Which Companies and Brands Still Allow Testing on Animals?

In Sweden we celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day today, and in some parts it’s Taco Day from my understanding... But I wanted to shed light on a much more important day that occurs today: World Animal Day
It kind of gets forgotten behind all those buns and taco, if not of course your buns are vegan and so is your taco “meat”.
No one’s perfect, and we all make mistakes, and they are often forgiven when ignorance is involved.
I for instance feed my cat Iams, not even considering that a company that makes food for pets may conduct in animal testing and cruelty of some sort. I feel terribly sorry for that and all I can do is to do more research and make a better cat food choice next time. I've already found several kinder options even if cruelty-free cat food is scarce :)

So in dedication to World Animal Day I wanted to highlight popular beauty brands and companies that we’re faced with in the store that still perform animal testing or choose to sell in parts of Asia where animal testing is considered law.
I hope we can all use up that Maybelline mascara and go for a better cruelty-free option next time, or even better yet: write to the company about your disappointment and why you won’t be buying their products anymore.
If you want a bigger list of companies to avoid and a green list of companies that truly are cruelty-free and work for it, I highly recommend checking out Suzi’s blog Cruelty Free Kitten. She has a lot of good information and has taken contact with a few companies to get to know their true nature on the subject.
Let's end this with a tweetable:
When you know better, you should choose better.
And in the comments below, tell me if there's any beauty product you will stop buying because of their involvent in animal testing?
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