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The first brand in my Makeup Detox-series is the Swedish affordable TiKei. I ordered the 10-sample pack with Brush from them and this is what I got:
I kind of panicked when I did the order because I realized I don’t have any brush to apply loose powder eyeshadows with and not to mention powder concealers! You couldn’t pick their concealer brush so I just went with what looked like it could be used for many things.
Maybe a Blender brush would work fine too but the Shader brush did just great as a multitask-brush and saved me some trouble! I like that their brushes are vegan and the bristles are soft and works great around the eye area.
L: Warm 3; R: Neutral 3
- Warm 3
- Neutral 3
They have quite a good selection of shades and it’s almost impossible to not find your match.
Because I got a little overboard with selecting four eyeshadows I didn’t really leave room for much foundation shades to be tested. I followed the instructions and while I’m a pretty good match maker for myself, this time wasn’t really a true match. Or well… As you can tell a difference in the picture between the two shades, it seems like both oxidize and turn into the same color. Nobody I asked could tell if one side looked more yellow than the other.
Originally I was thinking Neutral for winter and Warm for the summer, but I ended blending these two together. (Oh and if you wonder where I got the pot? I just recycled my Laura Mercier containers!)
The formula feels maybe on the heavy side for some reason. Most of TiKei’s products uses Boron Nitride, which they explain why on their site. It sounds a bit suspicious and some blogs say it’s bad, but I came across this article. So until I read some proper information on why it would harm my skin in any way, I’m okay with using it.
- Warm
- Yellow Corrector
Somehow I can’t seem to find a concealer that match when I follow the guidelines. It’s often too bright than its counter foundation-partner. So Warm felt a bit too bright for my yellow complexion, even when oxidized.
As I said I suffer more or less from permanent dark circles so I thought I would give the Yellow Corrector Concealer a go. Turns out it worked even better than the other one and could be even used alone on my yellow-tinted complexion! I ended up blending these two together though for a better and more powerful match.
Sunrise Blush
- Sunrise
- Golden
Even though I don’t feel that ready, I thought I’d give blush and bronzer another try for the sake of science…
There weren’t many blush shades that pulled my attention, so I went safe with a coral-shaded blush and their lightest bronzer.
At first I didn’t like the blush, but as the scars fade the more the color grew on me. I’ve always had pinkish-colored blushes and even though I get most attracted to them I feel like they don’t really suit me always. Sunrise makes me think of Lily Lolo’s blush Clementine that I've had my eyes on, to have something to compare with.
After some excessive research on how to sculpt after face shape I couldn’t be more excited to play with bronzers! Golden is a more of a red toned bronzer, and works great for light-medium skin tones and for winter - leaving just the hint of definition and warmth without being too much.
Now, what I wish both of these would have is shimmer! But none of the TiKei blushes and bronzers offer this. I’ve always seen myself as a matte person, but I’ve come to realize that matte is a bit hard to control, while a little bit of shimmer blush is easier to blend and build - it also lightens the complexion and gives you that glow!
Golden Bronzer 
- Cashmere
- Cacao
- Desire
- Embrace
I’m not mad about loose powder eyeshadows but it seems to be ok working with them. The only problem I have is that they crease.
I have quite oily eyelids, and I’ve tried almost everything, but the shadow keeps on creasing within a few minutes, so if any of you my readers has any tips on a good natural eyelid primer (not for glittery eyeshadows!) I would be so so thankful! (I’m wondering if Lily Lolo’s concealer that has Kaolin would work?)
R: Cashmere; L: Cacao
I will start with the one I didn’t like, and that’s Embrace, a shimmery light brown. It looks truly beautiful on picture, but just looked too ashy on my complexion.
Cashmere is my favorite and is a matte beige. The perfect base in my opinion and gives a little bit of warmth. I usually dust it on over my whole lid and brow bone for an au natural look.
Cocoa is a basic matte brown, but maybe too pigmented. I thought I could use it as a crease shadow and eyeliner. While it works good as an eyeliner, it’s just too pigmented to use as a regular shadow. I actually ended up using it to fill in my browns even though it’s a tiny bit too dark - but hey there’s nothing wrong with bringing Pocahontas-brows back!
Then we have Desire which is the most beautiful of the bunch. A shimmery copper brown, just gorgeous and no picture can do it justice! A special-occacion eyeshadow I’d like to call it. I used it as an eyeliner on my birthday but it works great all over lid.
L: Embrace; R: Desire
Yellow Corrector
Sunrise Blush
Golden Bronzer
Have You tested TiKei, what's your favorite products?
Love to hear your thoughts!


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Christine wrote @ 17:02:07

Hej! Jag fick syn på din kommentar på en av Fully Raw Kristinas videos på youtube och du skrev att du bodde i Sverige, jag kände bara att jag behövde skriva till dig haha.. Hittade din väldigt fina blogg där också (och blev väldigt nyfiken när jag såg hur otroligt mycket av innehållet ser ut som om det kommit från inifrån min huvud och utifrån mina intressen). Jag undrar väl mest om du fortfarande äter så, hur har det gått för dig? Känner väl mig bara lite ensam på denna biten och tänkte att det hade varit kul att ha någon att prata med om sånt här på ens eget språk till och med! Lite mer hemma liksom. Men vad vet jag, du kanske bara bor i Sverige och är egentligen engelskspråkig och förstår inte ett ord av min kommentar, men det märker vi då! Så om du har lust att bolla lite tankar osv, så bara skicka iväg ett mail!

Kram Christine

Jenny wrote @ 18:07:25

Jag använder Lily Lolo's concealer på ögonlocken innan jag använder ögonskugga... Ögonskuggan kletar ihop sig lite under dagen just i vecken, men inte så farligt. Bättre än utan iaf :)

Svar: Jag har hittills bara testat två olika mineral concealers och båda två har creasat sig väldigt fort och inte förberett något fäste för ögonskuggorna. Lily Lolo's ska då ha Kaolin vilket förhoppningsvis kan torka ut överskottsoljan som orsakar detta. Verkar annars som att det finns inte många naturliga ögonskuggeprimers där ute?
När man söker kommer ELF Cosmetics upp först, men den innehåller ändå lite skeptiska saker. Sen kom jag över Madison Street Beauty, har du hört talas om dem? I alla fall har de en helt naturlig primer, men som är oljebaserad, så jag är skeptisk över hur den fungerar. Silk Naturals har ju en, men denna är då utformad för att intensifiera mestadels glittriga ögonskuggor så att de sitter på plats, och jag letar inte direkt efter det extrema :/