizing I’ve been using the wrong shade of blush all this time I’m a bit on a discovery of what actually works. I’ve ruled out pinks, reds and corals, so I thought something peachy would turn out great, but to be honest with you… It doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look great either. It just looks like I'm wearing blush. Uh.
Maybe it’s because it’s got a hint of pink in it, or that I just naturally don’t blush. Like. Ever.
Oh well, I will continue wearing it, but my quest for the perfect blush continues...
Too bad they didn’t have Beach Babe, I’m almost convinced it would've changed my cheeks for the better. So next time I will try something more bronzer-like or just forget about blushes all together.

Any tips for a medium/yellow tinted babe who rarely gets flushed?
PS I accidently dropped my sample of Alima Pure Desert Rose all over the sink and the toilette. Therefore it's not swatched for comparison. I did cry and then I actually flushed. (Hehe Bad joke, I know.)
Check out my Alima Pure Sample Review!
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Mádara Cosmetics Northern Herbarium Review

One of my favorite things I got in my Naturalbox (review) was this kit from Mádara. I saved this set to use in the summer where we usually spend it at our summer house. Rose seems to be the common thread in these three, which I thought was complimenting from what we've learned from my latest post on Ayurveda and summer skin (☛ check it out).
Even though I will always be faithful to my oils, I do like to go back and test the conventional skincare to see if I’m missing something.

Madara Eco Face Deep Purifying Foam


I’ve practically moved away from foam cleansers but thought to give this one a try when it’s basically just rose water with a foam pump to it (so not technically a foam cleanser).
If you like when it foams a lot, look the other way, this one dies pretty quickly. The honest truth, there wasn’t much I liked about this cleanser. It did nothing to remove my make up, even when used together with a Konjac Sponge. And well, if a cleanser can’t do just what it’s supposed to do, then it’s no point to use. 
The foam is very gentle and feels nice to work with, so it’s too bad it just doesn’t clean. I ended up using it only on days when I had no make up on, just to “freshen up”. But it would work much better as a mist.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Sodium Cocamphoacetate, Rosa Damascena, Alcohol, Glycerin, Lactic AcidSucrose Cocoate, Achillea Millefolium, Calendula Officinalis, Chamomilla Recutita, Aroma.

Madara Eco Face Deep Moisture Fluid 


Okay, so I didn’t hate this one, but I didn’t love it either. I’ve also tried the Deep Moisture Cream that’s for dry skin during the winter, and that one I kind of liked a bit more, nonetheless the fluid-kind suits better in the summer. It keeps moisture well and your face feels smooth and soft. This is probably just personal preference, but I did reach for my oils to use instead, mostly because I feel allergic to the many ingredients I can’t pronounce. With that said, if I were stuck on an island without my oils and only this, it would be a good substitute. But I just feel cleaner with only oils on my face.
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Rosa Damascena, Alcohol, Glycerin, Simmondsia Chinensis, Helianthus Annuus (Oil), Trifolium Pratense, Rubus Idaeus, Cetearyl Alcohol, Persea Gratissima, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Tillia Cordata, Artemisa Vulgaris, Lecitin, Betain(-e)Stearic Acid Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Xantan Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Mica (CI 77019), Lactic Acid, Aroma, Citral, LimoneneLinalool, Sodium phytate, Palmitic Acid.

Madara Eco Face Regenerating Night Cream 


This one isn’t cleaner either but the feeling of it was more pleasant. Mostly because my outbreaks happens during the day, which makes me less worried of what I put on in the evening. Usually on those days when I would use the night cream I would wake up with a much calmer and hydrated face - looking more “plump” which we all want to look like when we wake up.
So yes, I spent using this one more than the other two, because I felt like it really works!
I also tried blending it with my rose hip oil, which usually leaves some flakiness, but this combo just left me looking young.
Don’t ask me if I’ll re-buy it, because the only thing I usually restock is pure oils, but I wouldn't mind getting another sample of it.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Alcohol, Simmondsia Chinensis, Persea Gratissima, Rosa Damascena, GlycerinPolyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Theobroma Cacao, Helianthus Annuus (Oil), Cetearyl Alcohol, Hordeum Vulgare, Algae, Humulus Lupulus, Hippophae Rhamnoides, Lycopersicum Esculentum, Plantago Major, Calendula Officinalis Chamomilla Recutita Stearic Acid Palmitic Acid, Sodium HyaluronateTocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Xantan Gum, Sodium phytate, Lactic Acid, AromaCitronellol, Geraniol, Linalool.

Have you tried something from Mádara? Do you agree with my review?
Share in the comments below!
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Summer Cool With Ayurveda

The summer is the season of Pitta in Ayurveda. Think hot, fire and steam. And if you’re already Pitta dominant, this season can overload you and put you off balance which usually shows in the face. But no matter what constitution, anyone could benefit from some Pitta reducing tricks in the summer!

How To Cool Down Both Body & Mind

The Summer is the perfect time for living on raw food and it’s quite cooling for the body too! Think of fully ripe sweet and juicy fruits and leafy greens to be at least 80% of your daily diet, and cut down the fat intake. Sipping on cooling water (not ice cold) throughout the day will also keep the fire low. Avoid onions, garlic, spicy and hot foods, rather indulge in cold soups or wait until the meal has gotten to room temperature.
Yoga & Exercise
It can be quite tempting to have fun in the sun, but it’s best to avoid exercising during the hot part of the day. If you like biking or running try doing it early mornings and evenings instead when the temperature is slightly cooler. Otherwise, favor peaceful and relaxing walks in nature, light gardening, swimming and gentle yoga.

