The Truth About Cancer

I posted something about this documentary series on social media at the begining of this month. Now we're at the end of October which is Breast Cancer Awarness month.
50% of the people and family that I know of who has died recently, has died of cancer.
And it feels like that in twenty years or so, the majoity of deaths will mainly be caused by cancer.
I never knew much about cancer, only that it's healthy cells turned bad.
I could never imagine saying "Fuck Cancer", because that would be like saying "I hate my body".
Hate turns into more hate.
We don't have to embrace cancer, but embrace the fact that if something can turn bad it can also turn into good again.
Reprograming by giving what it lacks: Health.
When things work, they work.
A healthy body can't become severly sick.
If you haven't watched this series, I recommend you do.
And if you know about someone with cancer or a family who suffers, share it with them.
Everyone deserves to know better, so we can choose to do better in the future.
You can sign up for the replays here and watch the first episode here.

The Beauty Detox Solution Review

This is a review of the Diet based on the two books The Beauty Detox Solution & The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Snyder.
Between February and April I decided to follow through with the Beauty Detox. I’ve had the books for almost a year and even though I applied many of the principles I’ve been too busy experimenting with 801010, High Raw/RT4 and Ayurveda to eat accordingly.
(Pictures taken from the Beauty Detox Foods)
”Think of the fierce energy concentrated in an acorn! You bury it in the ground, and it explodes into a giant oak. Bury a sheep, and nothing happens but decay.”
~ George Bernard Shaw 

It All Starts With Food

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to, but in most cases it all either starts or lead to a change in your diet to become more connected with yourself, others and the Earth.
You’ve probably heard me mention Kimberly Snyder on more occasions than one. I have a slight feeling that I’ve even gone so far that I may have given you the feeling that she is my Mentor of some sort. I wouldn’t even call myself a fan other than her teachings resonates and make very much sense to me. Her book, together with the 80/10/10 Diet is what has shaped my diet to what it is today and impacted my life the most. 
They are very similar in their teachings, therefore very easy to blend: both High Carb Low Fat Vegan diets that focuses on being Raw or at least High Raw, but with the Beauty Detox being somewhat less extreme, allowing certain grains, cooked and less fruit with more emphasis on greens.
I want to mention that I started eating "Raw Till 4" before it even became a pronounced “Diet” thanks to Kimberly’s food combining, showing me there’s a way to enjoy some cooked and still benefit enormously!

The Beauty Ladder

"When we learn to eat properly we begin to rebuild our bodies and to fulfill our purpose on this planet to grow in health, creativity, wisdom, and compassion."
~ Dr. Ann Wigmore

There’s three stages in the Beauty Detox:
  • Phase 1 - Blossoming Beauty
    If you are a complete beginner, are overweight, suspect you may have Candida, have lots of skin issues, and stomach problems and don’t really want to invest in new kitchen equipment yet, this is where you start. This stage doesn’t allow any fruits, sugary stuff, or oils to balance your body out. You cut down on your meat intake and have it only at the end of the day. And avoid dairy and processed foods completely, and also go gluten-free.
  • Phase 2 - Radiant Beauty
    Here you will further reduce your intake of animal products and introduce the Glowing Green Smoothie (GGS). It's very similar to Blossoming Beauty only now fruit is allowed and we reintroduce some oils and fats. And no cooked foods in the mornings. This phase is where it all will kickstart and most of the benefits will start to show.
  • Phase 3 - True Beauty
    In this last stage, you will eliminate land animals completely, leaving only a small portion of fish, eggs and goat’s cheese. You may even want to decide to eliminate all animal products and go completely vegan. You will also stop having cooked grains for breakfast and lunch, only for dinners. Now the Glowing Green Juice (GGJ) will be introduced in the mornings, or you can just stick to the GGS. And fruit can be eaten abundantly. This is a pro-phase and may not suit everyone, if you somehow feel deprived and struggling it’s okay to take a step back.
You should stick to every phase at least one month before moving on to the next one. But it’s all a personal choice of what you feel comfortable with, you have the option to stick to any of these for as long as you feel/have to and move between them.
I believe that it’s thanks to these carefully planned phases that makes the beauty detox very easy to follow through. Even though it can seem as big changes, there’s a few rules you can apply to experience great benefit. I also believe in gradual changes, which this one perfectly promotes. Often times Detox is associated with being short and extreme, while here we focus on a constant detox, that is both fun and non-restrictive.

I chose to be somewhere in between Radiant and True Beauty because I wasn’t coming directly from a bad diet. There wasn’t any signs of Candida anymore, and I couldn’t imagine cutting down on fruit to be honest.
I tried sticking to the suggested menu (which are only guidelines) for you guys, to try out some of the recipes, but it isn’t meant to be followed strictly. I even gave up some of my fruit lunches, I tried waking up earlier but I usually wake up a bit later therefore my first meal usually comes around lunch-time.
According to Kimberly we shouldn’t be eating until noon or at least wait until we get hungry, and then have some GGS or fruit for breakfast in the mean time. 
This refers to Natural Hygiene, for where it’s believed that the body is detoxing between the hours of 4AM to 12PM, and so to not disturb the body’s natural process you shouldn’t kickstart with something heavy. 
Who knew eating like a King for breakfast would make you end up like one: fat, sick and dead.

I used to be a real big breakfast-person, who believed very much in its importance! But since learning to eat later, I’ve lost my need to nap and I have received so much more energy! It’s gone so far that I feel extremely sick if I eat within 1 hour of waking up, can’t do no more! Water and some winding up for 2-3 hours is what makes me feel amazing :)

Supplements To Help You Detox

Kimberly suggests taking a couple of supplements to help the detox process:
  • Probiotics
    Has many benefits the main is to help and restore your internal balance. Which of course is very important when/if coming from years of internal abuse, or taking medication and antibiotics.
  • Digestive Enzymes
    Our body has a reserve that becomes diminished with time, which means the body won’t be able to digest food as well as it could as young. Every raw plant food comes with their own digestive enzymes to help our body not deplete its own reserve, but they are super sensitive to heat, and therefore any food that is cooked will have trouble to digest.
    Kimberly advises taking Digestive Enzymes before eating something cooked.
  • Magnesium-Oxygen
    It has laxative properties without being as harsh as one, that may help you detox better without the bloating, gassiness and constipation that can follow when changing your diet. It also enhances the body’s cleansing function, which can assist problems such as acne and other imbalances.
    This one is made to be taken at the start of your journey.

