want it.

I picked up the latest issue of H&M Magazine and one picture in particular that attracted me the most was this one. That red sweater is almost to-die for! And the styling, just like how I would do it. It's a bit pricey for a H&M piece, but lately they've upped their game and I really love what they are producing these days. Unfortunately it doesn't say when it will be out, but hopefully soon.


moroccan princess.

For Love & Lemons Morocco Maxi Dress
While editing these I thought for myself, wow it's amazing what Photoshop can do to my acne! Joke aside, here's some more pictures of the dress that makes me feel like a Moroccan Princess. - and even though I don't want any contact with my father or his side at all, it doesn't hurt to embrace the fact that I'm half Moroccan.

birthday gift pt 2

Have I told you I'm in LOVE with the brand FL&L? Well, if I had the money they would ruin me! Especially their "Midnight in Morocco" collection, I wished I could have gotten all the things, but if there was one thing I had to settle with it would have to be this dress which Peter got me for my birthday. This is my second piece from them.
From those two dresses I got, it really feels like the designers, Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall, knows the female body - well dhu they are women! But if you have a piece from them you probably know what I mean. Their clothing is so fitting, delicate, sexy and... Frivolous! I just love how they have brouht me back to my bohemian roots! I've been dressing myself like this classical minimalistic Swede the past few years that I've totally forgotten how much I love prints, body hugging, cut outs, colors and slits! The thing is, or must be, the climate here in Sweden. FL&L is more suited for a more Californian/Australian weather, but you know, someday I'll convince Peter to move us ;)

want it.

Helmut Gala Dress
The dress is inspired by the Lush Voile Top, which I remember myself posting that it was "the perfect white shirt" a few months ago. Still yearning for that one, and now this dress...

want it.

Fluorite Multi Multicolour
Fluorite Multicolor Clutch
I actually don't like Acne, not as much as some tend to do (though I have a great feeling people like them and wants to own a piece of them just because everyone else does = subtle peer pressure), and it feels like they've wondered off a bit on the wearable these past few collections. And now I feel like there someone sitting there and thinking, "well, everything mustn't look like it can be wearable for everyday. That is so boring." And hey, I respect that. But going back to the subject of the clutch. Not everything they do is terrible, there's some finer original things I too would like to own, like this clutch. And I saw it in a newsletter, before seeing who's the designer, and I liked it.
I just think people should do more picture searching and they will too find that a certain designer who they think they love is really not what they like.

wishful outfit.

1. BACK Yoke Collar Blouse 2. ASOS Rib Boyfriend Beanie 3. Lindex pants 4. Marie Turnor The Picnic clutch 5. Gianvito Rossi pumps
I saw these pumps in a newsletter and just knew I wanted to build an outfit around these. I wanted to see if I could dress it down a bit. I'm not the best in doing that, I see many try but fail (but they think it looks awesome... sigh) - lesson learned: some things are just not made to be casual. For some reason I take inspiration from the likes of Elin Kling and other bloggers who nails the casual-yet-chic-look. I don't know about you, but this feels like something she would wear and how. I love a good shirt, and this one from BACK is simple yet interesting. And what wouldn't be more special than a leather clutch in the form of a picnic bag? There's one in silver if you like flashy stuff. And because of the winter I felt like throwing in a beanie in a vibrant color, matching the shoes.


Monki sweater (old) & Ugg boots
Funny how I found these boots ug(g)ly once, and now I'm so glad having them; I try taking care of them so they will last me sevral winters to come. But so this is me in a daily basis nowadays - of course with a pair of pants on.


1. UO BDG Thermal Top  2. Topshop Aztec Fairisle Hat 3. ASOS Cable Knit Boot Socks 4. AA Baby Thermal Legging
Winter is not a fashion season. You've probably noticed the lack of wishful outfits and fashion editorials on this blog; maybe you miss them, maybe you don't. I've told you this before, I don't dress up on winter. I just can't. I'm really jealous of you who barely get an inch snow and the temperature consists of nothing below 5°C. Right now I'm stuck at home, it has been pouring snow all day long. And they haven't shoveled the snow, so if I step out I will probably have snow almost to my knees. So all I can think of is thermals and warmer degrees.

the third time's the charm.

DinSko boots
A lot of shoes on the blog right now, but this will be the last ones for now. So I went to return the heels and spot these classical leather boots - which I've been eying for three months now - and surprisingly they were on sale with 25% off! It felt like it was meant to be, so without questioning I took these beauties home. They fit with everything and are exactly the kind of high heeled boots I needed!

the end of november.

Åhléns Blazer (very similar), ASOS Crop Top & AA Jeans
Here's the rest of the outfit, have a nice weekend! I myself am stuck in a snowstorm and won't probably drive to Sundsvall before tomorrow morning  - dangerous roads you know, already there's been a truck explosion on the road. Take care!

dancing the whole way home.

 So I settled for these instead of the other ones. But I'm already thinking about returning them for countless reasons, one of them is because it started snowing - move me to a warmer climate please? I don't know how other girls do this, go and party in the winter, but they do and I'm clueless and rather play it safe. So yeah, wish I had a pair of Lita's right now to solve my problem. But I do recommend these.

the clutch.

