The Beauty Detox Solution Review

This is a review of the Diet based on the two books The Beauty Detox Solution & The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Snyder.
Between February and April I decided to follow through with the Beauty Detox. I’ve had the books for almost a year and even though I applied many of the principles I’ve been too busy experimenting with 801010, High Raw/RT4 and Ayurveda to eat accordingly.
(Pictures taken from the Beauty Detox Foods)
”Think of the fierce energy concentrated in an acorn! You bury it in the ground, and it explodes into a giant oak. Bury a sheep, and nothing happens but decay.”
~ George Bernard Shaw 

It All Starts With Food

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to, but in most cases it all either starts or lead to a change in your diet to become more connected with yourself, others and the Earth.
You’ve probably heard me mention Kimberly Snyder on more occasions than one. I have a slight feeling that I’ve even gone so far that I may have given you the feeling that she is my Mentor of some sort. I wouldn’t even call myself a fan other than her teachings resonates and make very much sense to me. Her book, together with the 80/10/10 Diet is what has shaped my diet to what it is today and impacted my life the most. 
They are very similar in their teachings, therefore very easy to blend: both High Carb Low Fat Vegan diets that focuses on being Raw or at least High Raw, but with the Beauty Detox being somewhat less extreme, allowing certain grains, cooked and less fruit with more emphasis on greens.
I want to mention that I started eating "Raw Till 4" before it even became a pronounced “Diet” thanks to Kimberly’s food combining, showing me there’s a way to enjoy some cooked and still benefit enormously!

The Beauty Ladder

"When we learn to eat properly we begin to rebuild our bodies and to fulfill our purpose on this planet to grow in health, creativity, wisdom, and compassion."
~ Dr. Ann Wigmore

There’s three stages in the Beauty Detox:
  • Phase 1 - Blossoming Beauty
    If you are a complete beginner, are overweight, suspect you may have Candida, have lots of skin issues, and stomach problems and don’t really want to invest in new kitchen equipment yet, this is where you start. This stage doesn’t allow any fruits, sugary stuff, or oils to balance your body out. You cut down on your meat intake and have it only at the end of the day. And avoid dairy and processed foods completely, and also go gluten-free.
  • Phase 2 - Radiant Beauty
    Here you will further reduce your intake of animal products and introduce the Glowing Green Smoothie (GGS). It's very similar to Blossoming Beauty only now fruit is allowed and we reintroduce some oils and fats. And no cooked foods in the mornings. This phase is where it all will kickstart and most of the benefits will start to show.
  • Phase 3 - True Beauty
    In this last stage, you will eliminate land animals completely, leaving only a small portion of fish, eggs and goat’s cheese. You may even want to decide to eliminate all animal products and go completely vegan. You will also stop having cooked grains for breakfast and lunch, only for dinners. Now the Glowing Green Juice (GGJ) will be introduced in the mornings, or you can just stick to the GGS. And fruit can be eaten abundantly. This is a pro-phase and may not suit everyone, if you somehow feel deprived and struggling it’s okay to take a step back.
You should stick to every phase at least one month before moving on to the next one. But it’s all a personal choice of what you feel comfortable with, you have the option to stick to any of these for as long as you feel/have to and move between them.
I believe that it’s thanks to these carefully planned phases that makes the beauty detox very easy to follow through. Even though it can seem as big changes, there’s a few rules you can apply to experience great benefit. I also believe in gradual changes, which this one perfectly promotes. Often times Detox is associated with being short and extreme, while here we focus on a constant detox, that is both fun and non-restrictive.

I chose to be somewhere in between Radiant and True Beauty because I wasn’t coming directly from a bad diet. There wasn’t any signs of Candida anymore, and I couldn’t imagine cutting down on fruit to be honest.
I tried sticking to the suggested menu (which are only guidelines) for you guys, to try out some of the recipes, but it isn’t meant to be followed strictly. I even gave up some of my fruit lunches, I tried waking up earlier but I usually wake up a bit later therefore my first meal usually comes around lunch-time.
According to Kimberly we shouldn’t be eating until noon or at least wait until we get hungry, and then have some GGS or fruit for breakfast in the mean time. 
This refers to Natural Hygiene, for where it’s believed that the body is detoxing between the hours of 4AM to 12PM, and so to not disturb the body’s natural process you shouldn’t kickstart with something heavy. 
Who knew eating like a King for breakfast would make you end up like one: fat, sick and dead.