As for gentle yoga, Moon Salutations are more appropriate than Sun Salutation during this season. Keeping the practice fun and light with plenty of twists and side body openers. Try to not sweat and focus more on your exhalations!
Practicing cooling pranayamas after asanas or when you feel a build up of heat can help.
Shitali (cooling breath) and Left-Nostril breathing will calm the hot quality of Pitta. The left nostril is associated with our body’s cooling energy, and by breathing through it it activates the Ida Nerve Ending in the left nostril, which relates to calmness and relaxation. 
Moon Bathing
Limit sunbathing and try moon-bathing. The moon’s cooling light helps to balance Pitta.
Engage in full moon beach walks, hikes, strolls or even sitting outdoors under the rays of the moon infuses the body with the moon’s cooling nature.

Cooling Skincare

Neem Oil
Neem has a bitter taste, which gives its powerful cooling effect. It’s one of the most cooling herbalized oils used in Ayurveda and this makes it most balancing to Pitta. One prominent location excess Pitta is shown is the skin; the heat from the sun can much likely aggregate it.
By applying Neem, either topically or orally, you can sooth the skin/body, and cool the inflamed bits. It's even very good to have against mosquitos and to sooth itching bites.


2Tsp Raw Buckwheat Honey
1Tsp Neem Leaf Powder
5 Drops Neem Oil
A few drops of Roman Chamomile
+ Too thick, add some water
Mix, apply and let set for 20 minutes.
Coconut & Sunflower Oil
A cooling massage with these oil and an addition of some cooling essential oils of: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Jasmine or Lavender will keep you calm and collected throughout those hot summer days.
This both nourishes the skin and protects it against the heat and sunny days.
Rose Water
Pitta benefits from regular hydration especially in summer to counter heat. Rose is considered cooling for mind, body and emotions, and is used topically, orally and even inhaled to relax the spirit. Keeping some chilled Rose Water Mist on hand to spray during the hot days can be helpful, and works just as well in smoothies. Agni (Fire) shows in the eyes, and it can be a good thing to soak a cotton gal with some Rose Water and cleanse the eyelids with, this will bring Pitta down.
Hope you have a lovely summer! :)
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Summer Break

It’s time for the yearly summer break in the blog-o-sphere. I always see visitor-stat decline around this time, and usually I’m not that active either. After making it a mission at the beginning of this year to post at least once a week, I think I can do that this summer.
But as always, I will try to focus on the three F’s: Family, Friends & Fruit! Leaving only room for some occasional Instagram and answering any comments!
I also have some other plans for this blog that I need to concentrate on so stay tuned for that! ;)
In the meantime I would love to hear what you would like to see more on the blog!
Tell me in the comments below!

Otherwise I’m wishing You the best Summer and all the luck for your plans!
Peter and I are starting this summer out with a Watermelon Feast for two days before heading to Stockholm for one week to see my mom, then it's back to our summer house to finish building our carport.
Lots of Love & Fruit <3 
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Gum Lines

TePe Interspace
Now when we come to step five it all can get a bit overwhelming like, "Really, should I do all of this in the morning and at night? Who has the time?!" Don't fear. Yes, for a successful self-dentistry, it would be advised to do this all both morning and day, but if you can't it's not the whole world. But it saves money in return.
I feel like this step is being a bit ignored with being so short. Probably people who have had braces are more used to using a sulcabrush, but this should be practiced by anyone.
With a Sulcabrush you can check between your teeth for any remaining plaque that the toothbrush couldn't reach. Use it both on both sides of the gum lines. Here you can also use an essential oil blend for healthy gums to make this more potent.
Step five isn't something I have adopted yet, but probably will in the future. The brush is inexpensive and will make a great add to your normal routine. I keep adressing "essential oil mix" quite a bit, don't worry, I will talk about this in step eight!

Pamper Day

My boyfriend isn't really in for international commercial days, hell, he's not even into birthdays! So usually, the only one I send love to is my mom, the one and only who actually care and who's been buying me cute little teddies when growing up. I think it's a big misconception that Valentine's Day is only for couples. For me it's about expressing love to your nearest with an international reason, so to speak.
When I was fourteen-fifteen I took this day to the next level and started to also show love for Me, by always having Spa Day and relax with my mom. We would take bubble baths, put on chocolate face masks, eat chocolate, watch some romantic movie and just take care of our bodies and showing appreciation.

If you think about it, 14th February is actually quite good for this kind of thing. I don't know about you, but I haven't shaved my legs since October, and because of the dry weather I rarely even take a hot shower 'cause I don't want that dry and ruff skin. It's been too dark and too cold to even put an effort on feeling beautiful. But now it's all changing, it's getting lighter and warmer, spring is just a month away! This is a good time to do some "spring cleaning" and take a day off to detox and just come back to oneself and nature.
Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower, Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash & YES! Water based Lubricant

As the years go by and as you grow up, you learn more and more about health and balance, and so I've added a few new things this year you can do on this "Pamper Day" as I call it.