These supplements aren’t cheap, so I ended up only taking Probiotics during this trial.
As I do understand the importance of these supplements I also feel like there’s many doing greatly without. But of course, had I not been so stubborn with not taking Probiotics at the first place or at least seen their importance, maybe my skin would’ve been super glowing by now!
I too would probably recommend taking a digestive enzyme for people who seem to be having trouble digesting food. But I still can’t agree on taking these on a daily basis after you’re done cleaning house, it just makes it seem like there’s something lacking in the diet - Eating cooked suddenly became very expensive.
It’s all a choice though, Kimberly never says you can’t get great health without these, but she herself is taking both probiotics and DE daily. And if you can afford, why not, but I’m not yet convinced they are truly needed.

Prep Like A Pro

People who say they don’t like to cook haven’t learned how to prep. No, but to be honest, I’m glad the menu is only made to be a guideline, because it wasn’t made for someone who’s working full-time.
All I felt during those two months was that I was spending a huge amount of time in the kitchen! I wasn’t used to that much cooking and preparing, when a lunch could be a cut up melon, bananas or a quick smoothie. And I had to plan the menu for at least three days ahead so I knew if there was any soaking of grains to do the night before, or the meal would be ruined. I later learned to make a batch of quinoa or millet for the whole week, but even though with all the savvy prep I learned, it did stress me out to a point where I didn’t feel it was fun any longer. But to remind us yet again, that Kimberly never intended the suggested menu to be followed strictly. Therefore, it can be as much hard work as you want it to be!
In the True Beauty Phase the lunches are all raw, so there’s not much cooking involved. But I wanted this review to not refer to someone at the top, and therefore I mixed phases. I truly wished I could’ve tested it out from the Blossoming Beauty, but I’ve come so far that cooked in the morning and no sweet fruits, just can’t do, so the test would be inconclusive.
The only positive to all the prep was fever purchases, and at the end of the week the fridge was completely used and empty!

Does The Beauty Detox Work?

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”
~ Albert Einstein
I love the no-use of the word diet, because it isn’t just a diet, it’s how your body is designed to work. Detox isn’t something that you do after New Years Eve or once a month, it’s a process that needs to be supported daily.  And I feel as if Kimberly gives you the most simple and straight forward rules for you to follow, and explains why in an easy way to understand. I even feel as if this diet is more fail-proof, than the 811, and explains why RT4 is getting a lot of attention. Being fully raw doesn’t suit everyones situations, wallets and seasons, even though it would be optimal for your body. 
We all need something to begin with and strive for.
Kimberly takes a lot of her inspiration from The China Study, her own experiences with different cultures and travels. As much as I agree upon the importance of greens, I also feel as if she’s neglected the weight of fruit and where we should get our biggest source of carbs. She forgets to explain that humans are a special type of Herbivore, we are Frugivores, we need and desire most of our energy from fruit (about +55%). And while Kimberly states that she eats a lot of fruit, it doesn’t come off in the books or in the menus, more than to eat fruit on an empty stomach - that’s like translated into only one serving of fruit per day! And of course, this reads as if the books were made for the general and older public; young people would be able to handle the notion of more fruit much better. I can understand and accept this decision though.
But why I’m jammed up on this is that after my two months of trial it wasn’t like I kept going. The Beauty Detox gave me a whole other view and love for vegan food, but I went back to eating more fruit as I did before, and cut down on my grains-intake.
Nevertheless, the “diet” is a perfect introductory in improving your health, and it is probably exactly what it’s intended to be and therefore I strongly recommend it to beginners.

Can’t say that I don’t follow the Beauty Detox though, I just do it in my own way, just as it should.
The Beauty Principles I Have Applied To My Daily Diet and Lifetsyle is:
  • Proper Food Combining
  • Low Fat and Avoiding Oils Using Nut Butters Instead
  • Breaking The Fast At Noon
  • Glowing Green Smoothie (Not Everyday Though)
  • No Cashews and Peanuts
  • Some Fermented Foods
  • Soaking Nuts, Grains and Seeds Before Consuming
  • Eating Big Salads Before Eating Cooked or Going Out
  • Try Having Something Green With Every Meal

And my #1 Tip to do now to improve your health:
Start with having a later breakfast made up of easy digested fruit or GGS and learn proper food combining.
In my opinion, this is where anyone should start and where many health concearns could be resolved.

Thank You for reading through my review!
Check out Kimberly’s blog for more inspiration and information, and her Realize Yourself Podcasts!

"If you feel bound, you are bound. If you feel liberated, you are liberated. 
Things outside neither bound nor liberate you; only your attitude toward them does that."
~ Sri Swami Satchidananda
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7 Healthy Summer Reads


The Beauty Detox Solution/Foods by Kimberly Snyder

Whenever someone asks me for a suggestion on a healthy book or diet, I first and foremost tell them about Kimberly Snyders books to start off with.
I like that she doesn’t use the word ”diet” nor ever forces you to go cold turkey or change your whole diet, but actually encourages you to go slow and that there’s nothing wrong with it. She gives you three phases to go through in your own pace, and ensures you that either one of the phases will benefit you enormously.
I do read occasionally about people who take the book and meal plans too seriously, but she always encourage self exploration and that the recipes are only guidelines - therefore there’s not a lot of them to follow in the first book. And I actually like that there’s no strict meal planner to follow up on. Even though it would be nicer and easier for most, I do feel that people should understand the importance of leaving room for your own needs, we aren’t robots that function exactly the same, but we do have a few guidelines that applies to most of us.
I have The Beauty Detox Solution as an E-Book and the other one I have a hard copy of which I will review as soon as possible.
Both books aren’t necessary to possess, both do explain things like proper food combining, pH and why certain foods are bad; only that in Detox Foods it doesn’t cover everything you should avoid but goes rather quickly through those answers and focuses more on what we should eat to feel great instead. If you’re totally new to the concept of ditching dairy, cutting down on meat and avoiding oil and cashews, read the Detox Solution first. If you’re not, the second book will give you some more inspiration in the kitchen and go more deeply into what to eat for sharper eyes and lushous hair.

The Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr

This was the first book I started reading about healthy living and eating. Who would have known that all I’ve ever learned was wrong… Or… Well that it was THAT wrong. The base of this book refers a lot to the Anti-inflamatory diet. Just like Kimberly’s books, this one is a great introductory, and quite a funny and vibrant one! This book even suits to give to a friend without being overly judge, because it’s more about empowerment and taking charge of your life and health by knowledge than it is to actually diet. They did though decide to use the word ”diet”...
There’s two sides of the Raw Food world: High Fat and Low Fat. And this book tends to gravitate towards the high fat end which will contradict with all my other book tips. But nonetheless, whatever you are following, it’s a great book to start off with and I do encourage a wide range of reads. I have sadly not tested all the recipes in the book, because I need to see the outcome first (read: pictures). You do have to keep in mind that the author has cancer, and that it may work for a healthy sick person but that you don’t have to be as strict per say and drink green juice every day, if you get what I mean.