I used to be a real big breakfast-person, who believed very much in its importance! But since learning to eat later, I’ve lost my need to nap and I have received so much more energy! It’s gone so far that I feel extremely sick if I eat within 1 hour of waking up, can’t do no more! Water and some winding up for 2-3 hours is what makes me feel amazing :)

Supplements To Help You Detox

Kimberly suggests taking a couple of supplements to help the detox process:
  • Probiotics
    Has many benefits the main is to help and restore your internal balance. Which of course is very important when/if coming from years of internal abuse, or taking medication and antibiotics.
  • Digestive Enzymes
    Our body has a reserve that becomes diminished with time, which means the body won’t be able to digest food as well as it could as young. Every raw plant food comes with their own digestive enzymes to help our body not deplete its own reserve, but they are super sensitive to heat, and therefore any food that is cooked will have trouble to digest.
    Kimberly advises taking Digestive Enzymes before eating something cooked.
  • Magnesium-Oxygen
    It has laxative properties without being as harsh as one, that may help you detox better without the bloating, gassiness and constipation that can follow when changing your diet. It also enhances the body’s cleansing function, which can assist problems such as acne and other imbalances.
    This one is made to be taken at the start of your journey.

These supplements aren’t cheap, so I ended up only taking Probiotics during this trial.
As I do understand the importance of these supplements I also feel like there’s many doing greatly without. But of course, had I not been so stubborn with not taking Probiotics at the first place or at least seen their importance, maybe my skin would’ve been super glowing by now!
I too would probably recommend taking a digestive enzyme for people who seem to be having trouble digesting food. But I still can’t agree on taking these on a daily basis after you’re done cleaning house, it just makes it seem like there’s something lacking in the diet - Eating cooked suddenly became very expensive.
It’s all a choice though, Kimberly never says you can’t get great health without these, but she herself is taking both probiotics and DE daily. And if you can afford, why not, but I’m not yet convinced they are truly needed.

Prep Like A Pro

People who say they don’t like to cook haven’t learned how to prep. No, but to be honest, I’m glad the menu is only made to be a guideline, because it wasn’t made for someone who’s working full-time.
All I felt during those two months was that I was spending a huge amount of time in the kitchen! I wasn’t used to that much cooking and preparing, when a lunch could be a cut up melon, bananas or a quick smoothie. And I had to plan the menu for at least three days ahead so I knew if there was any soaking of grains to do the night before, or the meal would be ruined. I later learned to make a batch of quinoa or millet for the whole week, but even though with all the savvy prep I learned, it did stress me out to a point where I didn’t feel it was fun any longer. But to remind us yet again, that Kimberly never intended the suggested menu to be followed strictly. Therefore, it can be as much hard work as you want it to be!
In the True Beauty Phase the lunches are all raw, so there’s not much cooking involved. But I wanted this review to not refer to someone at the top, and therefore I mixed phases. I truly wished I could’ve tested it out from the Blossoming Beauty, but I’ve come so far that cooked in the morning and no sweet fruits, just can’t do, so the test would be inconclusive.
The only positive to all the prep was fever purchases, and at the end of the week the fridge was completely used and empty!

Does The Beauty Detox Work?

