proving points leads to emptiness.

Things I need to get off my chest that's kind of a daily struggle for me. I'm still learning to take distance from my beliefs and others, and I'm getting better. But because not everyone practice this, it can get a bit overwhelming.

Sometimes I get myself into situations I'm not really that comfortable with, you probably do it too. Not that I hate being wrong, no, I can take that, but just situations that makes it possible to get confrontation or another ones strong opinion isn't really what I'm always after when I speak my own truth.
'Cause that's what it is, we all often times speak from our own experiences, from what we have lived and learned.

Whenever I get into those conversations I always get reminded of what an old friend said to me when we were disagreeing:
"Well, you're only speaking by your Honesty/Truth, while mine, it's like religion."
It may seem a bit confusing to you and a bit selfish, but his sentence hit me on a deeper level than what he probably meant it to be, and it's been following me years after that.

It's hard for me to explain really, but in short it gets me to a state where I can see how that person with the opposite strong opinions can be right by his/hers means, and how I can be wrong but also right.
Unfortunately, many times, that person don't have my way of thinking and renders more emotions than is necessary. Strong opinions = own opinions, always have a lot of emotion behind them.

I try to avoid speaking from my own personal references, but at the same time I feel like I shouldn't have to. Why is it okay for others opinions to matter and be respected but not mine?
Is the really right thing to do to hold it all in? Or can someone out there see and understand what I mean, be inspired and/or take it like a human being?

When speaking from your personal experience it makes you right in your own senses, but it doesn't mean you're right by others. This seems, for many people, to big to grasp - you can't be right and wrong at the same time, either someone's right or someones wrong, is many peoples way of thinking.

Therefore I always try to point out in conversations by saying "I personally...", that I'm by no means am right in Your world, but that in My world it's the right thing to do, feel, behave or think. It's My religion, not necessarily yours. But feel free to be open, try for yourself, my truth can also be yours in time. As much as Your truth can become mine.

Do not judge. You always have a choice what to feel. Take what feels best but don't leave a build up of emotions behind for others to clean up. Be content with that not all hot topics and conversations should end up in one and other proving their point(s).
Leave it. If you think someone's wrong by your means than you obviously don't need to tell them that, especially if they didn't ask for your opinion.
Move on. If someone's stuck in their thinking they are not ready  to hear you out right now. So don't push your beliefs on others, show them instead, and be happy that what you think is right is working for You. Also, be just as happy for others who's find something that works for them, even though it's not what you would personally recommend!
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Side note:
This has been a thing I've been struggling with since changing my lifestyle. I've been that obnoxious person too, and I'm not proud to have been feeding that energy. Sometimes that person comes out, but most times I handle it quite well nowadays. Many times I've n been hit back coming across such persons, beeing judged on my blog, instagram, and other sites. Saying I'm ridicules to push people into such things and how the hell can I think everyone would benefit from being like me, and also people trying to prove I'm wrong with proving their point.
I'm now sorry if I've written such things on other blogs and I hope they understand I was just trying to open minds and tell the world what works for Me. Which is in a way perfectly normal for someone so young as me finding some kind of enlightenment. But nowadays I've grown and don't stand behind the one size fits all-approach.

The thing is, whatever I write on my blog is not to be judged or criticized (if I didn't ask for your opinion). People choose themselves if they want to keep reading and following my blog or any other platform I write on. Mostly people do this for reasons that they agree with me or they are just curious and happy that this works for me. And I am very thankful for having this positive group of people following me! But I will not, and don't want to prove my points to anybody. This is simply my journey, what I've read that makes sense for me, what I'm trying with open eyes to work for me. Inspire others to see other ways that may also work for them. Nothing else.

I'm dunno, I'm not going to explain why a bird can fly. It just can and some birds and animals can't. My cat likes avocado, my old cat didn't. Everyone has their own preferences and benefits, I see it now.

Another thing my old friend said to me was:
"While you sit there and be upset I'm going to move on and spread love instead."
This may seem very selfish too haha, but this is what we should do with most of our energy. It made me stop moping and being angry with him, 'cause why should he have all the fun? I want love too! You choose what to feed. Not being upset over things, what s/he said, what that person thinks; while they do that and feed that negative energy, you could be doing something good for your soul. Like believing in your own truth no matter what others say.


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