The 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas Graham

The book came out 2007 but didn’t face a lot of spotlight until now thanks to YouTube and Instagram. There’s a few articles all from Womens Health Mag to where even Kimberly Snyder recently did a review on it. But I personally feel as if these articles aren’t fair and you shouldn’t bother believing in them. First of all, they all sound like they didn’t actually read the book page by page, second of all, they did too little research around it claiming there’s not enough greens in the diet. In reality, if you have read the book and done your research you would know that there’s a lot of of emphasis on greens and their importance, even though the diet is mostly fruit based. The book is like the Bible of HCLF Lifestyle and seems to have been misinterpret just like one, so you’ll find people doing it crazy extreme and complicated when it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually the most kind diet there is.
So I say, read the book when you feel ready, open and maybe even desperate, and take it in to suit you. I do believe we are attracted to the things we wish to see, so if this book doesn’t attract you then you’re clearly not ready for it and should start small with my other book tips. Because it may be extreme for many at first, but after a year of living along with the guidelines and my own explorations, it’s perfectly normal and the past starts looking more extreme.

Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond

On my Summer Reads List.
Just like 811 has some roots in Natural Hygiene, this book from the 80’s is what kind of started the movement. 
I am currently reading another book by Harvey and it’s his latest from 2007 ”Living Without Pain” (You can get the e-book for free at iHerb). I even bought it for my mom who’s been living with pain since I was born, and it was the only book translated into Swedish where they learn proper food combining in a way she would understand and actually take charge to apply it to her life.
Even though the same principles are probably preached in both books I would still like to read Fit For Life too.
By the pages I’ve read so far in LWP it’s a very subtile read, where there’s really no statement of being a raw foodist per say. There is even underlying fruitarianism, but none of which a reader would actually predict. Harvey and the whole Natural Hygiene is so inline with my own beliefs from what I’ve read so far that I really enjoy reading this book. I truly believe that many things would be cured by a simple rule of not What we eat but How we eat it. And if you’ve read Kimberly’s books you will draw similarities in how to eat, and even here there’s really no pushing and even allowance of eating meat (maybe cut it down on a bit though).
Harvey actually got terminally ill just after publishing Fit For Life, and the story of his body thriving 20 years beyond his death sentance is what LWP is all about.
It simply states, apply these principles how you want it and you could experience vibrant health. No dieting, no big lifestyle changes. Just eat the way your body is designed for. A perfect book for converting your parents in other words.

Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko

On my Summer Reads List.
It seems to me that Victoria is doing something wrong with carrying some extra fat for being a 100% raw foodist... Sorry, I just had to spell that out... However her story and study is quite intriguing and by my own explorations with salads come to the same conclusion. It wasn’t until I started adding more greens, having and sneaking them into every meal that all my cravings disappeared! Before I was even resenting having any greens, my teeth would hurt from all the chewing and salads are bland without dressings. It took some time and a lot of sneaking it in until I got more balanced again, and now I’m one of those who actually looks forward to my salad dinners! Like what happened?!
Victoria and her family had been fully raw for seven years when problems started to occur and they didn’t really know why. She looked at our closest relative, the Chimpanzee, which eats a diet that consists of 55% Fruit, 40% Greens and 5% Nuts and Seeds, and realized they were not getting enough mineral rich greens in their diet which they needed. You can watch an interesting interview here.

Make Peace With Your Plate by Jess Ainscough

This book was included in my B-School Bonus and I’ve already read a few pages. If you do’t know who Jess (The Wellness Warrior) is, she got diagnosed with cancer in her arm when she was twenty-two years old, and the doctors left her with the option to amputate her arm or die in a few months. Much like Kriss Carr she found alternate methods and has now lived 6 more years since the diagnose. And this is her book to help you, as the name suggest, make peace with your food and learn how to apply new principles to your life to feel much better and thrive.

What Should I Eat? by Rudy Scarfalloto

On my Summer Reads List.
I just got to read a draft in the preview of the largest Raw Food Magazine Vibrance and it sparked my interest. (Read it here pages 18-19)
The book came out recently in 2013 and explores the Fruit Theory of our ancestors of the Paleolithic Period. We all are probably familiar with the Paleo diet: it’s kind of raw food with a side of eggs and meat (but everyone seems to do it differently just like with everything else). The truth is that we’ve been living off a grain based diet for the last 10 000 years, 2 million years of a hunter/gatherer diet and about 63 million years off a fruit-based diet. I love that the book isn’t about ”what should We eat?” as a whole, because we all can call ourselves for fruit eaters, meat eaters and grain eaters; enough time has passed to allow all three to be a part of our genetics to a certain degree. There’s no simple answer to what we All should eat, so the more correct question should be: What should I eat?

I encourage you to never stop learning in your journey. Embrace what seeks you and learn more about Yourself.
The best study is You.
Got any more healthy book tips? Tell me in the comments below!
Hope you consider some of these books for the summer, I would also love for you to come back and tell me your thoughts!
Happy Reads!
"Is the Raw Vegan Diet the Answer? I litterly know hundreds of raw vegans and nobody does this diet the same."
- Storm Talifero
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iHerb Haul - Foods Edition