Check Out my Pamper Day board on Pinterest

Except for the obvious: take a break from screens (TV/Computer), lighting candles, soak in a bath or taking a long hot shower, do manicures and relax in face masks listening to relaxing music or watching something feel-good, I've added:
Relaxing Yin Yoga - To connect with your female and nurturing energy. I think I mentioned somewhere that I've started practicing some more yin yoga, I truly felt like my body and mind wanted to go more slow and inwards during the winter. And I don't know what, but the Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)  has become quite the favorite pose, and I can spend minutes in it. I've also just started doing Moon Salutation which has felt purely magical in a mediative state, more so than any other Vinyasas. And you know what happens the 14th of February? Full Moon. Isn't it ironic?
A Fullyraw Day - Let your body rest, either do a one day's juice/smoothie cleanse or snack on fruits, veggies and then make a delicious raw chocolate cake to indulge in (like this one I Instagrammed), eating for the soul has become an essential for me, just like a nutrient. If you can't imagine yourself doing a whole day raw, do a Raw till 4, be vegan, whatever you do, try do be light on the digestion and skip all processed and refined (this includes oils!), gluten and high in processed sugar, indulge in whole foods - by doing this you actually are skipping the bad things without even thinking!
Reading Books - On Pinterest I've mostly added food and beauty books, but there's nothing wrong in picking up that novel that you thought you would have time to read. (Right now I'm reading "The Power" which I borrowed from my mom)
Another thing to do while lying in the bathtub, massaging yourself or waiting for the mask to dry, is to listen to Kimberly's podcasts. Something I've started to catch up with while on powerwalks, they are very inspirational and guiding. So if you don't exactly have your hands free, listen to podcasts or  audio books can be quite relaxing and fun. But if you feel like just being quiet, that is what you should do.

There's a tradition in Sweden to give your loved one Raspberry jellies, but I think if you really care about someone you would pick up some fresh raspberries or strawberries and maybe make some raw chocolate mousse to dip them in.

And here's the love I'll be sending my mom this year:
Clipper Tea Zen Again - Spa inspired mix for that moment of stillness and reflection.
Go For Life Raw Gojiberries & Nims Air Dried Fruit Crisps Apple/Strawberries - Healthy snacks that nourishes the body, mind and heart.
Pukka Tea Detox - A detoxed body keeps the mind free and open for love.

As for me and my hubby, we don't really have plans. My birthday is coming up very soon, and I've been eyeing this restaurant called Cinnamon (next to another restaurant called Saffron - my favorite spices). Just love the name, and I'm hoping they have something delicious vegetarian to offer!

I would love to hear your plans for Friday!
Do you even celebrate Valentine's Day?
Have you also been pampering yourself on this day or have I inspired you to do so now?
Don't forget to check out the Pinterest Board on some of my tips!

Tongue Cleaning

Have you started with the salt rinse since last time? Then I hope you are ready for the next step!

I never looked twice on tongue scrapers because I've never really suffered from bad breathe. But through Ayurveda and with some more knowledge I now enjoy my little add to the morning routine.

But let's take it from the beginning, what is tongue cleaning good for? The benefits include:
  • Reduces the toxins and bacteria on the tongue that cause bad breath
  • Enhances the sense of taste by cleaning the tastebuds
  • Improves digestion and oral hygiene
  • Gently stimulates the internal organs
  • Helps eliminate unattractive coating on the tongue
When should you scrape your tongue?
Preferably the first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth or ingest something, or after you've done your oil pulling - which should be done in the morning before drinking or brushing teeth.

An interesting note: in Ayurved it is believed that the tongue is like a map of the body's organs. And I've also read about how teeth are associated with different body parts and/with disease. Something to read on upon if interested...

source unknow

There's different types of tongue cleansers out there, I personally chose one of stainless steel by Dr. Tongue because I may have read it's more antibacterial, but I'm actually not sure if it's true.
I've just also come across something new and fun on the market the Orabrush, it more of a brush than a scraper, but may be even more effective and stimulating? (thinking about the lymphatic system)

Anyway, if you don't feel fully committed to it yet, you can always use a spoon I've heard.

Dental Health Month

When planning to do this theme I almost hoped and had a feeling I would stumble and do it just in the right time. And I'm happy I did.
February is the Dental Health month, or to be more exact: National Children's Dental Health Month (in the US). I believe there's something about dentistry in October too, and in Sweden we have "Munhälsodagen" 13th September.

Anyway, since starting eating Raw one of the biggest concerns when I read about the side effects was rotting teeth from all the fruit juices, there was also hair loss and nerve damage because of B12 deficiency. But one of my biggest fears is actually losing my teeth.

It's funny, when I started this thing I began with eating oranges for breakfast...
But a background story first: I have one of the most sensitive gums out there, because of excessive use of whiting toothpaste. I was young and stupid and didn't know or realize they shouldn't be used daily. And my teeth wasn't even yellow!
Most of my childhood I had to stay away from candy, hard, gelly-like and anything fudge would make my teeth and gums hurt. Even too much milk chocolate!
I've been using a regular toothbrush until three years back. My teeth started to hurt to the extent that I couldn't even brush them, not even lightly. I went to two different dentists and asked for advise, both couldn't find anything wrong, saying I have perfect teeth and gums. Advised me though to change to an electric toothbrush and use toothpaste for sensitive teeth, because it looked like I was unconsciously pressing the brush too hard, especially on the right side (right handed) where I would have the most pain.
Since the switch I can brush without pain, but I still can't eat  candy like most people. And every time I switch toothpaste brands there's a transition of pain until my mouth accustoms to the new formula.

Back to the funny thing!
You would believe that if I can't eat sweets like candy, how about all that fruit acid? Shouldn't it hurt?
After months of eating oranges for breakfast I still didn't even feel the slightest sensitivity. Actually, quite the opposite, I felt my gums becoming more healthy.
But then there has been ups and downs, which I won't lie about. We stopped eating oranges because it became too pricey, and the non-organic ones has it written on the box what they are treated with and we became a bit put off. Fast forwarding, after a break from oranges and citrus, when trying it again, both Peter and I felt a slight tingle in the teeth. But after a few more tries we can eat them just like before.

