makeup detox pt two - essentials

  In the first part I revealed my toxic makeup that I've had for many years, but don't necessarily slather it on daily or even occasionally. If you missed that click here.
And so to my daily makeup that I reach for when I want to feel extra pretty of some sort.
As I mentioned before, I've been mostly foundation-free since December when my bareMinerals Matte Foundation (bismuth-free) came to its end. So after that the only alternative to looking decent has been these two: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30 in Alaska (yes, imported by my lovely friend) and L'Occitane Sublime BB Cream SPF30 in Medium (won at a Glossybox FB contest).
Both of these don't have the best ingredient list I can tell you. While some of the good (flower extracts and oils) are at least in the middle in L'Occitane's BB cream, Nars has put theirs (Algae Extract and Turmeric) last. Before that there's just very weird words that would make me look like a fool for trying to pronounce!
Whether I'm more into powders or liquids is hard to say, because I feel at my best without any color on my face. I rather show the world my aggravated pimples than to try to hide it, honestly.
Then to my real addiction: Concealers.
I was born with very very thin skin under my eyes. Which in turn, if I ever showed up to school wearing no makeup friends and guys would come up to me asking if I'm okay.
I've tested them all, high-end to drugstore, they do make me presentable but none has really made the difference I'm looking for.
Until now actually. It's not a huge difference, but since starting to eat cleaner, which in turn fixed my insomnia and other issues, my dark under eye circles has in fact become somewhat lighter. I still though, feel the need to always use concealer if I'm going out. Hell, I'll even wear it if I'm just sitting at home doing nothing! Because if I cross a mirror I want to look awake for me.
But with them being a hue lighter I feel like any concealer will do nowadays - and this is huge!
Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 25 was bought in the rush when my current concealer at the time got used to its last pump and I couldn't stand walking around without one. It was cheap and a match. But yeah, I wished I would have at least looked at the Une counter haha 'cause this one isn't clean at all, has parabens and other things to avoid. The only good thing is Chamomile extract, but I'm happy I don't use it anywhere else than to brighten my eyes.
- I stopped using concealers on pimples because I got so many of them that I was practically using concealer as a foundation. It just felt heavy and not breathable in the end.
Nowadays I only use two products daily: concealer and lip liners.
The funny thing with lips is that I got into lipsticks at an very early age. While other girls were into their glittery lip glosses and so on I was coming to school in color, sometimes even in bright firetruck red! (Oh and I still got that lipstick somewhere) You can kind of say that I skipped the lip gloss-period all together. People thought I was a bit different, but I couldn't see the deal with sticky lips that the hair would always get caught in haha so freaking annoying.
Now I've evolved and use only lip liners that I paint all over the lips. And my guilty pleasures are: Make Up Store in The Perfect Pink and Russian.
I'm not as experimental as I was in my teens so TPP is the one I wear almost daily, sometimes I blend with Russian to make it a deeper pink. Unfortunately, these wands are not the cleanest things either, having some of the more nastier things than the above I think.
There will probably always be one thing that will be the last thing to be parted with, and in my case it will be to find a perfect dupe to TPP. It is really The Perfect Pink.
But with so many natural lipsticks and colors out there I'm not in any way anxious that I will not find a perfect match.
I do also use a lipstick which I'm not just going to throw away, because I bought like four of them. Yes, f o u r - you read that right. It's not pictured, but it is the MAC Limited Edition Viva Glam of Cindi Lauper. When it came out I was like, "This is my color!" It sold out pretty quickly, so I bought a bulk so I'll forever have this color.
Again, not the best ingredient list, but better than the lip liners I've gone to.
- I do use various of lip balms, but all of these I've switched to clean versions.
Because concealer is my one and only staple when it comes to makeup it will be on top of my priorities that I will try to detox first. I was very sceptic at first, but I've played around with some samples already and actually liking the result - Stay tuned!
You may ask, how about blush?
I stopped wearing blush a year ago, I kind of gave it up.
When you have acne and red scarring all over your cheeks it just adds to it you know. So I came to my senses and just quit it.
Now my face is looking overall better so I'm happy to be exploring the natural ways of blush and sculpt!
If you are interested in what blushes I use/ed I did a post on it two years ago, you find it here.
I haven't actually bought mascara for years. Knowing someone who works at a department store I've been living on mascara samples from various brands.
But I'm planning to walk down to ℅ Lena of ℅ Naturkosmetik and pick up her new natural mascara and maybe get some samples of her makeup too! 
What was the hardest for you to give up?
Is there still something that you won't give up?


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Jenny wrote @ 19:14:27

Varför provar du inte Lily Lolos concealer? Helt underbar!

Svar: Tänkt beställa lite prover därifrån! :)Har redan testat lite mineral concealers och måste säga att jag är riktigt imponerad över resultatet! Gillar priset på Lily Lolos också! :D

Elisabeth wrote @ 06:49:09

Det som var svårast för mig att ge upp då jag gick över till naturligt var absolut mascara. Hade hittat en från Clinique som var vattenfast men ändå kunde lösas upp i tillräckligt varmt vatten och dras av fransarna, som jag verkligen gillade.
Men till sist hittade jag en riktigt bra naturlig mascara, Laveras Double Black. Den använder jag ännu idag och är väldigt nöjd med. 100% Pures är också bra och lättare att tvätta bort än Laveras, men den är dyrare så det blir oftast att jag köper Laveras i alla fall. :)