 This time Peter did the ordering, so it feelt a bit wrong to make him pay for some of my beauty treats that mostly I’ll be using haha Therefore this time it's only food related!
We’ve been following/incorporating Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Solution into our 801010 lifestyle since January, so it explains a lot what’s behind our buys.
First time I tasted Goji Berries I didn’t seem to get what’s the fuss about them. I still think they are a bit sour to the taste eaten alone. But lately we’ve been stuck in smoothie mode for the last couple of weeks and been consuming quite a lot of these guys actually. So yeah, for now we’ll stock up on this nutritious treasure.
Also, we only found one brand (ICA) at our local supermarket that carries Goji Berries without sulfur dioxide. Luckily it's the cheapest out there, but it's not organic.
Another thing I thought I should try out.
You know, Miranda Kerr has her Noni Juice, and I thought I could have Bee Pollen as my secret beauty intensifier of some sort…
Bee Pollen is considered to be one of nature's most completely nourishing foods and very alkalizing. But what spoke to me the most was it’s ability and benefit of balancing out hormones and aid digestion = clearing up acne & happy tummy!
So I bought a small bag from Go For Life to just taste it, ’cause I didn’t really know what to expect. Both of us liked the taste so much that we kind of fell in love with it without caring too much about the benefits overall. We just like it in our smoothie bowls. And it was way cheaper buying these off at iHerb, which are also organic in contrast to Go For Life’s that is questionable - I should email them though.
Read about the amazingness of Bee Pollen here.
Check Out Go For Life's range of products here.
I still use eggs in cooking occasionally. It’s just, I haven’t really been happy with the consistency in cooking/baking without it, and I haven’t found a good replacement.
I also don’t have much against eggs, the industry though on the other hand… Like, I would love to have my own chickens, especially in the summer, we have so much land at our summer cottage it could roam free in. And having cousins who own a farm in Poland, I’m kind of raised with chickens, ducks and cows (e.g. I’ve been lucky enough to have tasted raw milk - tastes salty in my opinion).
Anyway, at the same time I feel like you can live without eggs in your diet without any bigger problems.
One thing Kimberly Snyder uses in her recipes instead of eggs is Ener-g. I’ve tried doing her recipes without it, and tried other things to substitute, but of course they’ve all failed. So I got really happy to find Ener-g at iHerb! I haven’t used it yet, but I will make sure to come back with a review for you guys!
FUNNY - Same day as I get this package two videos from my favorites were posted:
5 Reasons to STOP eating eggs TODAY [Warning graphic]
How To Raise The Happiest Chickens Ever
Have you tried any of these products I bought or are curious about some, your thoughts?
Love to hear your views!
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It will give you $10 more to shop for on orders over $40 and up, or $5 off on smaller orders!
- If you live in Sweden I recommend staying below $45 (~300kr) to get away with customs!
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Treat Hay Fever Naturally

It is FINALLY spring time!
But unfortunately, it is not a fun time for everyone… My boyfriend is allergic to pollen and cats (luckily not to Phoebe!). Every year it would get so bad that he would have to take one day off from work because he felt so sick from the sneezing.
And I must say that I got bothered by it too. It’s not easy being with someone who sneezes all the time and sounds like he’s not getting any air at night! I would literally wake up at night to check to see if he’s alive. It was either that he couldn’t breathe or the lack of sleep that would kill him I feared! So it’s not just a horrible time for the sick ones, but for everyone else around. Even for Phoebe, ’cause she has this thing she does whenever someone’s about to sneeze…
Now, some of Peter’s colleagues has already reported feeling the allergy for the past week.  - And I’m confused ’cause nothing has really flowered yet?! But yeah, it seems like pollen is back in town and as usual causing people to suffer.
I always think that a healthy body cannot get sick.
And because I've never suffered from bad allergies, except for an upset stomach, I've always been quite fascinated of why and how people get them? It’s hard to think mother nature would put such a thing upon us. And so I do believe it can be avoided.
This is actually the second year my boyfriend is feeling nothing. Literally NOTHING. Not a sneeze… Well, maybe from our dusty apartment that needs a little spring cleaning… But otherwise he is not bothered and so am I. *happy girlfriend dance*
I waited a whole year to write this post because I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a ”good year” last time. As always, if you want to be cured, you will need to take the decision on what matters most in your life, is it your health or your diet?
Because you don’t have to live with a runny nose, and the best part is that it works just like that *snaps fingers*
Well, it did for my hubby at least.
So let’s dig in to see how you can feel wonderful and energized this Spring, just as you deserve to be!
How do we stop the symptoms?
’Cause we all know there’s no ”cure” for anything. If you got it, you have it. What we can do is to ease the symptoms that will make it look and feel like you don’t have anything at all. There’s actually tons of people out there in the world living with allergies, but because they are healthy, they don’t know about it.
So if you suffer from any type of allergy this is what you should avoid overall:
All sugar and sugar products (NOT FRUITS - Sorry, I know my readers are really smart, but for anyone else who’s confused or wondering, it’s okay); starches from wheat and wheat byproducts (gluten); soft drinks; commercially processed and/or fried foods; all foods containing artificial ingredients, such as additives, colorings, flavorings, and preservatives; alcohol; coffee and other caffeine products; eggs; milk and dairy products; processed meats.
It's actually a general list for anyone looking to be healthy; in short: avoid shit.
There’s also reports where people, just by avoiding citric acid additive (the chemical kind) in foods stopped having symptoms!
While doing some research for this post I came by some saying citrus fruits and bananas aren’t good for people with hay fever.
Well, Peter and I proved them wrong, because just at the beginning of our transition to plant based (which was during pollen season), we ate a lot of oranges and bananas of course. ¡No problemos!
And while we’re talking citrus, the number one treatment for hay fever is antihistamine which is a type of vitamin C!
The sources contradict one and other don’t they?
So what should you do if you want to quit hay fever?
Well for starters, avoid or lower your intake of some of the foods in the list I just rambled! Dairy and wheat are known to be mucus forming and inflamatory, so they are best avoided completely during this period.
I’m not sure if you need to go vegan like we did, but cutting down your meat intake doesn’t hurt during this short period (call it ”meat-free season” instead of ”pollen season”), it’s inflammatory and you don’t want to cause more of that in your system. It’s actually simple, increase your plant intake! Eat as much fruits and veggies you want and save the heavier meals for dinner!
It has also come to my attention, and I would say, that most people who suffers from hay fever are actually vitamin C deficient and eats mostly a high cooked diet, therefore it’s actually very important that you eat as much raw foods as possible (this goes for people who get sick very often). So go get some raw cabbage in every meal - cheap and really freaking good for you!
But let’s say that you’re already affected and you want something fast, like NOW! (Even though I would say changing diet would help you in a heartbeat!)
Here are some use of that juicer you probably got for Christmas:
A thumb of fresh Horseradish
½ Lemon Juice
Juice the horseradish, save some of the pulp and blend it with its juice and the lemon juice. It should equal a puré.
Put it in a shot glass and fire away!
2 small Carrots
10 Radishes with tops and leaves (100g)
A small thumb of Ginger
+ Lemon for taste
Juice the carrots, radishes and the ginger. Pour over some ice and drink about 1 hour after Loosen Up #1.
2 Carrots
½ Chilli without the seeds or 1/4 teaspoon chillipowder
½ Pineapple (225g)
½ Lime Juice
1 tbsp Chopped fresh Coriander
Put the carrots, chili and pineapple through your juicer. Pour it over a high glass of ice. Press the lime juice over, then stir in the chopped coriander and serve.
One that the Jason ”Juice Master” Vale swears by!
1 thumb of ginger
½ Apple
Watch Jason Vale make this one:
All juice recipes except for the ginger shot comes from this book:
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Healthy Gum Oils

