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I’m in Stockholm for the time being helping out my mom who’s undergone surgery on her foot. Meaning, she won’t be able to properly walk for a month and could need a personal assistant to do the groceries, cook and clean. Personal assistant sounds way cooler than what I really am for the next month: a slave.
So while in Stockholm I thought I’d visit the one pharmacy that carries the brand Lily Lolo here in Sweden, Apoteksgruppen.
Internet is great and all, but sometimes it’s lovely to get a proper look on all the colors and consistency. Lucky me, they were either preparing to get the new look of Lily Lolo, or they were discontinuing it. Either way, I was happy to see 50% off everything they had left.
I went straight to whatever blushes and bronzers they had and went home with Clementine.
I thought about South Beach bronzer for a long time, but felt Alima Pure’s Mauna Loa was more worth my money.

Clementine, as described, is a Matte Peachy Pink. And I would say that the color is more towards Ooh La La on picture than what is presented (and OLL is more towards Candy Girl if anyone wonders).
I couldn’t try it directly on my cheek so I went with whatever matched my hand the best.
After realizing I’ve been using the wrong shade of blush all this time I’m a bit on a discovery of what actually works. I’ve ruled out pinks, reds and corals, so I thought something peachy would turn out great, but to be honest with you… It doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look great either. It just looks like I'm wearing blush. Uh.
Maybe it’s because it’s got a hint of pink in it, or that I just naturally don’t blush. Like. Ever.
Oh well, I will continue wearing it, but my quest for the perfect blush continues...
Too bad they didn’t have Beach Babe, I’m almost convinced it would've changed my cheeks for the better. So next time I will try something more bronzer-like or just forget about blushes all together.

Any tips for a medium/yellow tinted babe who rarely gets flushed?
PS I accidently dropped my sample of Alima Pure Desert Rose all over the sink and the toilette. Therefore it's not swatched for comparison. I did cry and then I actually flushed. (Hehe Bad joke, I know.)
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