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”
~ Albert Einstein
I love the no-use of the word diet, because it isn’t just a diet, it’s how your body is designed to work. Detox isn’t something that you do after New Years Eve or once a month, it’s a process that needs to be supported daily.  And I feel as if Kimberly gives you the most simple and straight forward rules for you to follow, and explains why in an easy way to understand. I even feel as if this diet is more fail-proof, than the 811, and explains why RT4 is getting a lot of attention. Being fully raw doesn’t suit everyones situations, wallets and seasons, even though it would be optimal for your body. 
We all need something to begin with and strive for.
Kimberly takes a lot of her inspiration from The China Study, her own experiences with different cultures and travels. As much as I agree upon the importance of greens, I also feel as if she’s neglected the weight of fruit and where we should get our biggest source of carbs. She forgets to explain that humans are a special type of Herbivore, we are Frugivores, we need and desire most of our energy from fruit (about +55%). And while Kimberly states that she eats a lot of fruit, it doesn’t come off in the books or in the menus, more than to eat fruit on an empty stomach - that’s like translated into only one serving of fruit per day! And of course, this reads as if the books were made for the general and older public; young people would be able to handle the notion of more fruit much better. I can understand and accept this decision though.
But why I’m jammed up on this is that after my two months of trial it wasn’t like I kept going. The Beauty Detox gave me a whole other view and love for vegan food, but I went back to eating more fruit as I did before, and cut down on my grains-intake.
Nevertheless, the “diet” is a perfect introductory in improving your health, and it is probably exactly what it’s intended to be and therefore I strongly recommend it to beginners.

Can’t say that I don’t follow the Beauty Detox though, I just do it in my own way, just as it should.
The Beauty Principles I Have Applied To My Daily Diet and Lifetsyle is:
  • Proper Food Combining
  • Low Fat and Avoiding Oils Using Nut Butters Instead
  • Breaking The Fast At Noon
  • Glowing Green Smoothie (Not Everyday Though)
  • No Cashews and Peanuts
  • Some Fermented Foods
  • Soaking Nuts, Grains and Seeds Before Consuming
  • Eating Big Salads Before Eating Cooked or Going Out
  • Try Having Something Green With Every Meal

And my #1 Tip to do now to improve your health:
Start with having a later breakfast made up of easy digested fruit or GGS and learn proper food combining.
In my opinion, this is where anyone should start and where many health concearns could be resolved.

Thank You for reading through my review!
Check out Kimberly’s blog for more inspiration and information, and her Realize Yourself Podcasts!

"If you feel bound, you are bound. If you feel liberated, you are liberated. 
Things outside neither bound nor liberate you; only your attitude toward them does that."
~ Sri Swami Satchidananda
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Ewa Lie Brownies - Made Vegan!

After getting the worst stomach problems and uncontrollable gases from experimenting with gluten-free substitutes last year I then haven’t spent much time at that section. Most brands and products there are crap with tons of additives that doesn’t make any sense. If you’re not in a real Health Food Store then I would tell you to not bother and just go grain-free.

This weekend though, I went by to see if anything had changed.
The gluten-free section in the store has grown since a year back, and there’s now more options to choose from. Still, many crappy product I wouldn’t want my child near... But there was this one organic brand Ewa Lie, that caught my eye and got to follow me home.

But I didn’t realize until I got home that you’re supposed to add: 200g of Butter, 1 1/4 dl milk and 2 eggs. Of course I had to try to make these vegan, which I managed, and they turned out to be really juicy and d e l i c i o u s!

Ewa Lie Brownies

1Tbs Organic Coconut Oil
1 1/4 DL Vegan Milk of Choice (I used Organic Rice Milk)

I then used 2Tsp Tapioca pearls with some hot water as an egg-substitute, which I desperately failed with because it was my first time using them. It became just like those silver pearls you can buy as sprinkles... Huge fail in other words.
But considering that the batter already has a thickener, and seeing as the pearls did nothing and the batter still became thick, you can just as well do without!
But I would experiment with some hot water if the batter doesn't get thick.
For more product by Ewa Lie and where to buy.
Wholegrain Rice Flour, Ra Cane Sugar, Chocolate Flakes (Raw Cane Sugar, Cacao, Cacao Butter, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin), Cacao Powder, Wholegrain Millet Flour, Thickener: Locust bean gum, Bourbon Vanilla, Sea Salt. May contain Soy. All Organic Product.