Finally, I'm going to tell you about the different Essential Oils that you can use to make your self-dentistry more powerful. Now there are tons of EO's that can be used for oral hygiene, but I've chosen to list the most popular and effective. These come in no special order.
Is an antiseptic and antibacterial. It stimulates blood circulation to the gums that in turn helps their health and regeneration. It has one of the greatest antimicrobial potency against Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that's responsible for tooth decay, and Lactobacillus Plantarum, one of the bacteria responsible for gum disease.
Peppermint is the most effective in killing what are called Anaerobic bacteria, bacteria that thrive in a low oxygen environment such as the bacteria that causes gum disease. 
Has a similar chemical property as peppermint. Not only is it an effective antiseptic, it also helps tissue to heal faster without the associated risks of getting contaminated and infected. Spearmint, as well, is also a functional anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent. Also soothing to soft tissues like gum tissue.
With its high ORAC value, it helps gum infections, toothaches and tonsillitis with its anti-parasitic qualities.
It acts as an antiseptic and a soother, also effective when acting on mucous membranes.  It's been used for years to support gums to heal and on mouth ulcers. Myrrh oil is very effective in supporting gum tissue to heal quickly by supporting the flow of blood in the gum tissue just as Cinnamon.
Manuka has been shown to be more effective than tea tree oil to many pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses.
The oil contributes by being very effective at killing the bacteria as well as making it more difficult for the bacteria to cling to the tooth and gum surfaces.
Neem has aspirin-like substances which means it has pain-relieving compounds that can reduce the discomfort of a toothache. The vasodilation and anti-inflammatory compounds in neem prevent cells to bond and kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Neem alkalizes the gums and mouth, and kills the bacteria that cause Pyorrhea and Gingivitis. Neem also obliterates the calcium-forming organisms and the organisms that cause cavities. 
Comes with antimicrobial properties, which means that it has the power to kill germs that cause illness, including periodontal disease. The oil may also have even more power than antibiotics alone against certain diseases. 
Rose Otto adds in resiliency and elasticity to the gum tissue. It is an effective painkiller and is curing, it speeds up the healing of tissues with its potent antiviral and antiseptic properties. Rose Otto also has the ability to regenerate connective tissues and tonify the gums.
Sea Buckthorn’s has natural cleansing, anti-microbial benefits which is good for healthy bone and tooth structure, and the healing of damage to your teeth and gums. Sea Buckthorn contains Omega 3’s which is an anti-inflammatory. The Sea Buckthorn has been studied and found to repair the mucous membranes which the lips and gums directly benefit from.
This very special oil has another remarkable benefit to dental care, Omega 7. This nutrient is very helpful at improving lubrication throughout the body - including saliva. Saliva in turn has a cleansing effect on the teeth, it's our natural toothbrush. By increasing salivation that helps in digestion as well as improves cleansing of the teeth.
Tea tree is very high in natural anti-inflammatory agents and contains the plant-chemicals cineol and propanol, both kinds of natural chemicals that can decrease gingivitis and reduce plaque. Tea tree also helps stop the approach of bacteria and is very astringent and antiseptic.
Is a rare variety of the thyme species. It is both antiseptic and gentle. Thyme Linalool balances oral salivary secretions, stimulates the immune system, and acts as a decongestant.
Known for its antimicrobial properties, it is also used to assist with infection of the teeth and gums. Compounds of frankincense have been found to have antibacterial, antifungal, and immunomodualtory properties.
Is a germicide that has been reported to fight plaque build-up, gingivitis and prevent cavities.
 In the next step I will guide you through some simple DIY on how to use these oils.
Can't wait or rather just buy a finished product?
Brushing teeth with EO's hasn't really catched on yet so there are not many brands to find yet with this type of formula. But I have some that I've seen are the most recommended out there:
 LIVING LIBATIONS - Nadine Artemis, the author of "Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth & Gums" - probably the queen in that territory. And yes, you guessed it right most of my information and inspiration comes from her. She has the most products to choose from in that subject, and it can seem a bit overwhelming. If you truly need all those products is up to you, but I would sure love to at least have the Healthy Gum Drops in my cabinet.
I haven't really convinced myself to buy her products just yet. The price, when including shipping costs, feels a bit high considering the kind of amount you get.
I know EO's can last long, but when you're two who will share a 5ml bottle, who knows if I even get a months use out of it?!
Prices range between $16-40 (excl. shipping)
You can buy LB at these stores:
 Living Libations Website
ORAWELLNESS - They believe that awesome oral health is a part of an awesome functioning immune system. Their HealThy Mouth Blend costs $22.97 and for that you get at least 15ml. They ship internationally, I've asked them to get a quote on how much the shipping cost is and they told me: It's based on weight, most orders ship Internationally for $11.50 to $14.50. Email for more details at:
- It's also good to note that they have a nut-free version for people that are allergic to almond
YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS - Their Thieves Collection which has the special oil blend for oral health. The oil blend is also very effective on the flu's and colds, it's got quite some history about it which can be fun to read about. YL is also very good in the sense that they are the only company in the EO-industry that owns, runs and controls their own farms and distilleries, as well as supplying essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products of high quality and have a unique solutions for any healthy lifestyles.
YL seems to be very known in aromatherapy, of course, and therefore is a bit of a struggle finding a webseller near you. You will actually have better luck going to an aromatherapist.
What I've found:
Kristallrummet (swe*)
Amazon (~32SEK in shipping to swe)
And if you Google, there will come sellers your way, there's just not one big store I can direct you too.
 MOST MINTY - A British company that offers you three different strengths on the EO. They do ship Internationally but you will have to email them to get a quote.

I apologize for being away. Sometimes your mind shuts down, and also, this step was quite the time consumer and to be honest I've been procrastinating it... But then I just had to accept that even though I have these visions of blog posts I should be doing they may take more time than I had intentions for and I may not always actually like doing my own ideas haha. It's all lessons in being my own boss - and even though you are your own boss, just like a "real" job, you won't always like every task but deadlines must be reached somehow.
I know the Dental-series were supposed end together with February, and I'm a bit sorry for not holding that promise, but I will continue with them. And I hope you will enjoy them. Thank you for reading!


Unlike a toothbrush, which cleans the tops and outer surfaces of the teeth and gums, floss is an interdental cleaner which is made specifically to clean efficiently the tight spaces between the teeth and the gap between the base of the teeth and the gums. These are places that a regular toothbrush cannot reach. And while mouthwash can kill the bacteria that form plaque, it can't remove the stubborn bits of food that can lodge in these places.
There's actually quite a bit controversy about flossing. Some say it's a must, others say it could actually harm you (from moving bacteria around).
I still think flossing is a must, for since I've started flossing my Doctor has complimented me for it - so I know it works!
What's the best flossing-tool out there?
Personal preference. I like Plackers Twin. I have it very tight between my teeth and this is the only one that comes between and doesn't hurt me. And I love the double thread where the debris just get stuck.
But there's many praises for the Dr Tungs Smart Floss, which I haven't tried yet.
Addressing the issue of bacteria spreading, I believe this could be fixed with the EO blend that will finally be revealed in the next step! Putting a few drops of antibacterial substance can infact not only stop bacteria from spreading but also nourish your gums.

