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Living Libations - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

”Sunburns are easier for our DNA to process than the cell damage of being in the sun with sunscreen”
~Nadine Artemis

I’ve gotten the great recommendation from you guys to try Seabuckthorn Oil, which I much appreciate! And my precious Tamanu Oil is also getting to its last drops. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone here, when I decided to plunge for Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn (which also includes Tamanu oil!), but just when I looked at their website for one hundred time I came across another oil blend called Everybody Loves The Sunshine.

I looked at the ingredient list and it is similar to the Best Skin Ever, but like, even better! It has several oils that I’m looking for to add to my collection in building my own natural sunscreen, but to get it all and make my own would cost me quite much to start.
I love exploring, and this one sounds just like the thing I’m looking for! ELTS also comes in a Zinc Oxide-version (20%), but I’d love to have something to use both day and night - and buying both is just too expensive right now. 
I’m planning to have it join me in July for the ultimate test.

I recommend you watch this video of Nadine Artemis giving a lecture on sunscreens and their affect on us.

Lily Lolo - Eyebrow Duo

I’m still using and have much left of TiKei’s eyeshadow in Cacao to fill in my brows. It’s come to that point where I don’t feel complete without it, and I don’t even have thin or light eyebrows!
What I really missed in the natural mineral makeup world was an eyebrow product with both color and wax.
I even glanced at the popular brands like Anastasia and Smashbox for good brow duos, but both of these don’t have clean ingredient lists and are quite expensive. So I was very pleased, thankful and creeped out (did they read my mind?!) when Lily Lolo came out with an Eyebrow Duo just a few weeks ago! Great price too!

Kure Bazaar in Melrose

I used to buy a new O.P.I nail polish every month or so. I used to always have painted nails.
Lately I’ve been au natural for quite some time. I don’t know if I got unconsciously put off by the chemicals I’ve been exposing myself too. For example, I did everything else right, but would repaint my nails every two weeks. I don’t wear jewels, so you could say nail polish was kind of my accessory and way of expression.

I’m thinking of giving away my toxic collection and replace it with less toxic polishes. I like the look of Kure Bazaar and wouldn’t mind owning every single shade. Melrose, which is one of their newer shade, caught my eye. Every summer I usually paint my nails and toes in O.P.I’s Strawberry Margarita (bright pink), and Melrose reminds me much of it but being softer and ”spring”-like.

Infinity Strap

My second course of Ashtanga Yoga ended just a week ago. I’m on the fence if I truly want to continue with my practice, namely Ashtanga series. And as much as I like having a teacher correcting me and helping me go deeper, I feel like I’ve hit a plateau.
I know this is perfectly normal, and that it is now that I should keep practicing strong. But sometimes it feels better to just accept what is and focus on other things that needs improvement. Skipping class you paid for and thinking ”when is this over” will not make you a better Yogi.

So I’m thinking of taking some time off from class (maybe leaving room for drop-ins) and do home practice for a while.
To get deeper in positions by oneself I felt the need for a yoga strap. I came across the Infinity Strap, which also come in a stretch-version. They give you perfect reasons on why it is better than the original strap and I love the innovative thinking! 

More info on the Infinity Strap here.

Juil Shoes

Earthing or Grounding as it is called is having the spotlight. It’s no science, being barefoot stimulates us in a sense of feeling connected to the earth and everything around. I always feel like I have such better understanding of my surrounding when I have both of my soles on the ground. Unfortunately, concrete isn’t that nice to walk on, and selfish people makes it hard to not get hurt while trying to walk barefoot, so shoes are a must.

Whether these shoes has the ability to ground me through copper connectors beneath each toe or not, I think Juil’s collection of sandals are very pretty overall. They are not cheap but the price don’t differ much from another pair I’ve had my eyes on, except that one will ground me to the earth and the others will not.

I’ve only found one place that ships these overseas, you find their stock here.
More info on Juil Shoes here.
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