7 Healthy Summer Reads


The Beauty Detox Solution/Foods by Kimberly Snyder

Whenever someone asks me for a suggestion on a healthy book or diet, I first and foremost tell them about Kimberly Snyders books to start off with.
I like that she doesn’t use the word ”diet” nor ever forces you to go cold turkey or change your whole diet, but actually encourages you to go slow and that there’s nothing wrong with it. She gives you three phases to go through in your own pace, and ensures you that either one of the phases will benefit you enormously.
I do read occasionally about people who take the book and meal plans too seriously, but she always encourage self exploration and that the recipes are only guidelines - therefore there’s not a lot of them to follow in the first book. And I actually like that there’s no strict meal planner to follow up on. Even though it would be nicer and easier for most, I do feel that people should understand the importance of leaving room for your own needs, we aren’t robots that function exactly the same, but we do have a few guidelines that applies to most of us.
I have The Beauty Detox Solution as an E-Book and the other one I have a hard copy of which I will review as soon as possible.
Both books aren’t necessary to possess, both do explain things like proper food combining, pH and why certain foods are bad; only that in Detox Foods it doesn’t cover everything you should avoid but goes rather quickly through those answers and focuses more on what we should eat to feel great instead. If you’re totally new to the concept of ditching dairy, cutting down on meat and avoiding oil and cashews, read the Detox Solution first. If you’re not, the second book will give you some more inspiration in the kitchen and go more deeply into what to eat for sharper eyes and lushous hair.

The Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr

This was the first book I started reading about healthy living and eating. Who would have known that all I’ve ever learned was wrong… Or… Well that it was THAT wrong. The base of this book refers a lot to the Anti-inflamatory diet. Just like Kimberly’s books, this one is a great introductory, and quite a funny and vibrant one! This book even suits to give to a friend without being overly judge, because it’s more about empowerment and taking charge of your life and health by knowledge than it is to actually diet. They did though decide to use the word ”diet”...
There’s two sides of the Raw Food world: High Fat and Low Fat. And this book tends to gravitate towards the high fat end which will contradict with all my other book tips. But nonetheless, whatever you are following, it’s a great book to start off with and I do encourage a wide range of reads. I have sadly not tested all the recipes in the book, because I need to see the outcome first (read: pictures). You do have to keep in mind that the author has cancer, and that it may work for a healthy sick person but that you don’t have to be as strict per say and drink green juice every day, if you get what I mean.

The 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas Graham

The book came out 2007 but didn’t face a lot of spotlight until now thanks to YouTube and Instagram. There’s a few articles all from Womens Health Mag to where even Kimberly Snyder recently did a review on it. But I personally feel as if these articles aren’t fair and you shouldn’t bother believing in them. First of all, they all sound like they didn’t actually read the book page by page, second of all, they did too little research around it claiming there’s not enough greens in the diet. In reality, if you have read the book and done your research you would know that there’s a lot of of emphasis on greens and their importance, even though the diet is mostly fruit based. The book is like the Bible of HCLF Lifestyle and seems to have been misinterpret just like one, so you’ll find people doing it crazy extreme and complicated when it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually the most kind diet there is.
So I say, read the book when you feel ready, open and maybe even desperate, and take it in to suit you. I do believe we are attracted to the things we wish to see, so if this book doesn’t attract you then you’re clearly not ready for it and should start small with my other book tips. Because it may be extreme for many at first, but after a year of living along with the guidelines and my own explorations, it’s perfectly normal and the past starts looking more extreme.

Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond

On my Summer Reads List.
Just like 811 has some roots in Natural Hygiene, this book from the 80’s is what kind of started the movement. 
I am currently reading another book by Harvey and it’s his latest from 2007 ”Living Without Pain” (You can get the e-book for free at iHerb). I even bought it for my mom who’s been living with pain since I was born, and it was the only book translated into Swedish where they learn proper food combining in a way she would understand and actually take charge to apply it to her life.
Even though the same principles are probably preached in both books I would still like to read Fit For Life too.
By the pages I’ve read so far in LWP it’s a very subtile read, where there’s really no statement of being a raw foodist per say. There is even underlying fruitarianism, but none of which a reader would actually predict. Harvey and the whole Natural Hygiene is so inline with my own beliefs from what I’ve read so far that I really enjoy reading this book. I truly believe that many things would be cured by a simple rule of not What we eat but How we eat it. And if you’ve read Kimberly’s books you will draw similarities in how to eat, and even here there’s really no pushing and even allowance of eating meat (maybe cut it down on a bit though).
Harvey actually got terminally ill just after publishing Fit For Life, and the story of his body thriving 20 years beyond his death sentance is what LWP is all about.
It simply states, apply these principles how you want it and you could experience vibrant health. No dieting, no big lifestyle changes. Just eat the way your body is designed for. A perfect book for converting your parents in other words.

Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko

On my Summer Reads List.
It seems to me that Victoria is doing something wrong with carrying some extra fat for being a 100% raw foodist... Sorry, I just had to spell that out... However her story and study is quite intriguing and by my own explorations with salads come to the same conclusion. It wasn’t until I started adding more greens, having and sneaking them into every meal that all my cravings disappeared! Before I was even resenting having any greens, my teeth would hurt from all the chewing and salads are bland without dressings. It took some time and a lot of sneaking it in until I got more balanced again, and now I’m one of those who actually looks forward to my salad dinners! Like what happened?!
Victoria and her family had been fully raw for seven years when problems started to occur and they didn’t really know why. She looked at our closest relative, the Chimpanzee, which eats a diet that consists of 55% Fruit, 40% Greens and 5% Nuts and Seeds, and realized they were not getting enough mineral rich greens in their diet which they needed. You can watch an interesting interview here.

Make Peace With Your Plate by Jess Ainscough

This book was included in my B-School Bonus and I’ve already read a few pages. If you do’t know who Jess (The Wellness Warrior) is, she got diagnosed with cancer in her arm when she was twenty-two years old, and the doctors left her with the option to amputate her arm or die in a few months. Much like Kriss Carr she found alternate methods and has now lived 6 more years since the diagnose. And this is her book to help you, as the name suggest, make peace with your food and learn how to apply new principles to your life to feel much better and thrive.

What Should I Eat? by Rudy Scarfalloto

On my Summer Reads List.
I just got to read a draft in the preview of the largest Raw Food Magazine Vibrance and it sparked my interest. (Read it here pages 18-19)
The book came out recently in 2013 and explores the Fruit Theory of our ancestors of the Paleolithic Period. We all are probably familiar with the Paleo diet: it’s kind of raw food with a side of eggs and meat (but everyone seems to do it differently just like with everything else). The truth is that we’ve been living off a grain based diet for the last 10 000 years, 2 million years of a hunter/gatherer diet and about 63 million years off a fruit-based diet. I love that the book isn’t about ”what should We eat?” as a whole, because we all can call ourselves for fruit eaters, meat eaters and grain eaters; enough time has passed to allow all three to be a part of our genetics to a certain degree. There’s no simple answer to what we All should eat, so the more correct question should be: What should I eat?

I encourage you to never stop learning in your journey. Embrace what seeks you and learn more about Yourself.
The best study is You.
Got any more healthy book tips? Tell me in the comments below!
Hope you consider some of these books for the summer, I would also love for you to come back and tell me your thoughts!
Happy Reads!
"Is the Raw Vegan Diet the Answer? I litterly know hundreds of raw vegans and nobody does this diet the same."
- Storm Talifero
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iHerb Haul - Repurchases

So, we bought another batch of Organic Goji Berries, despite the warning. We figured that their high nutrient content and our clean diet compensates the harsh and polluted climate they grow in. Also, we found them to be a great source of Selenium, which we run short on. I know about brazil nuts, but I never really have the urge to eat one just because.

We’ve tried Bee Pollen from other various brands but made the conclusion that these were of the highest quality by their greenish color and intense taste. Eating them straight is like taking a teaspoon of cinnamon! This did not come through with other brands. They aren’t as good tasting, but just that makes them so much more raw to me.