Polish The Teeth

 February is a fast month and it's closing in! If I'm going to make my 10 steps and tips on oral hygiene before the end of this month I better get to it!

Baking soda (bicarbonate - I'll put this in here because I used to think it meant for baking powder) as probably most of you know is used as a natural whitener, not only in DIY but also in regular toothpastes. But as we also know, regular toothpaste contains more chemicals than good old water and baking soda.

I've only brushed with baking soda for a couple of weeks, and I'm also putting my hubby to the test, because he's got some pretty yellow teeth that could benefit from some polish...
I've definitely seen some whitening happen in my lower jaw where they look more yellow. I also do love the clean feel after brushing, it can't compare with toothpaste.
Baking soda has been shown to neutralize acids in the mouth, which reduces the amount of acid-loving bacteria that cause cavities; it's high in alkaline minerals just like our saltwater mouthwash.
There's different sources saying whether it's safe to use baking soda everyday or occasionally; many doctors say it's too abrasive to be used regularly. I myself, see it from a personal view, I've got pretty sensitive teeth and so I rather take caution to this. Some sources say you should start with one time per week, and then build it up. But for the last couple of weeks I've felt fine with once per week, just as I only scrub my face once a week.
I'm not really recommending how often you should brush with baking soda, that's personal, except that you should try it.
You could also just dry brush with an electrical toothbrush and to make it even more potent add a few drops essential oils for healthy gums.

Do you use baking soda regularly in your routine?
How often do you brush with it?
Anyone had a bad reaction to it?

ionic toothbrush

   I learned about ionic toothbrushes a month ago but haven't really yet dared to invest in one.
It's a Japanese invention (of course of course...) and some sources say they've been using this device for ages, and it's time for it to hit the west and save us on toothpaste!
It will save you money and maybe save the planet, but I'm still a bit bumbed out that you have to replace the toothbrushes every 3-6 months. So it's not totally a non-waste product.
The bacteria in plaque and food produces acid. Normally your saliva will neutralize the acid, but as plaque and bacteria builds up it acts like a barrier and prevents the neutralization.
Soladey's ionic toothbrush has a photosensitive titanium rod inside, which converts light into negative ions. When exposed to both natural or artificial light, it releases negative ions and mixed with the saliva, those electrons will attract the positive ions of the acidity in a way that the plaque will be disintegrated.

All you need is light and saliva, but it can be good to have water in hand.
Wet the brush and start brushing the tongue from the back to the tip. You may see discoloration on the bristles from the bacteria, make sure you rinse bristles with water repeatedly to remove this film.
When you feel your tongue is clean you can start working on the teeth.
Brush lightly - unlike a conventional toothbrush, you do not need to brush with force, the saliva is doing most of the work.
Side note: It's good to take in that there's a lymphatic system in your mouth, while brushing the traditional way (back and forth) is okay, try brushing lightly from the gums to the end of the teeth on both sides, starting from the back and working your way to the front.
Make sure you clean the rod after each use. End with a natural mouthwash like the saltwater rinse.

Getting interested?
I know that I would love to know if any of you guys are using an ionic toothbrush, but no matter if you have or haven't I would love to hear your thoughts on it! offers more info and where you can buy it.
Sweden - Balansbutiken & info on where to buy in real stores)
EU: Rawliving (gives 10% on your first order!)

The Saltwater Rinse

Of all these months of starting the day with warm water lemon tea and eating oranges for breakfast, I wish someone would have tipped me of this simple thing to do to balance out the ph in the mouth.
Would I've been a bit more stubborn in finding a way to neutralize the acidity, maybe I would have known by now. But as they say, better late than never, right?
When I first read about all the steps you should do for the teeth, it all got a bit overwhelming. Like, who's got the time to do all that both morning and evening?! But then you start taking the baby steps, and the first thing I did was to fill a jar with some himalayan salt and water and put by my basin. If everything else feels like a total time consumer, do this at least.
Saltwater works perfectly as a natural mouthwash, or any high mineral like baking soda, to neutralize the ph in the mouth and to kill bacteria who likes it acid. Saltwater rinses may even promote healing in cases of pain and soreness.
It's also good to do the saltwater rinse with a syringe, where you flush the deep pockets of the gum line. Too extreme for you? I believe your doctor can always to it for you.
If you're out of toothpaste a saltwater rinse cane even be enough. In a perfect world you would do it the first thing in the morning, the last thing before bed and after every meal. But just by incorporating it in your usual toothbrushing regime will keeps your mouth neutral and bacteria-free, and add good minerals to your teeth.
I've never used mouthwashes on a regular basis. I always thought they were for people with bad breaths, and I that they were just another expense for people to make money on.
I've been using saltwater now for almost a month and it's not the greatest taste but it does a quick job in neutralize the taste after my lemonwater. And it's so inexpensive. Hopefully I will go further with adding special essential oils to it.

wake up exercise

Reading Elisabeth's blog post of workout motivation with Blogilates reminded me of one workout video I've been wanting to share with you for quite some time.
I usually do this in the morning if I have time and/or as a warm up before yoga. Her pepp talk really gets me motivated and going for the day, and I just think her video is such a great way to start the day!
Tip: I usually make a playlist of my favorite workout videos from Youtube and do them in sequence. Because most videos are only 10 minutes this allows you to do a whole 20-40 minutes workout.

dietary recommendations

Please keep on spreading this video!

yoga for digestion

Doing my last day of the detox - which I must admit, I haven't fully commit to - I get reminded of one thing I wanted to post during the holidays. If you follow me on Facebook and Google+ you've been allerted, but I totally forgot to post it here.
When ever I feel a bit constipated or have eaten some of the "bad" foods on the list I turn to this simple and quick yoga rutine by Tara Stiles.

juice and smoothie cleanse - day 1.


The schedule said to start 8AM, but as always the bed feels a lot nicer to stay in than to actually get on and live.
Even if this was planned I had some trouble the day before to get all the ingredients I needed, missing things like Grapefruit, spinach and more lemons.

As soon as I got up close to noon I got on with the first drink of the day: Warm inflammatory detox water, containing lemon, turmeric, cayenne, ginger and some honey for sweetness. Boiling most ingredients to add lemon and honey when the water cooled down a bit to save on the c-vitamin. And for some reason I've become terrified of warming honey after reading it becomes toxic. If this is true I can't tell, but I believe it's like roosting nuts, it doesn't get better in other words.
Also popping those Ayurvedic cleansing tablets around this time.