Lindex Clutch
As I said before, I'm kind of underdeveloped when it comes to shoes and bags, which are the two most vital things when it comes to making an outfit successful (in my opinion). I only have one bag that I use, it's a brown little leather purse that my mom found in the garbage at her work which she took and gave it to me - here shall no leather bags be thrown! It's small and not so fashion-y to say the least, but it's magical and fits everything I need. But I wouldn't want to use it when going out. So when hunting for a clutch I was first looking for something sparkly and small, though in the end I settled for safe. There's nothing special about this clutch; it doesn't stand out in a crowd; wouldn't say it has the it-factor either that will make an outfit. But I actually like it very much, it's subtle, classy, can transform into a purse, and has the perfect size. It's a good starter for someone who hasn't got that fancy-dinner-clutch like me.

heart of glass.

(clickable pictures)
Last week the MMM for H&M went public and in it's collection they offered a pair of leather shoes with a see-through-heel. I kind fell in love with them instantly! But then I saw that Jeffrey Campbell has made a pair of new ones with that same heel, and even put in on some classics like the Lita. I would love to have a pair of Soiree's in my closet (first and last shoe from the left), they are just so... futuristic and I like! I'm hoping with it being soon 2013 that we'll stop going back in our fashion, 'cause come on, we should be dressing like modern astronauts in this time of age! But instead it feels like the 80's were one step ahead of us.

shoe problem.

Lindex Pumps
So yesterday I went and bought the pumps in my last collage. I tried them quickly at the store but felt like I had to take them home for a more proper fitting. Unfortunately they don't make it in a size higher than 40, and even if I can squeeze my feet into them it is painful to walk. So I'm returning them today with a sad face. I really like them and I know that China Girl makes exactly the same, but even they don't make them in size 41, and if my intuition's right I won't be able to walk in them either... so my search for a pair of pumps goes on.

xmas party wishlist.

1. Åhléns shirt 2. Zara heels 3. H&M sweater 4. H&M skirt 5. H&M high-waisted jeans 6. Lindex clutch 7. Åhléns skirt 8. H&M clutch
9. Lindex pumps 10. OPI Skyfall Collection - The World Is Not Enough
Peter got invited through work to a Christmas evening with a three course meal and entertainment, which we said yes to. As it can be nice as a couple to come out a little bit I always forget how easy it is to say yes to stuff and the moment after you realize the most common girly question: what the f will I wear? I want to say that I have the basics, but if I had them I wouldn't be bothered. The problem I frequently have is shoes actually, and maybe a purse/clutch. I don't own those things when it comes to dressing up for a fancy dinner or something in that way. I have this idea of how to dress fancy, but my way doesn't necessarily apply to the Swedish climate or weather. I would love to hoop in a red sparkly dress with strappy sandals, but with age comes reality, and I've seen myself more and more become shy when it comes to dressing. Oh yes, I do mind what others will think, ' cause I'd rather they not think at all. I admire the people who can dress up in the most simplistic of outfits and somehow they managed to be seen. So I'm always trying to compose something like that, but in my opinion I fail kind of often, just because I don't have the "it"-accessory that completes the outfit. So I'm on the look-out for some fancy (but comfortable) shoes and a sparkly clutch that will make my jeans and shirt something more than an everyday outfit.

you say the nastiest shit in bed and it's fuckin' awesome.

(frk. shirt (old), Gina Tricot top and AA Jeans)
I should really throw this shirt away, I fell in love with it about two years ago on a summer sale, but after a few washes it lost its thing. But for today it will do. And about the headline, well I kind of discovered that Donald Glover (he who plays Troy in Community) has an alter ego. Listen to the song here.
Now it's time to frighten Phoebe some more, let's see how good she'll handle a car ride...
Have a nice weekend!

grey days.

Weekday sweater, Topshop top (similar) & American Apparel Jeans
I've forgotten to show you this sweater. I spotted it early in spring and luckly my wish came true, 'cause later it was found on summer sale. Even though now I didn't need a sweater I stored in the closet for it to make it's premiere this fall and winter.
I'm sorry for the lack of updates. The weather and the season has gotten me depressed. Also, the dizziness (that I've talked about before) hasn't really vanished I've been to the doctor and they couldn't help me 'cause they couldn't find any thing internal wrong with me or something. On the up-side it has gotten a lot better, it's almost disappeared, but I guess two months of dizziness and unexplainable stuff gets to you. Right now I'm looking forward to going back to normal and forget all about these past few months, at least the bad stuff.


Lindex Sweater
Just as it starts to get even colder and the snow starts to fall, I feel that I'm pretty set for the winter, especially in this sweater.
I'll just have to find some warmer tights...


ASOS Polo Crop Top, Boyfriend's Cardigan, American Apparel Jeans
Not much effort put in this outfit, but I wanted to also show you the black crop top I got from ASOS.
I always get somewhat surprised seeing my stomach, it looks like I've got a four-pack going on down there. Or, I don't know. I do work out so something must be paying off, but I just think it's absurd in a way. I've always been that girl who wanted a flat stomach, not a fitted one, a flat fat-free and abs-free core. Unfortunately, I'm also that one who has like these "fat lumps" (I call them) just on my lower ribs which makes it impossible to have that perfect flat stomach of my dreams... Not even in my skinniest moments did I have it. So I will just stop complaining, accept myself; a little defined abs will do just fine.

new in.

H&M Gloves
So I went into H&M to look at some headwear and came out with these. I've been borrowing Peters gloves for the last month, but maybe it's time to be nice to him and give them back, 'cause I want him to still have a hand to hold. These have a smartphone feature which will really come in handy. Haha, there's nothing more painful when you have to take off your glove to check something on the phone. The drawback is that there's a 90% more chance of dropping the phone - slippery stuff.

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