No matter how much I like a beauty product I will usually try something new. But Tamanu oil has become such a favorite that I see it as a staple. I thought about trying another brand, but couldn’t really find one that said ”organic” on it and I really like the dispenser on this one for future uses.
I love it with a few drops of roman chamomile to keep my skin calm as we now go into summer where my face starts to break out more (too much Pitta eh?). Of all the oils I’ve tried, it’s my favorite, by consistency and properties. The history use of Tamanu oil has been to protect the skin from the sun and sunburns, high humidity and ocean wind.
And lastly, some Raw Shea Butter. Not a repurchase. 
I’ve stopped wearing sunscreens and started looking at ancient remedies. Shea butter is high on that list, and people in Africa still uses it as protection and nourishment.
It may have and SPF of only 6, but considering eating a watermelon will give you an SPF 3, seems like big numbers aren’t what it’s all about.
This one is also infused with Frankincense and Myrrh which both has very healing properties and used for centuries, nonetheless they’ve been used as mosquito repellents.
Myrrh also has an SPF15-20, it is said that Myrrh was the secret that kept ancient Egyptian skin so lovely and tanned. They would carry a cone on their heads made of hippo fat and essential oil of myrrh that would then melt down on to their bodies, protecting them from the mosquitos and getting sunburned. It has been used to maintain healthy skin, prevent skin aging and sooth chapped or cracked skin.

The smell surprised me, and I can’t say other than that I completely love it! I don’t know why I bother describing the scent, but here we go: ”fresh cacao" and almost ”masculine” would be my opinion. Still, I like it a lot and haven’t been bitten or sunburned yet, just a lovely even tan.
For me it's been a matter of keeping my skin hydrated. Dry skin will burn, just as dry wood. Oiling yourself up creates a protective and lubricated layer that not only protects you but also nourishes you and still makes your body able to absorb some sunrays to create precious and life forming Vitamin D.
For my face I use an oil blend (with the tamanu) with some carrot seed oil for my face.

I’m interested to know what you use to protect yourself from getting burned?
Tell me in the comments below!
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How do you want to feel?

How do you want to feel?

Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? A year from now?

How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning? How do want to feel at work?
When you eat? When you socialize? When you're out and about?

How do you want to feel right at this moment?

What feelings do you desire the most in life?

I found Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map through Kris Carr many months ago in one of her newsletters. I got intrigued and watched Danielle’s introductory video; it felt a bit what Peter would say ”religious”, but with me being very spiritual I did understand the greater message, and the flashing words ”How do you want to feel?” captured my deepest interest. 
Though I have to say, it wasn’t until I stumbled upon Marie Forleo and finished the course that I went back to take a closer look when I felt I needed a new way of planning my goals. It’s always like that...

When you’re ready, you’ll come back, you’ll see it differently and know a better way to take the information into use.

One of the B-School bonuses to choose from was Danielle’s Desire Map Kit, and of course it was on my mind. But I decided to go with The Wellness Warrior, which I have no regrets of. I felt that the Desire Map would always be there waiting for me. And so it did.

This way of thinking isn’t new but still mind-blowing. I mean, our bodies and minds are driven by feelings, we always know what to do to feel a certain way. 

Feeling good is what it’s all about. 

Knowing how you want to feel brings up clarity in your life. And Clarity my love is what rules our hearts and so our lives. We have just lost that touch with ourselves, with our detailed goal planning; We think: I want a new kitchen, but what we really should be asking ourselves is: What would a new kitchen feel like? (this is very individual)
Because it’s not the thing we want, it’s the feeling it will give us.

The journey should feel like the destination.


So, How do I want to feel? What is my core being? 
SERENE: frivolous, calm, peaceful, spiritual, unworried, relaxed, clear, bright, careless, light. 
SENSATIONAL FEMININE: gorgeous, attractive, stunning, charming, unforgettable, fascinating, graceful, sensual, charged. 
CLARITY: aligned, grounded, connected, knowing, ambitious, driven. 
VIVACIOUS: vibrant, spirited, lively, energetic, exciting, bubbly, breezy. 
EXPRESSIVE: passionate, creative, imaginative, meaningful, showing, artistic. 