Next step was dry brushing, shower and oil massage before the actual breakfast.
I tried researching what juice is best to start with in the morning; green- or fruit juice. Couldn't really find a great answer so I went on to relying on a book I have that recommends a fruit juice to kickstart your morning, a vegetable juice for lunch and than a fruit juice again to carb up with, and to finish with something soothing for the night.

I usually eat honeydew melon for breaky so I found a recipe similar but with added carrot, celery and ginger, and some cardamom for taste. While making my first juice of the day I found it easier to just do all the juices at the same time. I have a slow juicer so the juice can be stored up to 48-72hours before it becoming useless. Of course, it's always to drink freshly made but that would mean a lot of dishing! I'm trying to make at least one pint of every juice.

I finished juicing but couldn't really finish drinking up my breakfast before I remembered I had an appointment at 1PM. Haha, I know, breakfast at 1PM?! You can say my schedule is to hell with by this time...

Coming home about an hour later with only half a pint of morning juice you'd maybe expect me to be cranky, maybe headachy, but no. I finish it and just went straight to my lunch which has the action name "Magnificent 7" (made up with seven power greens). I wish it tasted magnificent though...
Struggling with not pouring it down the sink, I managed to get it down my throat. Except for some minor refluxes I'm still on a good mood and feeling energized! But I have a feeling of a drop coming soon, so it's good to have a fruit juice to look forward to, or even a smoothie.

Around 4PM I feel signs of a blood sugar drop, but I head on to the mat to do some light detox yoga.
Afterwards I settled for my third juice, "Spring Clean". A detox juice made of cabbage, celery and pears. I made about a liter of this one because I didn't feel like saving the cabbage, we're going away soon so most things need to be eaten or drunk in this case.
Of all vegetables I would actually put cabbage as the number one detoxifying foods - yes, over kale and broccoli. It's cheap and the list of it's benefits is to long to remember, it's just one of those foods you take for granted.

Somewhere around six o'clock I felt the avalanche. I suddenly got hungry for real and felt very under carbed. I went on to making some smoothies, putting lots of bananas and a half avocado in one of them, but nothing seemed to satisfy my cravings.
My boyfriends started looking at me like, "Why are your doing this, you don't need to starve yourself?" But that is not how I see it.

At the end I had to turn to plan c - well, actually it was my body that was craving it - some purée soup. (Note that I did not think of bread, buns, or any "real food", soup was all in my mind.)
I went on making that and suddenly felt very satisfied. At least it was puréed, and I went a whole day without eating anything solid, which is the point of a detox like this. So yes, I'm kind of proud over myself there...

I've at least learned something, and so my mission for the next day is to drink more and more calorie rich juices.

juice & smoothie cleanse.

I'm not doing it because it's a week until the holidays. I wasn't really thinking of eating things I'm not supposed to. No, Christmas is going to be a mostly raw and plant based, substituting swedish meatballs for falafels and making things from the ground. The only sneaky thing we will have is Bigos - my Polish love dish! <3 My mom is making it with meat for the taste, but Peter and I will pick them out and add some mushrooms we picked this fall. But it's basically one of my top three favorite dishes that we serve every big holiday.
But back to the cleanse!
I've never done one before, but I kind of know what to expect. And because I know myself so well, I know that at the end of the day I will be craving something more "solid", so I'm extending it to include smoothies; it's pre-chewed and will also not waste time on digestion, which is the point of doing a cleanse, to let your system rest and go on with fixing the roof. I also think fibers are actually good in a cleanse, 'cause we all know the toxins won't just flush down one way...
And why am I doing this when I know silly fasting will only fuck up my metabolism and probably even make me binge and gain weight? It's not like I'm going for a weeks cleanse, more like three days or less. But I'm utterly intrigued to see if it can in someway boost my liver cleanse, and also maybe trigger some kind of come back to having more 100% raw days. I feel as if I lost it somewhere in the middle of the winter. But maybe Decmeber is just a big ol' cheat month?
We'll see how it goes, but I won't be surprised if I quit after 1 ½ days...
I will keep a journal of it.
Have you done a cleanse, how did it go?
Will you do any before/after the Holidays?

want it: yoga accessories.

Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Bag
Been searching for a fun and light mat bag that can hold keys and other small things.
Right now I've been actually carrying my (oh so heavy 3kilo) mat to class, but of course, I live only 5 minutes away from the "studio" - the pros of living in a small town in other words - if you can call it that...
Anyway, this one would be just perfect for that short stroll!
I'm also looking for a travel mat for the moment, 'cause I'd love to have one to take me with on the weekends or when I go to Stockholm to visit mom for a week or two. I was thinking about the Manduka eKo SuperLite travel mat but got a little put off by the mixed reviews, and the bad ones were really bad. Like, the mat degrading after only 3 months of use. I definitely want it to be organic but if I pay about 400kr I expect it to last more than that, but also, it seemed too thin, I still want some kind of "cushioning". And the other Lite mats I've found are still a bit on the heavier side.
But I found a great invention with the cutest name: Yoga Paws.
The main concern is actually the gripping. Both in Sundvall and in Stockholm I try practicing on a simple rug, but it always feel like I'm slipping and having less control. Something to think about at least! 


