The Truth About Cancer

I posted something about this documentary series on social media at the begining of this month. Now we're at the end of October which is Breast Cancer Awarness month.
50% of the people and family that I know of who has died recently, has died of cancer.
And it feels like that in twenty years or so, the majoity of deaths will mainly be caused by cancer.
I never knew much about cancer, only that it's healthy cells turned bad.
I could never imagine saying "Fuck Cancer", because that would be like saying "I hate my body".
Hate turns into more hate.
We don't have to embrace cancer, but embrace the fact that if something can turn bad it can also turn into good again.
Reprograming by giving what it lacks: Health.
When things work, they work.
A healthy body can't become severly sick.
If you haven't watched this series, I recommend you do.
And if you know about someone with cancer or a family who suffers, share it with them.
Everyone deserves to know better, so we can choose to do better in the future.
You can sign up for the replays here and watch the first episode here.


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