Wednesday Wishlist

Fresh Face Tamanu Oil
 I'm seriously in l o v e with my Tamanu Oil that I got from iHerb, and I see it being a staple oil in my beauty routine. And so I found this moisturizer from Hedd Wyn Essentials that has all of my favorite ingredients! Fresh Face contains: Water, Tamanu oil, MSM, Sunflower oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Plant trace minerals, Chamomile Extract, Vitamins A D E, Organic plant acids, and essentials oils of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Lemongrass.
YÜLI Cello Perfecto PM
With being very into DIY skincare lately (like I could easily make my own Fresh Face) the appeal for commercial brands hasn't been that strong. But then I hear about this brand called Yüli - Jade at Nephriticus can't stop blogging about them - that uses quite extraordinary ingredients, each product has something that has never been on the market before; like Black Garlic Bio-ferment in their Liquid Courage (followers at insta knows I've started cooking with it!).
The price isn't that off putting when you read about the science and purity of each product. For example, they use Miron Ultraviolet glass which is specially formulated to preserve ingredient integrity and helps prolong their potency.
So if there is a brand I'm actually willing to pay and believe in, it's Yüli. And right now I'm all in for any serum that promises to lighten acne scars! It's a pretty new brand on the market, and for now you can only buy Yüli at Amazingy if you live in EU.
I also recommend reading this interview with one of the founders at Beauty Palette Blog.
EDIT: You can now buy YÜLI at Spirit Beauty Lounge!
 DailyGreatness Journal
I recently bought a note book by EcoJot (go check out their amazing cause!) to scribble down any feelings, goals, ideas, thanks, thoughts, to-do’s, you name it! All that stuff that floats around your head that should be nibbled down on a piece of paper! I came across the DailyGreatness Journal when shopping for a yoga bag to my oh-so-heavy-3.2-kilo-(!)-eko-mat and loved the layout of it. I love books that are like questionnaires/fill-in-the-blanks type of thing. I don’t really have a clear yoga routine and the original daily journal maybe could help me structure my days better.
Alima Pure Lip Tint in Lotus
I'm feeling pretty spring-y, and because I've found out that the lip products I use aren't that body-friendly I'm after new favorites to use. Only heard great things about Alima Pure and their lip products. I'm also in love with their limited edition pearluster eyeshadow in Orchid! 'Cause you have heard that this years Pantone color is Radient Orchid?
What do you wish for today?
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Jenny wrote @ 16:36:52

Man ska helst aldrig använda någon hudolja/krämer som har vatten i sig.
Det bildas mkt snabbare bakterier och svampar i flaskan/burken på så sätt.
Speciellt om det inte innehåller konserveringsmedel.

Svar: Tack för varningen! Tror jag hellre gör min egna då.Tror det funkar bra att ha krämen i kylskåpet annars?