hello 2014

The Holiday's passed by so fast that I've forgotten to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hope your holidays been filled with as little arguing with family as possible, much love, laughter and kindness!
It's been like a blog-fasting, moving energy to be with family and friends. Since Peter I met we've been spending the holidays in Sundsvall, mostly because of Peter's dying grandfather. But he passed away in spring - Haha, sounds like there's a "finally", but his grandfather's been bed bound for seven years, he deserves a final rest - and so we spent our very first Christmas and New Years Eve with my mother in Stockholm.
I didn't get to do all the things I planed, the weather was lousy (still is) and most things were closed or over crowded, but we managed to pack some bananas and travel to Fjärilshuset (The Butterfly House) were I failed to take some great shots with my new camera - YES, expect better and more pictures and videos from now on! (early birthday gift from myself).
I haven't been the best blogger this last year, not that I don't want to just that some tools have been missing, like a quality camera, to do the things I want to.
2014 I plan to charge and make a difference.
I hope you will like it and follow me on the way as I take this blog to the level I've always dreamt about.
Blogging as usual next week!


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Elisabeth wrote @ 10:24:14

Här har det också varit regnigt och mulet största delen av julen, hoppas på lite mer vinterväder nu i januari och inte bara gråmulet väder.
Hoppas du fick en riktigt bra start på det nya året! Ser väldigt mycket framemot att följa din blogg under 2014! :)