Treat Hay Fever Naturally

It is FINALLY spring time!
But unfortunately, it is not a fun time for everyone… My boyfriend is allergic to pollen and cats (luckily not to Phoebe!). Every year it would get so bad that he would have to take one day off from work because he felt so sick from the sneezing.
And I must say that I got bothered by it too. It’s not easy being with someone who sneezes all the time and sounds like he’s not getting any air at night! I would literally wake up at night to check to see if he’s alive. It was either that he couldn’t breathe or the lack of sleep that would kill him I feared! So it’s not just a horrible time for the sick ones, but for everyone else around. Even for Phoebe, ’cause she has this thing she does whenever someone’s about to sneeze…
Now, some of Peter’s colleagues has already reported feeling the allergy for the past week.  - And I’m confused ’cause nothing has really flowered yet?! But yeah, it seems like pollen is back in town and as usual causing people to suffer.
I always think that a healthy body cannot get sick.
And because I've never suffered from bad allergies, except for an upset stomach, I've always been quite fascinated of why and how people get them? It’s hard to think mother nature would put such a thing upon us. And so I do believe it can be avoided.
This is actually the second year my boyfriend is feeling nothing. Literally NOTHING. Not a sneeze… Well, maybe from our dusty apartment that needs a little spring cleaning… But otherwise he is not bothered and so am I. *happy girlfriend dance*
I waited a whole year to write this post because I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a ”good year” last time. As always, if you want to be cured, you will need to take the decision on what matters most in your life, is it your health or your diet?
Because you don’t have to live with a runny nose, and the best part is that it works just like that *snaps fingers*
Well, it did for my hubby at least.
So let’s dig in to see how you can feel wonderful and energized this Spring, just as you deserve to be!
How do we stop the symptoms?
’Cause we all know there’s no ”cure” for anything. If you got it, you have it. What we can do is to ease the symptoms that will make it look and feel like you don’t have anything at all. There’s actually tons of people out there in the world living with allergies, but because they are healthy, they don’t know about it.
So if you suffer from any type of allergy this is what you should avoid overall:
All sugar and sugar products (NOT FRUITS - Sorry, I know my readers are really smart, but for anyone else who’s confused or wondering, it’s okay); starches from wheat and wheat byproducts (gluten); soft drinks; commercially processed and/or fried foods; all foods containing artificial ingredients, such as additives, colorings, flavorings, and preservatives; alcohol; coffee and other caffeine products; eggs; milk and dairy products; processed meats.
It's actually a general list for anyone looking to be healthy; in short: avoid shit.
There’s also reports where people, just by avoiding citric acid additive (the chemical kind) in foods stopped having symptoms!
While doing some research for this post I came by some saying citrus fruits and bananas aren’t good for people with hay fever.
Well, Peter and I proved them wrong, because just at the beginning of our transition to plant based (which was during pollen season), we ate a lot of oranges and bananas of course. ¡No problemos!
And while we’re talking citrus, the number one treatment for hay fever is antihistamine which is a type of vitamin C!
The sources contradict one and other don’t they?
So what should you do if you want to quit hay fever?
Well for starters, avoid or lower your intake of some of the foods in the list I just rambled! Dairy and wheat are known to be mucus forming and inflamatory, so they are best avoided completely during this period.
I’m not sure if you need to go vegan like we did, but cutting down your meat intake doesn’t hurt during this short period (call it ”meat-free season” instead of ”pollen season”), it’s inflammatory and you don’t want to cause more of that in your system. It’s actually simple, increase your plant intake! Eat as much fruits and veggies you want and save the heavier meals for dinner!
It has also come to my attention, and I would say, that most people who suffers from hay fever are actually vitamin C deficient and eats mostly a high cooked diet, therefore it’s actually very important that you eat as much raw foods as possible (this goes for people who get sick very often). So go get some raw cabbage in every meal - cheap and really freaking good for you!
But let’s say that you’re already affected and you want something fast, like NOW! (Even though I would say changing diet would help you in a heartbeat!)
Here are some use of that juicer you probably got for Christmas:
A thumb of fresh Horseradish
½ Lemon Juice
Juice the horseradish, save some of the pulp and blend it with its juice and the lemon juice. It should equal a puré.
Put it in a shot glass and fire away!
2 small Carrots
10 Radishes with tops and leaves (100g)
A small thumb of Ginger
+ Lemon for taste
Juice the carrots, radishes and the ginger. Pour over some ice and drink about 1 hour after Loosen Up #1.
2 Carrots
½ Chilli without the seeds or 1/4 teaspoon chillipowder
½ Pineapple (225g)
½ Lime Juice
1 tbsp Chopped fresh Coriander
Put the carrots, chili and pineapple through your juicer. Pour it over a high glass of ice. Press the lime juice over, then stir in the chopped coriander and serve.
One that the Jason ”Juice Master” Vale swears by!
1 thumb of ginger
½ Apple
Watch Jason Vale make this one:
All juice recipes except for the ginger shot comes from this book:
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Jenny wrote @ 19:45:16

När jag och min kille blev veganer i April förra året så hade han lidit av hösnuva/pollenallergii hela sitt liv.. Men det försvann totalt när vi blev veganer och slutade äta allting från djur och processerad mat. Äntligen att kunna vara ute utan att snörvla etc hela tiden :)

Svar: Ja, det är helt fantastiskt! Tänk om fler visste om detta?!

Nina wrote @ 21:11:18

Jag gillar din blogg.
Hälsningar Nina

Svar: Tack så mycket att du gillar den! :)