iHerb Haul - Foods Edition

 This time Peter did the ordering, so it feelt a bit wrong to make him pay for some of my beauty treats that mostly I’ll be using haha Therefore this time it's only food related!
We’ve been following/incorporating Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Solution into our 801010 lifestyle since January, so it explains a lot what’s behind our buys.
First time I tasted Goji Berries I didn’t seem to get what’s the fuss about them. I still think they are a bit sour to the taste eaten alone. But lately we’ve been stuck in smoothie mode for the last couple of weeks and been consuming quite a lot of these guys actually. So yeah, for now we’ll stock up on this nutritious treasure.
Also, we only found one brand (ICA) at our local supermarket that carries Goji Berries without sulfur dioxide. Luckily it's the cheapest out there, but it's not organic.
Another thing I thought I should try out.
You know, Miranda Kerr has her Noni Juice, and I thought I could have Bee Pollen as my secret beauty intensifier of some sort…
Bee Pollen is considered to be one of nature's most completely nourishing foods and very alkalizing. But what spoke to me the most was it’s ability and benefit of balancing out hormones and aid digestion = clearing up acne & happy tummy!
So I bought a small bag from Go For Life to just taste it, ’cause I didn’t really know what to expect. Both of us liked the taste so much that we kind of fell in love with it without caring too much about the benefits overall. We just like it in our smoothie bowls. And it was way cheaper buying these off at iHerb, which are also organic in contrast to Go For Life’s that is questionable - I should email them though.
Read about the amazingness of Bee Pollen here.
Check Out Go For Life's range of products here.
I still use eggs in cooking occasionally. It’s just, I haven’t really been happy with the consistency in cooking/baking without it, and I haven’t found a good replacement.
I also don’t have much against eggs, the industry though on the other hand… Like, I would love to have my own chickens, especially in the summer, we have so much land at our summer cottage it could roam free in. And having cousins who own a farm in Poland, I’m kind of raised with chickens, ducks and cows (e.g. I’ve been lucky enough to have tasted raw milk - tastes salty in my opinion).
Anyway, at the same time I feel like you can live without eggs in your diet without any bigger problems.
One thing Kimberly Snyder uses in her recipes instead of eggs is Ener-g. I’ve tried doing her recipes without it, and tried other things to substitute, but of course they’ve all failed. So I got really happy to find Ener-g at iHerb! I haven’t used it yet, but I will make sure to come back with a review for you guys!
FUNNY - Same day as I get this package two videos from my favorites were posted:
5 Reasons to STOP eating eggs TODAY [Warning graphic]
How To Raise The Happiest Chickens Ever
Have you tried any of these products I bought or are curious about some, your thoughts?
Love to hear your views!
Is it your first time shopping at iHerb?
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- If you live in Sweden I recommend staying below $45 (~300kr) to get away with customs!
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Jenny wrote @ 19:43:04

Det som är tråkigt med Gojibär, att oavsett hur nyttiga dom än är, så kommer de flesta från Kina.
Kina är det mest förorenade landet i världen, och även fastän man köper ekologiskt därifrån så är det väldigt förorenat.

Svar: Ja, det var tråkigt att höra :/Tänker mejla Navitas och höra vad de har att säga, med tanke på att de är ett så trovärdigt märke. Kom också över denna artikel (http://www.lifeandlove.tv/article.cfm/aid/1015) som i alla fall påstår att gojibär från Ningxia där Navitas kommer ifrån, är av högsta kvalité. Men så klart så kommer det upp bilder av mycket föroreningar i den regionen med.
Jag vill mycket tro att det höga näringsvärdet slår ut det dåliga. Ingen har precis dött av gojibär än så länge(?). Och jag har svårt att tro att den mycket de två teskedar jag använder dagligen, som utgör mindre än 1% av min annars väldigt näringsrika och hälsosamma diet kommer påverka mig så otroligt mycket. Man måste ju också tänka på alla de dagliga faror man utsetts av här i sverige. Det är vår, och just nu så dammas det som mest, och vem vet vad för farlig hundbajs man andas in ;P
Men ja, kanske ska titta på att införa torkad mullbär istället? Är egentligen inte så mycket för "superfrukter", blir så dyrt i längden. Men litet tillskott då och då är kul :)
Tack så mycket för varningen i alla fall! Lär mig att vara mer påläst nästa gång.