Also, I have a hole in one of my front teeth that is slightly visible for the naked eye. (I'm probably the only one who cares about it)
My dentist doesn't want to fix it, because it is too small and if I take care of my teeth, flossing and such, it won't grow any bigger. But of course, because I can see it daily, it bugs me.
Now, I wish I made some before and after photos, and you are allowed to call me crazy. I've had that hole for like forever (probably since I was fifteen), since switching diet - I swear - that hole is looking noticeably smaller!
I actually hoped that by the way I eat I could somehow heal it. My idea was and still is, that digestion starts in the mouth, and whatever you have in your mouth will also be absorbed. So all that nutrients I'm about to chew will become absorbed and used to nourish my teeth. That's how I saw it when I started this raw food journey.

I don't see my teeth rotting anytime soon, but the idea of what you put in your mouth gets absorbed by your tongue and teeth is extending to the point that I'm starting now to really take action and looking into what holistic alternatives there is for Dental Health. Taking baby steps, learning as I go.

OBS: The following themed posts on Dental Care are in no way sponsored. I wish they was, because it has changed my whole vision on oral hygiene, and some products I would love to test and give you discounts on!
I don't know more than what I've read on the subject and I should of course not be taken as serious as a doctor.
This is my 10 Steps and Tricks to Successful Natural Self-Dentistry.

beginner's failure.

Just about a week ago I started my second course of Ashtanga Yoga. Unfortunately there wasn't many who signed up for the follow-up class - seemed like most from the beginners class wanted to redo it. I'm really not the repetitive type of person, so I chose a Mixed Mysore class.
I would describe myself as one that's been raised by instructional workout videos; without anyone to telling me what's next I wouldn't be able to tell you what to begin with.
Being led and doing your own thing has both its advantages and disadvantages.
I am pretty much lost without someone that leads me, but at the same time it's nice to do yoga in your own hurry, for I breathe quicker and more shallow than the average.
My first class of Mysore became muchof  a failure haha
As I don't remember all the steps and have only gone trough the beginners class and as I breathe quicker, I finished fast. And then there was the nervousness, trying to look at others and see where they're at, but standing up front didn't give me much advantage of that sight...
Maybe I shouldn't, but I feel a bit embarrassed. As you do when walking to the teacher, handing them the test first in class, because you didn't study. Yeah, it felt pretty much like that.
I know I will eventually be one of them who finish last at the end of this course, it's just a matter of repetition and studying the sequences.
Never give up.

Nikki Sharp 5 Day Detox Review

I want to be real and honest with you so I'm going to start off with saying I didn't follow it fully through, other's would call it "cheating". But here's what I didn't do according to the detox:
1) I ate more fruit than "allowed" - About 3 Bananas & 3 Persimmons on an average a day, to give you an idea. Including other fruits like: lychee, cherries, pineapple, kiwis, etc.
2) I kept it low fat - I did not snack on any nuts during the detox which was a "snack option", and didn't add any to meals.
3) I did not complete every meal - Detoxes require early mornings, early mornings isn't what I always have. So breakfasts were eaten late which pushed the whole meal schedule to skip on a few dinners. And there was one day I just felt like eating fruit for dinner, which I then did.
4) I sometimes swapped Nikki's Detox Smoothie for Kimberly's GGS - It's greener, more fruity and less fat.
5) I ate more calories than was set up for the detox - "The 5 day detox is designed to provide a 500kcal/d deficit in women." Because I don't need this and I added the fruit I ate just the amount I felt for which also meant...
6) I did exercise during the detox - Nikki says to not do any heavy exercising while on the detox, but this refers mostly because of the 500kcal deficiency. Because I ate the amount of energy I required I could keep on with my HIIT and strength training.

So I think that's about it of my "cheating"... But the real question was, at least for me, can Nikki's fruitless detox benefit a plant based fruitarian like myself?

I went into it to test something new and different from the high fruit intake I've been brainwashed with, hoping to maybe learn something new. I must admit, this took a lot on my ego to do something "different" that was labeled "wrong". But I felt I had to prove to you that I'm not brainwashed, that I don't believe in an answer for all, that I'm not afraid to leave the fruit alone, and that I'm not so obsessed with being right from all the research I've done. I. Still. Question. Things.

Nikki Sharp is a gorgeous gal with a ass to die for. I haven't agreed all with her diet, though, there's a nagging wondering of how that detox can make abs appear with it being so fruitless and including fats. So I really wanted to try it for myself, even though I made it more of my own detox, the result wasn't much different and I came out of it a bit enlightened of the idea of more salads!

I know, I know, nothing revolutionary. But when you eat high fruit you kind of forget about the salads and the portion of salads you should be eating. I mean, it felt like when I started the raw food-thingy almost a year ago (oh my, time goes fast, have I've been a high raw foodist for a year soon?!), the passion, the infatuation for it. Yes, I feel as if I've found love again, especially for salads. It feels like it's pushed me on the right track again - and God forbid I'll ever admit I got off it at some point...

So to answer my own question: Can a fruitarian benefit from going fruitless (or at least eat less fruit)?
In what way will a fruitarian benefit?
Fruits are powerful detoxifying food, they truly are. But vegetables do clean in a more high fiber way. It is my opinion that both are equally needed. A Gorilla's diet consists of 40% leafy greens, and while eating more vegetables I must agree upon that more greens makes such a huge difference in the digestive track. (Poo-talk WARNING:) Like, the first days I felt like I spent much more time in the toilette than usual, but in a good way - I haven't had that since the end of summer. It was like my body was telling me that I should really take a few steps back to when I started this thing. I did right back than, now I'm just spinning off.
Combining the juicy-high-water-but-with-fiber-fruits with the fiber-packing-less-watery-vegetables makes for a powerful cleanse (especially poo-wise). Remember, you shouldn't really have to wipe down there.

