This Tuesday I came home from being in Stockholm over Easter, and I came just in time to see the kitchen completely finished!
Well, we still have some work to do, like taking down that shelf and installing a prettier one, repainting the walls, fix new lighting, etc, etc.
Even though I see this as our ”first pancake” (you know, not as pretty as the others but tastes just as good?), there’s some things I would’ve done differently, but we are learning as we go.
Considering this was our first big renovation, we did not have any idea of what to point out or what we can control. This was more of a, ”we trust you guys to do a great job.” And so they did! We are utterly happy with the firm and are in the thoughts of hiring them to do the finishing touches!
I can't tell you how happy and thankful I am to finally have a decent kitchen with a huge counter space! Like I believe we have one of the greatest kitchen counter space of any one room apartment (on 29,5m2)! I’m right now standing in here working with my laptop, because it’s the new place to be!
And so here’s the transformation!
I thought it would be fun to see how it was when we moved in, because the oven did have cabinets!
The chairs, table, lamps and shelf was there when we moved in. We took the table down, because we never used it as an eating space nor was it fun to sit there.
The cabinets by the oven we took down when putting in new floor, and because we always had in mind to renovate this place we didn’t feel the need to put them back.
 After getting chronic dizziness (now controlled by eating light) and problems with my ears, I was left with light tinnitus and a sensitivity to sound. Our fridge is very close to our bed and makes a lot of sound that almost ”tunes” my tinnitus, so I’ve been sleeping with a pillow over my head just to fall a sleep for over a year now - I don’t like earplugs because they wear out.
Originally we never thought about moving the fridge to the other side of the kitchen, but on our first consultation the firm gave us that idea. But it wasn’t until I realized that that is a great idea, and may also help me, that we took it up for consideration.
We got less wardrobe space, but it was worth it. It looks better this way too I think, and my tinnitus is left alone. Our broom cupboard or what it's called changed places with the fridge. I've always wanted a built-in fridge and freezer since I was a kid, so we got that and we also invested in a new one. And I got to say, it’s so quiet in the apartment now!
We chose to go with an induction cooker with only two burners because: 1) To free more counter space for all of our machines; 2) I’ve never seen a normal person use more than two and 3) We don’t cook much, and it’s a one room apartment made for one cook. Next person will surely only be living here alone and will whip up some pasta with sauce. And having more counter space makes it more likely to actually be cooking something than relying on take out!
In this space we'll put some rackets and hangers, paint over that ugly yellow wall, get new lamps and put in some plants. I love green kitchens, and I will try to have lots of leafy plants in every corner!
I will post more as things start to come together. The wardrobe interior is not finished yet, so all of our clothes are still in moving boxes. We haven't filled every drawer with kitchen stuff just yet because we could need a trip to IKEA this weekend. I love all things organized and will post the progress on that!
Fo now I'm just super happy and can't really think of ever selling this place! :D
Much LOVE <3
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Kitchen Renovation - Before

Before pictures: #1 - From the hallway when you come in, #2 - From our bedroom/livingroom by the fridge. 
As you might know if you follow me on other platforms, my kitchen is in full transformation mode!
We moved into this apartment about four years ago, and was supposed to be like a renovation project, because it had a decent kitchen and bathroom that just needed updating, in contrast to the other onesie Peter was living in when we met.
It didn’t really a have kitchen, and the fridge had a mini freezer in it that was swallowed by a huge piece of ice (the freezer was literally a huge pice of ice!) that Peter never minded to defrost… men...
We started off with putting a beautiful terra-cotta floor in the kitchen hall, with floor heating, which you can go see here before and afters. We also bought a designer lamp to frame our oriel window. But then it all kind of stopped from there. Maybe for the good?
The trouble of living in a small town is that business is also small. We came in contact with four kitchen firms, two went bankrupt, one didn’t want to work so far away, and because we have special ceiling by the cabinets, we couldn’t just buy from IKEA. We needed special measurements.
So in the end there was only one firm left that could do our special needs. (We don’t like this because then it means only one price to go with - no competitive market doesn’t leave much choice)
The original kitchen didn’t really have much space to work on, and there was a lot of things going on on the floor to say the least. We had a table put in to the little space in-between, when we made our own dinner table of an old sewing machine. But it mostly became over flooded of machines and other stuff we didn’t know where else to put.
So our mission was to create more space and simplicity. It may only be a onesie, and probably not created for two to live in.
But for many, kitchen is where the heart is. And if you have a kitchen big enough to cook in, the chances are high you will use it.
We lost some closet space in the making, but there’s so much clothing we don’t actually wear. Hopefully a ”bloppis” (blogg flea market) will take place soon!
The main inspiration is this spanish minimalistic apartment that always makes my heart race.
What would you love to see?
Do you want to see daily updates of the renovations or do you rather wait for the after pictures and go through the transformation in one post?

house at big hill.

