Healthy Gum Oils

Finally, I'm going to tell you about the different Essential Oils that you can use to make your self-dentistry more powerful. Now there are tons of EO's that can be used for oral hygiene, but I've chosen to list the most popular and effective. These come in no special order.
Is an antiseptic and antibacterial. It stimulates blood circulation to the gums that in turn helps their health and regeneration. It has one of the greatest antimicrobial potency against Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that's responsible for tooth decay, and Lactobacillus Plantarum, one of the bacteria responsible for gum disease.
Peppermint is the most effective in killing what are called Anaerobic bacteria, bacteria that thrive in a low oxygen environment such as the bacteria that causes gum disease. 
Has a similar chemical property as peppermint. Not only is it an effective antiseptic, it also helps tissue to heal faster without the associated risks of getting contaminated and infected. Spearmint, as well, is also a functional anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent. Also soothing to soft tissues like gum tissue.
With its high ORAC value, it helps gum infections, toothaches and tonsillitis with its anti-parasitic qualities.
It acts as an antiseptic and a soother, also effective when acting on mucous membranes.  It's been used for years to support gums to heal and on mouth ulcers. Myrrh oil is very effective in supporting gum tissue to heal quickly by supporting the flow of blood in the gum tissue just as Cinnamon.
Manuka has been shown to be more effective than tea tree oil to many pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses.
The oil contributes by being very effective at killing the bacteria as well as making it more difficult for the bacteria to cling to the tooth and gum surfaces.
Neem has aspirin-like substances which means it has pain-relieving compounds that can reduce the discomfort of a toothache. The vasodilation and anti-inflammatory compounds in neem prevent cells to bond and kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Neem alkalizes the gums and mouth, and kills the bacteria that cause Pyorrhea and Gingivitis. Neem also obliterates the calcium-forming organisms and the organisms that cause cavities. 
Comes with antimicrobial properties, which means that it has the power to kill germs that cause illness, including periodontal disease. The oil may also have even more power than antibiotics alone against certain diseases. 
Rose Otto adds in resiliency and elasticity to the gum tissue. It is an effective painkiller and is curing, it speeds up the healing of tissues with its potent antiviral and antiseptic properties. Rose Otto also has the ability to regenerate connective tissues and tonify the gums.
Sea Buckthorn’s has natural cleansing, anti-microbial benefits which is good for healthy bone and tooth structure, and the healing of damage to your teeth and gums. Sea Buckthorn contains Omega 3’s which is an anti-inflammatory. The Sea Buckthorn has been studied and found to repair the mucous membranes which the lips and gums directly benefit from.
This very special oil has another remarkable benefit to dental care, Omega 7. This nutrient is very helpful at improving lubrication throughout the body - including saliva. Saliva in turn has a cleansing effect on the teeth, it's our natural toothbrush. By increasing salivation that helps in digestion as well as improves cleansing of the teeth.
Tea tree is very high in natural anti-inflammatory agents and contains the plant-chemicals cineol and propanol, both kinds of natural chemicals that can decrease gingivitis and reduce plaque. Tea tree also helps stop the approach of bacteria and is very astringent and antiseptic.
Is a rare variety of the thyme species. It is both antiseptic and gentle. Thyme Linalool balances oral salivary secretions, stimulates the immune system, and acts as a decongestant.
Known for its antimicrobial properties, it is also used to assist with infection of the teeth and gums. Compounds of frankincense have been found to have antibacterial, antifungal, and immunomodualtory properties.
Is a germicide that has been reported to fight plaque build-up, gingivitis and prevent cavities.
 In the next step I will guide you through some simple DIY on how to use these oils.
Can't wait or rather just buy a finished product?
Brushing teeth with EO's hasn't really catched on yet so there are not many brands to find yet with this type of formula. But I have some that I've seen are the most recommended out there:
 LIVING LIBATIONS - Nadine Artemis, the author of "Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth & Gums" - probably the queen in that territory. And yes, you guessed it right most of my information and inspiration comes from her. She has the most products to choose from in that subject, and it can seem a bit overwhelming. If you truly need all those products is up to you, but I would sure love to at least have the Healthy Gum Drops in my cabinet.
I haven't really convinced myself to buy her products just yet. The price, when including shipping costs, feels a bit high considering the kind of amount you get.
I know EO's can last long, but when you're two who will share a 5ml bottle, who knows if I even get a months use out of it?!
Prices range between $16-40 (excl. shipping)
You can buy LB at these stores:
 Living Libations Website
ORAWELLNESS - They believe that awesome oral health is a part of an awesome functioning immune system. Their HealThy Mouth Blend costs $22.97 and for that you get at least 15ml. They ship internationally, I've asked them to get a quote on how much the shipping cost is and they told me: It's based on weight, most orders ship Internationally for $11.50 to $14.50. Email for more details at:
- It's also good to note that they have a nut-free version for people that are allergic to almond
YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS - Their Thieves Collection which has the special oil blend for oral health. The oil blend is also very effective on the flu's and colds, it's got quite some history about it which can be fun to read about. YL is also very good in the sense that they are the only company in the EO-industry that owns, runs and controls their own farms and distilleries, as well as supplying essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products of high quality and have a unique solutions for any healthy lifestyles.
YL seems to be very known in aromatherapy, of course, and therefore is a bit of a struggle finding a webseller near you. You will actually have better luck going to an aromatherapist.
What I've found:
Kristallrummet (swe*)
Amazon (~32SEK in shipping to swe)
And if you Google, there will come sellers your way, there's just not one big store I can direct you too.
 MOST MINTY - A British company that offers you three different strengths on the EO. They do ship Internationally but you will have to email them to get a quote.

I apologize for being away. Sometimes your mind shuts down, and also, this step was quite the time consumer and to be honest I've been procrastinating it... But then I just had to accept that even though I have these visions of blog posts I should be doing they may take more time than I had intentions for and I may not always actually like doing my own ideas haha. It's all lessons in being my own boss - and even though you are your own boss, just like a "real" job, you won't always like every task but deadlines must be reached somehow.
I know the Dental-series were supposed end together with February, and I'm a bit sorry for not holding that promise, but I will continue with them. And I hope you will enjoy them. Thank you for reading!


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