The detox will also benefit you who feel a bit lost or feel like you're going off track. It's a great tool to get inspired again and adding more greens into your diet.
For the rest non-frutarians out there: If it helped me, it surely will help you get on track on healthy eating habits!

A week after the detox I still see myself taking on that spiralizer I bought when starting raw food that has been lying untouched since the summer because I found myself hating zucchini. Now I use it to spirlize carrots and beets for easier chewiness. And I even see myself eating salads for lunch(!) and dinner. It has become much like: 40% salads and 55% fruit and 5% fat, instead of the old: 70-85% fruit/carbs, 10-35% salads and 5% fat. (This is not micronutrient based, just overall daily mass)
And I'm still feeling great and energized.
Before I forget, about the recipes and the whole book itself!
I have both the 2nd and 3rd edition and I must say I like them both, even if the last one is clearly more structured. The book is written very pedagogically, and very structured so it is very easy to follow and make things in advance. You have like a schedule for all days that tells you what to make and eat.
- I recommend soaking and cooking a batch of quinoa before hand, it will make the cooking go a lot faster.
I also like having a shopping list, but I do recall a few "typos" in it, 'cause I ended anyway back in the store to stock up on more after two days.
The recipes themselves are actually very delicious and very fulfilling. After lunch you won't actually feel like snacking!
My favorite of the bunch is "I Love Superfood Salad", which is lunch for the first day; a mix of kale, carrots, beets with black beans, I've eaten it like two times already after the detox! And my boyfriend loves it equally, mixing it up with different oil-free dressing from Kimberly Snyder.
So to the actual...
You probably can't tell the difference, but...
Before: Bloated from all that holiday food. Too much good bread, nuts and chocolate.
After: Cleansed track and looking more defined. But I have a little way more to go if I'd like to look like I did at the end of the summer.
Last pic: Oh, now I'm just showing off my hard work... What's the point in having abs if you're not going to show them off, right?! They're probably only going to be there until I screw up again.
I'm definitely going to try the detox again, and maybe this time follow it more throughly, maybe waking up at 8 at least :P According to Nikki, this is something she does once a month, and if that is what it takes for some to eat clean then that's great!
But this just proves that you can get the same results even with a little more fruits and less fat in the detox. Maybe Nikki sees this and gets inspired to change a few things ^^ *crossing fingers* But I don't know, she just released her 3rd Edition so it will take a while.
Nikki Sharp hasn't studied nutrition or similar, so her diet advise should be taken with wide eyes. But on other hand, so should a doctors advise be taken too...
I'm now going to take a little break but hoping to finally try Kimberly Snyder's Detox Solution for real. I've only tried some of the recipes but not fully stuck out for the "cleanse" so to speak. Hoping to do that before my one year vegan anniversary ^^
Any questions, I'm happy to answer!
Check out Nikki's Instagram HERE
Check out her blog, buy the detox and other e-books HERE
The best study is you!
Listen to your body and go carb up or go fruit yourself!

eat clean challenge

 I'm a strong advocate of "always be on a detox", eating the right foods to make it easy for your body to self clean.
Sadly, for most, a Detox is something you do to compensate the bad. But trying to see the positive, that many people who go on a plant based detox do infact get inspired to incorporate more vegetables in their diet. It's all about the baby steps ;)
Now, just before New Years Eve there was a few health challenges/cleanses announced to start the coming year - Which I was about to write about, but excuse me for being a bit late on this. It doesn't really matter that some of these cleanses has just started, 'cause it all starts with You and your willpower to be open for change and see things differently.
Here are the different cleanses going on right now:
1. 21 Day FullyRaw Challenge by Fullyraw Kristina
Not judging, but I believe Kristina probably got inspired by Beyonce and Jay-Z's 22 day vegan challenge. As she talks in her video, it takes 21 days to build a habit, and she will be there for you every step of the way guiding you on her YouTube channel! I personally don't feel like going fully raw now in winter, but I may take up on the challenge in the summer. I feel the need to reboot myself with more fully raw days.
2. 30 Day Raw till 4 Challange by Freelee the Banana Girl
If you also can't see yourself eating salad and fruit throughout the winter this is for you! RT4 is what I usually do and been doing since the end of the summer, so there's no need for me to go on a 30 day challenge.
So speaking from experience, it is very easily doable. Breakfast and Lunch is the easiest mealtimes to be raw, you'll feel definitely lighter and more energized and won't fall into afternoon naps, which are very seductive now when it's dark around 2 o'clock!
3. Cycle of the Moon Cleanse by Angeladelaagua & Daughterofthesun_
A juice cleanse going parallel with the cycles of the moon. Very interesting and holistic, something to maybe try on my next juice cleanse. Check their website for more info and coming cleanses.
4. Fruity Freeze - A 30 day challenge by Tarah Shannon
Tarah lives in a cold climate (Canada), very similar to Sweden and wants to show you that you can indeed be fullyraw below 40°F! She created the challenge for everyone who is interested in trying a raw or raw till 4 lifestyle during the winter months.
5. The 5 Day Detox by Nikki Sharp
The detox I'm actually going to do, or well, I am doing it right now. Starting from today I'm eating low-glycemic vegan. I've followed Nikki for a while and felt to try something new. It's very different in the way that there's not really much fruit allowed. Right now I'm actually feeling my body adjusting from eating lightly to suddenly eating heavy for breakfast and dinner - tiredness kicking in.I even managed to drag my boyfriend into this, but he doesn't mind. He'll eat what's served ;)
Of course, there will be a review coming up when five days has gone!
So these are the clenases I know of!
Are you doing any detoxing after the holidays maybe doing any of the above?
I would love to know!