Much has changed and evolved into further investigations and suddenly I've found myself turning almost vegan. I say Almost, because there's no way I'm stopping eating fish, shellfish, eggs and chicken, but I am considering reducing my intake.
This week I want to lift up the subject of Diet and anything surrounding it, but let's start from the beginning shall we?
As you may know I cut off dairy and gluten to see if it would help with my acne. The first month didn't go so well, I still ate yoghurt, cream cheese and other dairy only substituted it for lactose-free. But as we know, Lactose-free is still milk, and milk is what I was supposed avoid. Also I had a struggle with my cooking, I usually would prepare any type of pasta-dish with something creamy, something containing milk in other words. So when I couldn't use that my cooking became awfully tasteless and dry, I did not know what to substitute it with. I still don't know, so I've completely stop making food that needs any kind of milky sauce to it.
About three weeks ago I ate my last yoghurt breakfast, and with that I felt I could be more strict with my diet 'cause now we didn't have any dairy in our home for me to choose. First week felt dry, I went from eating a fresh bowl of fruits and yoghurt to suddenly nibble on a dry crisp bread (gluten free) with avocado and caviar, which I usually other wise would eat with the fruit bowl. Then I just felt like doing intermittent fasting every morning and just wait for lunch.
(Okay, seriously, while writing I got a mail saying that I've won a Facebook competition of 15 trail size combination pack from Raw Gaia, and I just have to like stop for a moment and dance! You can't believe how much I wanted that thing..)
So where were we? Yes, fasting. I still do that some days because it's actually good for you. Although, after getting comfortable without dairy I started eating my bowl of fruits again, just raw, with my crisp bread. I also at the time bought a blender so now I sometimes even drink a smoothie for breakfast, but I have to say that I like chewing my fruits more.
There was and still kind of is another problem, we do eat lunch out most days. Since I can't really control what's serving I basically had to avoid dishes that sounded like they were having any type of sauce to it. I even went stricter and stopped drinking coffee to our after-lunch-fika if there wasn't any other type than cow's milk to choose from. - I do still drink coffee though, but only at home with just a little of Light Soya milk for soya contains hormones too, but I can't imagine drinking black coffee.
Gluten was kind of an easier story. My main addiction was bread and pasta, but I quickly found alternatives to that. I even started baking my own bread and cookies just to have when the sugar craving comes. Although it does kind of suck if you're going out to eat, and you really have to look at the INCI when buying stuff, the same with dairy, it's almost in everything! Hiding in names that sounds good but aren't. It's a lesson, and you will sometimes come home to only find out that you can't eat it.
Peter has been utterly supportive of my restricted diet journey, or it's more Our restricted diet journey. He even makes me more passionate to find other alternatives, and I see ourselves grow more and more towards a healthier lifestyle where lots of fruits and vegetables are included. It's sad to say this but before all of this I didn't eat much fruits, and almost never any vegetables! And who knows maybe my skin problem has something to do with the lack of color. By any means, I wouldn't say we ate bad , but it lacked the proper amount of greens and fruits. Especially Peter, the only colorful thing he ate was a green apple in the morning and canned pineapple for lunch (which I introduced him to). Although, I must input that he's got some fruit allergies like red apples, bananas and other.
The thing is that the more I go into this restricted-diet-world I find my self eating more things Raw and Vegetarian, which is kind of funny with my past diet that were LCHF inspired, where I would eat much meat and any kind of fat and very little carbs. My body felt fine on that diet, but I never even considering that maybe it wasn't the best for my skin. Because this last past month where I've become more strict has really paid off. I think it's a combo of the B5 with a healthier diet, but it may also include my new skincare routine (will update it soon). But you know, skincare is such a small part in your overall skin health, much is due to diet. I won't get cocky and go off B5, not for at least a year. But what I'm hoping is that a more Raw based diet on fruits and veggies can replace supplements completely for a healthy body, mind and soul.
Hope you found this interesting and if you've got any questions, tips, tricks or want to share your diet journey do so! I would happily want to hear it!


Vet inte om "Beach 2012" är något folk sysslar med i år, kanske var planerna så efter jul, kanske dem tankarna har sinat bort lite nu. Jag är ingen expert på träning och hälsa säger jag direkt, men under dessa tre år som jag lyckats hålla en jämn och hälsosam vikt så måste jag väl göra någonting rätt.
Det är svårt, men sympati för folk som inte klarar av att hålla sig kvar på en stig fastän jag själv varit där har jag tyvärr inte. Det är som Peter och jag brukar säga, "De e ba å göra't!"

Hemligheten som ni kanske alla vet är att hitta något som passar en. Det finns ingen människa där ute som inte gillar att röra sina lämmar, det gäller bara att hitta rätt sport och sen fullfölja och utveckla den till sina behov.
När det kommer till kost så är jag inte en frälst LCHF:are, men något åt det hållet. Men jag har läst väldigt mycket om det och insett att det är (kanske) den rätta vägen att leva på.
Men jo, jag äter bröd, för jag älskar bröd, alla sorter. Jag äter pasta, för det är lätt att tillaga. Och ja, jag bakar, äter bullar, glass, och annat sött förmodligen varje dag. Men jag har lärt mig att äta sådant på franskt vis, där lite räcker länge.
Men att dra ner på kolhydrater rent allmänt och bara äta kött och mycket mycket fett har inte skadat mig. Utan tvärtom, jag mår mycket bättre! Det gäller bara att hitta sin balans i det hela som sagt och inte va helt strikt, för då blir man rebellisk.

Jag är varken hård mot mig med mat eller träning. Vissa dagar när jag inte känner för att träna så låter jag bli, det är inte kul om det hela blir ett måste.
Men lite tips på hur man håller glöden har jag:
- Ha en realistisk och sund förebild som du kan kolla på och känna "så där vill jag se ut!". Kör inte med nå Thinspo, utan välj en kändis eller någon annan med liknande kroppsform som du tycker ser bra ut som du känner att du kan efterlikna.
- Som sagt, gör något du verkligen gillar och tycker är roligt. T ex så gillar jag sport där man rör hela kroppen så som aerobics och simning. Jag älskar även att jogga. Men styrketräning och annan enformig träning avskyr jag, men försöker iaf kombinera det lite i min vanliga rutin.
- Ta alltid trapporna istället för hissen/rulltrapporna. Gör det till en sport: vem hinner först upp. Sanningen är att det tar lika lång tid att gå upp för trappan som det tar att åka på rulltrappan - och om du har tillfälle, gå upp för rulltrappan djävulsk bra träning det där! Och försök ta den jobbiga vägen hem med branta backar om du kan.
- Träna i kläder du tycker du ser bra ut i. Nu kanske jag har alldeles för bra självkänsla, men en sak jag brukar göra för att motivera mig själv som funkar riktigt bra är att träna i bikini. Kanske låter allt för porrigt om man tänker efter, men det gör mig så taggad på sommar och strand plus att man får en förhandsvisning på hur bra man kommer att se ut.
- X = *ditt val*. Kanske inte det smartaste sättet att få en att träna, men morots-knepet funkar riktigt bra. Jag tränar inte för att gå ner i vikt, känner mig nöjd med dit jag kommit. Utan, jag tränar för att må bra, se bra ut och kunna äta dem där extra kolhydraterna min kropp inte behöver. Men det behöver inte va mat i sig, kan va ett klädesplagg, en resa, en ny möbel. X kan va kilon, minuter, centimeter, kilometer, ja vad ditt mål i nuläget är. Och alla förtjänar något gott när det nått ett mål.

Hoppas ni känner er peppade och inspirerade eller så också gör ni liknande grejer och därav ehm gillar mig mer...
Säg till om ni uppskattar såna här inlägg, vet att jag blivit väldigt privat under åren och skriver inte mycket om vad som försiggår i mitt huvud. Försöker intala mig själv att det är tecken på mogenhet..