Summer Cool With Ayurveda

The summer is the season of Pitta in Ayurveda. Think hot, fire and steam. And if you’re already Pitta dominant, this season can overload you and put you off balance which usually shows in the face. But no matter what constitution, anyone could benefit from some Pitta reducing tricks in the summer!

How To Cool Down Both Body & Mind

The Summer is the perfect time for living on raw food and it’s quite cooling for the body too! Think of fully ripe sweet and juicy fruits and leafy greens to be at least 80% of your daily diet, and cut down the fat intake. Sipping on cooling water (not ice cold) throughout the day will also keep the fire low. Avoid onions, garlic, spicy and hot foods, rather indulge in cold soups or wait until the meal has gotten to room temperature.
Yoga & Exercise
It can be quite tempting to have fun in the sun, but it’s best to avoid exercising during the hot part of the day. If you like biking or running try doing it early mornings and evenings instead when the temperature is slightly cooler. Otherwise, favor peaceful and relaxing walks in nature, light gardening, swimming and gentle yoga.

As for gentle yoga, Moon Salutations are more appropriate than Sun Salutation during this season. Keeping the practice fun and light with plenty of twists and side body openers. Try to not sweat and focus more on your exhalations!
Practicing cooling pranayamas after asanas or when you feel a build up of heat can help.
Shitali (cooling breath) and Left-Nostril breathing will calm the hot quality of Pitta. The left nostril is associated with our body’s cooling energy, and by breathing through it it activates the Ida Nerve Ending in the left nostril, which relates to calmness and relaxation. 
Moon Bathing
Limit sunbathing and try moon-bathing. The moon’s cooling light helps to balance Pitta.
Engage in full moon beach walks, hikes, strolls or even sitting outdoors under the rays of the moon infuses the body with the moon’s cooling nature.

Cooling Skincare

Neem Oil
Neem has a bitter taste, which gives its powerful cooling effect. It’s one of the most cooling herbalized oils used in Ayurveda and this makes it most balancing to Pitta. One prominent location excess Pitta is shown is the skin; the heat from the sun can much likely aggregate it.
By applying Neem, either topically or orally, you can sooth the skin/body, and cool the inflamed bits. It's even very good to have against mosquitos and to sooth itching bites.


2Tsp Raw Buckwheat Honey
1Tsp Neem Leaf Powder
5 Drops Neem Oil
A few drops of Roman Chamomile
+ Too thick, add some water
Mix, apply and let set for 20 minutes.
Coconut & Sunflower Oil
A cooling massage with these oil and an addition of some cooling essential oils of: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Jasmine or Lavender will keep you calm and collected throughout those hot summer days.
This both nourishes the skin and protects it against the heat and sunny days.
Rose Water
Pitta benefits from regular hydration especially in summer to counter heat. Rose is considered cooling for mind, body and emotions, and is used topically, orally and even inhaled to relax the spirit. Keeping some chilled Rose Water Mist on hand to spray during the hot days can be helpful, and works just as well in smoothies. Agni (Fire) shows in the eyes, and it can be a good thing to soak a cotton gal with some Rose Water and cleanse the eyelids with, this will bring Pitta down.
Hope you have a lovely summer! :)
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Summer Break

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