hello 2014

The Holiday's passed by so fast that I've forgotten to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hope your holidays been filled with as little arguing with family as possible, much love, laughter and kindness!
It's been like a blog-fasting, moving energy to be with family and friends. Since Peter I met we've been spending the holidays in Sundsvall, mostly because of Peter's dying grandfather. But he passed away in spring - Haha, sounds like there's a "finally", but his grandfather's been bed bound for seven years, he deserves a final rest - and so we spent our very first Christmas and New Years Eve with my mother in Stockholm.
I didn't get to do all the things I planed, the weather was lousy (still is) and most things were closed or over crowded, but we managed to pack some bananas and travel to Fjärilshuset (The Butterfly House) were I failed to take some great shots with my new camera - YES, expect better and more pictures and videos from now on! (early birthday gift from myself).
I haven't been the best blogger this last year, not that I don't want to just that some tools have been missing, like a quality camera, to do the things I want to.
2014 I plan to charge and make a difference.
I hope you will like it and follow me on the way as I take this blog to the level I've always dreamt about.
Blogging as usual next week!

juice and smoothie cleanse - day 2

 DAY 2

What I've learned from others is to always plan a head when it comes to anything, like a detox or changing diets or sticking to a certain thing. Settling for just a plan b won't cut it, there should be a plan c you can be okay with. And having that soup was just what I needed.

My day two starts immediately in the kitchen whipping up breakfast, midsnacks and lunch, then I had to give the machine some rest.

My first juice to kickstart the morning was called "Strawberry Sunshine" that consisted of orange juice and strawberry purée. I made a big batch to really keep me going, and it got me to miss summer and strawberries a little. It was so good that I drank it all up before making a picture of it!

As usual, I did not manage to get up at 8AM. But who would when you're having Californication-marathons late at night with your boyfriend? (I just introduced him to it and he can't stop watching it!)
So it will be no surprise if I yet again say that I had my breakfast at noon. After that I went for my usual power walk around down, about an hour.
Came home for one of my middle snack juices that I made, ruffly 1 glass/2dl. I know I should drink a liter, but the green drinks are just so intolerable, that I rather just shot them like whiskey! Seriously, you can't make a good green juice without adding 5 pieces of fruit in it. Not with a slow juicer you can't, because everything becomes very concentrated, especially the green taste!
"Hard as Nails", this greenish monster was called, consisted of: parsnip, green bell pepper and cucumber. I think I threw a lemon in there somewhere, but don't remember. Can't say the taste was good, but down it went.

Just so you know, in between juices I try to stay hydrated with water.

For dinner I had made something called "Bumpy Road", as the name tells, it's a drink for those hard to beat cellulites. Even though many of them has disappeared since quiting dairy and most processed carbs like bread, there's still some work that can be done in that region. After the green drink this tasted heavenly, made of: beets, celery and green apples.

I think I appreciate the less is more-strategy in juices. My boyfriend on the other hand always tries to fit as much variation into one as possible which has sadly resulted in me pouring some down the sink in secret (husshhh).
I have one green juice-snack left, but around 6PM I feel fully confident to end this little thing I'm doing. Not because Peter is waving a piece of Vörtbread (December - you won't remember*), but because I'm actually getting stressed over the fruit we should eat up before we leave for Stockholm this Saturday morning.

I won't stop juicing for the rest of the week, but it just can't be the only thing I do.

All in all, almost two days is too short of a time to even talk about. I've at least let my system rest somewhat and tried a bunch of different juice recipes from a book I got years and years ago on a sale, before I even got a juicer!
Some have been good, other's have been plain want-to-throw-down-the-sink.
Oh, and if you're curious about the book,  it's called "Miracle Juices: Over 50 Juices for a Healthy Life" by Charmaine Yabsley and Amanda Cross (or "Drick för hälsa : över 50 juicer för ett friskare liv" - Swedish).
And for juicing I use my Juicepresso, which we got at Groupon and works just like a Hurom jucer! At least I'm very happy with it - if it gets stuck it's mostly my own fault.

I want to say that I personally wouldn't recommend doing an only Juice cleanse, I'd actually say do it together with smoothies, because fibers are important to push down toxins!
And I'd also say that keep a minimum of 80% of your diet being a detox itself - detox all the time! Eat lots of fresh and organic produce, and be naughty 20% of the time if you have to.

PS I have to warn about something. I barely did this for two day, and hell, I'm mostly a fruitarian, but while ending my day I noticed my teeth being extra sensitive all of a sudden when brushing them! I know it's recommended to use a straw, and I was going to buy a pack, but forgot about it while in the store. But it's just shows that juicing isn't something natural, there's a need for fibers; I've never felt this issue eating oranges, pineapples and other fruits. Also, the first day I got this weird coating in my mouth, don't know what it could have been.
Other than that I did not notice anything discomfort living on liquids.

*December is the month we'll stretch on what's healthy and what's healthy for the mind. So things like a ginger bread cookies slipping into you're mouth, nothing that will be repeated throughout the rest of the year, until December comes again ;)
Bokomslag Drick för hälsa : över 50 juicer för ett friskare liv (kartonnage) 

new in: books.

One of the seminars I went to was of Janesh Vaidya who wrote the book "Food is my Medicine", unfortunately just after the speech his book sold out so I couldn't get a copy autographed, but his talking was so inspiring that later when I got home I just had to make an order.