As with all, feelings change. I’ve already substituted Vibrant with Vivacious, still tasting the words which fit me the best. 
Now I want you to play with me, what does your inner desired feelings tell you how to be? 
How do you want to feel to be happy? 
Bonus: Tell me three things you will do this June to generate these feeling! 
 Engage in the comments below! :)

Stop chasing a goal, just be that feeling.


Listen to sneak peak chapter and download the PDF with +150 adjectives to inspire you.
Watch This Video
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NaturalBox Review

I remember when I was a pre-teen, there were all these book club-subscriptions. Anyone remembering Funtasie (which I didn't really know how to pronounce or what it meant at the time) and Sisters? Well, I remembered the joy of getting a secret package every month through the mailbox. I didn't think that years later there would be a grown-up version of this, but of course I had to test some of them out!
Last year I had a 12 month subscription of Glossybox given to me by my boyfriend at Christmas after some begging..
You may recall me posting some of the boxes but then stopping. Well, the more I grew into simplistic and natural beauty and health, the less impressed I got of the things in the box. You can guess right that I was a bit sad and torn when someone else had spent their money on a gift I actually begged for and to then not really take value in it! I felt so ashamed.
Well, I did the best of what I could with the not-so-clean products. Sometimes you would be lucky to get something from like Balance Me and Zoya. Oh the happiness when that happened! But most products weren't on my clean list to say.
So for this Christmas Peter and I decided to have a joint gift and bought us a 6 months subscription at Naturalbox which focuses on natural beauty and healthy snacks. I thought it would suit our new lifestyle better and be less disappointed and actually take use in the products.

So why haven't I showed you any pictures or even mentioned my subscription?

The simple answer is: We used it up before I could even tell you!
We would usually get our box every Friday which we would pick up on our way to Sundsvall. The snacks would then vanish before we even got there, and well then it would just not be a complete picture haha
To say the least, it was fun to have a box that we both could enjoy!
The subscription is a bit pricier than Glossybox but I l do agree here that you get more value for your money and most of the beauty products are full size.
Another difference is that you kind of can know what will be presented in the next box. There is a mystery box available, but you can always try to just avoid checking their page out and it will be a surprise!

Did I love it all?

I don't like to find faults, but here's my less positive experience: 
  • You could get a sample twice or more from the same product. It's actually not a big deal, if you bought the product you could always give the sample away to someone.

  • The snacks weren't always "clean". I mean, no matter what candy, candy will always be processed, refined and unhealthy. The same for the bars, where I prefer my own low fat ones for energy.

  • Too much focus on same brands. During these six months I've only gotten to try Phenomé, Mádara, Nonique and Inecto Pure Coconut. The last one not being "clean" in my eyes, but I tried it. In six months I would have loved to try more products. But except for Inecto Pure Coconut, I loved the products I've gotten and use them everyday!

  • There was a problem with the February box, which I know wasn't their fault, but I sure would've loved to been informed via email than finding it out on Facebook. Even when I emailed I didn't get the real cause of the delay. So my tip for them would to always stay in touch with their subscribers via mail and always tell what's going on.
Nonetheless I'm very happy with my subscription, and the last months has been delivered without problem. Both Peter and I are considering continue our subscription, but there's more vegan snack boxes that have popped up that we may also would like to try out: Vegansk Snackbox and Veganlådan. And to add, Naturalbox is also coming out with a Veganbox!
I enjoyed getting teas and lipbalms - can never have too much of those you know! Anything from Go For Life and drinks were always appreciated.
It was really the right step from Glossybox and I never felt disappointed in that I couldn't use a product.
My favorite box was the last one (May), even though it had less products than the boxes before I totally loved the Limited Edition "Nothern Herbarium" from Mádara Cosmetics.
Other things I enjoyed getting was: Humble Brush, Organic Toothpaste, Organic Vanilla, Organic Dried Pineapple, Coconut and Birch water.
It absolutely gets the "Frivolous Girl Approval"-stamp! (remind me to make one!)
Have you tried NaturalBox, what's your thought?
Do you have any other vegan/natural beauty related box subscriptions?
Interested in natural beauty?
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