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I wished I could like live a week in all of my dream houses. A week. That's all I'm asking.

far pond.

Bates Masi Architects

beach house.

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As always, hello dream house number 6274...

ábaton architecture hq.

Office, showroom and home to the Spanish architectural, property development and construction firm Ábaton - They live what they do.


livet hemma
IKEA has updated their Malm bureau, giving it a foiliated/mirrored effect and will only be in a limited edition. I who love all things that just disappears or melts in the background is already hooked; I'm already looking to buy a ghost chair. But the price hurts, with it's 2995 kr, it's like 1000 kr per drawer! But maybe I can convince my boyfriend...
 MALM Byrå med 3 lådor IKEA Låda med inbyggd dämpare; fångar upp lådan i farten så att den stängs långsamt, tyst och mjukt.

the water tower house.

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Where do I live? Oh you see that water tower over there, that's where I live . Ok, maybe not my dream home, but pretty cool huh?


Bistro chair, IKEA Lill curtains, Iitalla Kastehelmi candleholder
IKEA recently came out with their new catalogue which revolves around the life at home, how easy it is to make it homey without it having to cost so much. The focus is on textiles and the function it fills our homes and lives. They made a survey about curtains where they found out that 95% of the average Swede has curtains somewhere in their home, and only 10% thinks it's not modern or it doesn't fit in with their style. I've been that ten pro cent until now. I still have much to learn, playing it safe with sheer whites, though in the future I hope to be adding more prints and colors.


Filippa K for Rörstrand plates & IKEA Henny Väv bedding
Lately I haven't really been showing my graphic-side in the shape of prints, instead I've been avoiding it. But that side of me is slowly finding it's way out again and it couldn't help itself falling in love with these beautiful and simple side plates and duvet cover. The print on the plates reminded me of a sand dollar. I don't think that's what Filippa K had in mind when designing them, but growing up with African inspired decor* I felt an instant have-to-have.

*Mom had a friend who lived in Côte d'Ivoire for three years - her husband's a lawyer and was sent to work there - while coming back to Sweden she always brought a lot of sea shells, African masques and traditional statues that she gave away or sold.

oh the view.

FINNE Architects
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Now and then I come by pictures of homes where a voice inside of me screams, "Hello Dream House #183423746523746!" Yes, I've seen a lot of places where I would want to live. And even though every house is different there's the same minimalistic structure to them. Maybe it's because I grew up in a house of chaos and lots of stuff, that I tend to go for this sort of living. I don't think you need much in your livingspace, just some quality furniture and big windows outlooking a beautiful surrounding.

tree slices.

devis purdy house backyarddevis purdy house stairs living roomdevis purdy house kitchendevis purdy house stairsdevis purdy house eva portraitdevis purdy house outside family portraitdevis purdy house backyard gardendevis purdy house outside
Not often do I see this way of using color on a house. To be honest I'm kind of allergic to the whole "wall scene"-thingy that's going on in swedish homes- and later when they sell the home for 2 MSEK they don't have the curtesay to prime paint the wall. Ok, feeling like I come off a bit, now were where I? Yes, yellow walls on the outside, which continous inside, I like. It suits this house very nice and gives it some personality. Though what I love the most is the outside, the garden. I feel like doing a copycat of the tree slices on gravel. I think it would fit very nicely to our cottage in the forest.
If you want more pictures and read more about the house, click here.

sidi kauki.

air space
This is probably what you would call a modern stylish Moroccan house. It's for rental and lays in the Essaouira on the Moroccan coast. Me and my boyfriend are really big fans of concrete floors, and we both love how they used the concrete in the kitchen and framed the oven and the fridge, also how they created shelves. I believe my Moroccan half is tingling a little bit.

beamed ceilings.

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the shoe factory.

airspace locations

vancouver loft.

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Photography by Martin Tessler
"The loft is organized around a new courtyard open to above, inserted into the heritage fabric of the building, allowing light into the centre of the very deep plan."


White kitchen elegance.

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På grund av dålig internetkoppling har man inte kunnat surfa in på sidor med bildbomber, och detta har lätt att man hamnat lite efter i sin bloggläsning. Speciellt min favoritblogg Desire To Inspire.
Jag vet att mitt interiör-intresse här på bloggen dalat lite.. men förberedd er på design-bomb de kommande dagarna!
/// Not being able to load pages with lots of images has lead me to some serious falling behind on my favorite blog, Desire to Inspire. And I know I've been a bit off on the interior-bit lately... But prepare yourselves for some design spam these coming days!

pic Weekday Carnival, via Riazzoli
Hello Hello, dream lamp!

la bandita.

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