In late April it will have been one year since I started this food journey. First with Raw Food, then with focus on 801010, and now I'm on Raw till 4 (still 801010). And while I eat cooked dinners I get the option for more experimenting, and when I first read about raw food I noticed many combining it with Ayurveda which isn't all raw, and not necessarily vegan. But it has struck me an interest and I would love to combine everything I learn later to my own little perfect diet and lifestyle and that will maybe inspire you too in some changes! Nowadays I feel like just saying that I eat plant based, and I will continue with it. Because fish and egg does occur but rarely in my diet, but I feel like a fraud calling myself a vegan (what's with these tags anyway?!) - Naming things won't give us more definition, it will only stress us out even more haha!

Then in the bookstore I came across The Vegetarian Cookbook, and I will probably give my mom a copy for Christmas, 'cause it's an excellent book for anyone! Whether you are a vegan/vegetarian or starting out to be one, it's just the best! Every recipe is marked if it's a raw, vegan, lakto-, ovo- or anyone.
There's great information in the beginning of the book with seasonal guide on fruits and veggies. There's also a chapter about Food as Medicine. And I don't know why I'm so excited, but I wasn't expecting it, there's a segment about making your own herbal teas for different problem areas! If that did not sell you to buy the book I don't know what will! - You know I'm being totally sarcastic here right? But yeah, herbal teas...

everything for health.

Just a week ago I went to the Everything For Health Fair, and this is what I came back with!
Not much I was very excited over Rosenseriens Deodorant, which I've heard many great things about. And being a bit dissapointed on my Urtekram that I bough at a sale, this one definitely felt like a five star! I will probably write a more in-depth review of both the deo and the hand cream that I got. They were actually included in a great deal, for only 100kr you would get three magazines of Hälsa, the book Grönt Helt Enkelt, Love by Dalai Lama, and the two full size products from Rosenserien!
Then I went in line for a sign up to get a goodie bag from Svensk Hälsokost, were you got a water bottle,
Magazine, D-vitamins and a raw bar from Superfruit which I ate quickly before coming home.
Mom got me some pralines which also disappeared rather quick in both Peter's and my mouths. Luckily I didn't wake up the next morning with huge zits, but I won't push it...
And not to get too personal, but I managed to get my hands on some samples from Yes Organic Lubricant, water-based and oil-based, shall be fun testing them out hehe
I also went by i-m Naturkosmetik who gave me two samples on their Phyto-Balance 24h Moisturizer that's for combination/oily/acneic skin. I like that it's supposed to be very moisturizing and balancing, not like other creams for combination skin.
If you're also interested in i+m they now offer 20% off everything on their webshop.
Just enter promo code: HÄLSA in the checkout. Valid to 30/11/2013.
I also managed to go on a few seminaries, but time flew by and then I was too tired to even go see the My Kitchen Fair.

But as always it was a lot of fun and inspiring. I don't remember who I spoke to, but of course my mom had to ask if there's something they can do to my acne. I always say to her that it takes time to heal, and right now I don't expect to see any results until two years from now! Weirdly enough the dermatologist we spoke to were spot on, told my mom that my acne is rooted from within, probably the gut, and it takes time. Of course there is treatment, but she asked about my diet and I told her everything I've done until now, and she told me to have patience.
It was actually really freaky, like she had a sixth sense, 'cause without me having to say much she new I was an Aquarius born later in the sign, I always want to be a "good girl" which puts a lot of stress on my body, she also knew/said I should do something with Graphic Design(!!! - like wtf) or something creative and I should never stop trying. It's an amazing feeling when someone just looks at you and just knows you! I don't remember exactly what she said, but I kind of know what she meant. She said that I am a strong feeler. Without getting too hokuspokus on you but I do have a great sense of prediction and moral, also I get strongly affected of peoples moods or energy field that I call it - therefore I always feel better and more free left alone. It was very interesting though to hear about oneself from someone who barely knows you. :)

liebster nominations.

 So, I'm back in Hudik and I've settled in, so let's go on with the Liebser nominations! I don't follow as many "small blogs" as I would like. Most of my nominations will probably be the same as everyone else's because everyone follows everyone, and there's always a few who are the more dominant kind.

1. Natural Beautytalk - Of Course I have to give one back, but not just to be kind but because it's one of those blogs that when I first found it I went through her whole archive! Since then her blog has always been one of those I always check first. Also, she was the one who planted a little seed in my brain that maybe I should explore more about this link between diet and skin health. :)
2. La Vie Est Belle - by Mona who writes about natural beauty, she's one of the first Swedish natural beauty blogs I came by and who introduced me to iHerb!
3. Bilbo Blue Eyes - Very informative blog by Malin who has a huge archive of reviews which I always like to check when I'm interested in something new.
4. Beauty Comes Clean - Mitte is a graphic design, and so her blog design was the first to appeal haha. No but, she writes good articles about everything between eating cleaner and reviewing clean products.
5. The Green Beauty Guide - Another blog that when I first found it I had to read it all. I found out that she too has had a weird dizziness which controlled her life for a while, and I've never come across someone with the exact same symptoms. She hasn't written anything for a while now, but I'm still hoping and holding on, but I know how it is when life just comes in the way!
6. Tankar Som Bankar - Estelle writes a personal blog with thoughts and reviews on natural skincare, a small blog who needs some spotlight :)
7. The Daily Good - Is more of a magazine with guest bloggers. You'll find everything from interviews and articles to mindfulness quotes and healthy recipes.
8. Nephriticus - (When I think about it, I don't follow many english blogs on natural skincare?) I found this girl's blog through Instagram and liked her enough to follow. She writes about natural scincare, her likes, empties, wishes and dislikes.

And some YouTube bloggers:
9. Holistic Habits - A beautiful and fun girl who has a huge interest in natural beauty and eating well. (blog)
10. Cloudy Apples - Another beautiful girl with same interests, but also talks about personal things like overcoming anxiety and stress. (blog)
In short these two girls make a great role model for other insecure girls!

I think it's become a prominent trend by beauty bloggers to write more and more about food and diet, for example, many brings up the trend gluten and dairy, which I think is great.
Beauty does not come on the outside, but from the inside - I guess we finally figured out what that really meant ;)

So my questions are:
1. What's your morning routine? (Skincare-/Food-wise)
2. Favorite natural hair product? What brand and why?
3. Do you or have you ever done your own facial mask? What ingredients did/do you use?
4. What's your favorite beauty food/meal? And why?
5. What is your preferred exercise?
6. Do you believe in the law of attraction? Share a story of something like it happening to you.
7. Is there any website/blog/app you always turn to for inspiration for healthy ways/recipes?
8. If you had the chance to move anywhere in the world and work, would you take the chance? And where would you move?
9. What's your favorite natural product that you always fall back to?
10. Is it important to you to buy organic or recycled clothing?

liebster award

 This week I'm in Stockholm, reuniting with my mom - trying to make her go vegan or at least raw until 4 ;)  
We'll be going to the Stockholm's Fair for "Allt för Hälsan" (Everything For Health) which we kind of go to every year; always fun to discover new things for your health.

Just before this this trip I got to know I was nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Elisabeth who runs the blog Natural Beautytalk!
The nomination goes like this, you answer ten questions the blogger has for you and then you nominate ten other bloggers with less then 200 followers with your own ten questions. I haven't had the time until now to answer them, but here they are:

1. When did you first get interested in natural skincare?
I don't remember the exact time, but it started with the blog Milk/Signe, which used natural oils in her face and hair. And I really admired her for that, while at the time I was yearning for expensive paraben loaded shit. Thankfully that changed and I'm never looking back!

2. Which was the first natural skincare product you've ever tested?
In the beginning it was Argan and Coconut oil, but you probably mean a commercial brand? Then the first real and truly pure brand was REN's ClearCalm3 Anti-blemish kit.

3. Have you ever tested a bad product that made you really disappointed? Which one?
That will be REN's ClearCalm3 kit (review) haha, luckily I did not give up on natural skincare. But I don't know if it was the time or what, but it gave me even worse cystic acne which I have still scars from that's healing. I did like their Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask though.

4. Do you adjust your skincare after season?
Nothing that I think of, if I finish a product in the middle of a season and I feel for something heavier, then I'll probably buy it. I may also just switch to a heavier oil, but it's nothing I do because it's suddenly winter/summer.

5. If you could take three beauty products to an island, which ones would you take?
I haven't found the perfect concealer yet, but a concealer is definitely on the list! My Tangle Teezer is a must! The quality of my hair has drastically changed for the better and it's not a chore to detangle my long hair.
But after that it gets a little harder 'cause I'm not that attached to beauty products as some…
Is a juicer a beauty product? (in my opinion it is) So let's just play with the idea it's battery driven or there's some kind of magic electricity on the island, I would then pack my juicer!

6. Do you wear makeup during the weekdays?
Yes and no, a little concealer under the eyes and maybe some mascara, but mostly nothing heavy if I don't feel ugly that day - then some mineral foundation will come in handy.

7. Is there any ingredients in natural skincare you avoid?
Not really, I seem to function good even when there loads of essential oils in a product. But I do notice that less is more, so the longer the ingredient list the more prone I am to face some kind of trouble.

8. Which product do you like as a multiple?
Coconut oil. You can cook with it, clean your face using the oil cleansing method, use it on your hair as a heat protector, use it as body/face lotion... the uses are endless!

9. Is there any diet trends you're suspicious of?
LCHF, Paleo and this new 5:2 diet. But after reading about the man who eats nothing but raw meat and it "healed" him I feel like I'm not the one to judge anymore, but the proof is in the preachers, and to be honest, the ones who say they are happy with 5:2 and LCHF could actually lose some more weight and toxins and have even more energy!
Also I feel that people should stop thinking about weight and think about their health. By losing weight you're only going to supress the symptoms of something much larger and more toxic that is building up in your body - losing fat is only going to make you even more toxic because now the toxins have nowhere to hide! Start with one raw meal a day and concentrate on HCLF-diet and you suddenly will see a different you, a one you never thought you could be!

10. Do you have any favorite meal you go to when you want it to go fast and taste good?
Nanjanas! (For you who don't speak Raw: Bananas)
The ultimate fast and beauty food there is!

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Is it okay if I get back on the nominations and questions?
Haha the clock is ticking and I have to go and get ready!
I feel honered and many thanks for the nomination, always fun to be recognized :)


(Click on the picture you want to know more about)
A job oftens comes with the responibility of packing your own lunch. No school cafeterias with "free" food - those were the days, right?
I was too stressed to even think about how my raw lifestyle and a job with no ability to eat at home would come together. It didn't strike me until I packed a bag of bananas that it would look weird infront of everyone elses need-to-microwave-lunchboxes. Of course they had to ask, and of course the familiar protein question came up. In the end I was actually more scared that they would think I have an eating disorder especially when I'm the skinniest of the bunch (no offense for anyone reading this).
I still haven't figured it out yet, how a raw lunchbox could look like. And until I get my salary, I have to settle for bananas and an occasional salad from ICA. But I got really happy when Kristina came out with this video, and then I discovered a site called Unikia which sells practical lunch- and snack boxes! Above are some of which I'm considering buying.
If you eat raw, do you have any tips on what to eat at work?
Bananas is the easiest, but a melon? Too heavy and I don't think it's legal to bring a machete to work ;) - you get my point.
I really need more inspiration before it gets too much bananas...

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