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 I'm a strong advocate of "always be on a detox", eating the right foods to make it easy for your body to self clean.
Sadly, for most, a Detox is something you do to compensate the bad. But trying to see the positive, that many people who go on a plant based detox do infact get inspired to incorporate more vegetables in their diet. It's all about the baby steps ;)
Now, just before New Years Eve there was a few health challenges/cleanses announced to start the coming year - Which I was about to write about, but excuse me for being a bit late on this. It doesn't really matter that some of these cleanses has just started, 'cause it all starts with You and your willpower to be open for change and see things differently.
Here are the different cleanses going on right now:
1. 21 Day FullyRaw Challenge by Fullyraw Kristina
Not judging, but I believe Kristina probably got inspired by Beyonce and Jay-Z's 22 day vegan challenge. As she talks in her video, it takes 21 days to build a habit, and she will be there for you every step of the way guiding you on her YouTube channel! I personally don't feel like going fully raw now in winter, but I may take up on the challenge in the summer. I feel the need to reboot myself with more fully raw days.
2. 30 Day Raw till 4 Challange by Freelee the Banana Girl
If you also can't see yourself eating salad and fruit throughout the winter this is for you! RT4 is what I usually do and been doing since the end of the summer, so there's no need for me to go on a 30 day challenge.
So speaking from experience, it is very easily doable. Breakfast and Lunch is the easiest mealtimes to be raw, you'll feel definitely lighter and more energized and won't fall into afternoon naps, which are very seductive now when it's dark around 2 o'clock!
3. Cycle of the Moon Cleanse by Angeladelaagua & Daughterofthesun_
A juice cleanse going parallel with the cycles of the moon. Very interesting and holistic, something to maybe try on my next juice cleanse. Check their website for more info and coming cleanses.
4. Fruity Freeze - A 30 day challenge by Tarah Shannon
Tarah lives in a cold climate (Canada), very similar to Sweden and wants to show you that you can indeed be fullyraw below 40°F! She created the challenge for everyone who is interested in trying a raw or raw till 4 lifestyle during the winter months.
5. The 5 Day Detox by Nikki Sharp
The detox I'm actually going to do, or well, I am doing it right now. Starting from today I'm eating low-glycemic vegan. I've followed Nikki for a while and felt to try something new. It's very different in the way that there's not really much fruit allowed. Right now I'm actually feeling my body adjusting from eating lightly to suddenly eating heavy for breakfast and dinner - tiredness kicking in.I even managed to drag my boyfriend into this, but he doesn't mind. He'll eat what's served ;)
Of course, there will be a review coming up when five days has gone!
So these are the clenases I know of!
Are you doing any detoxing after the holidays maybe doing any of the above?
I would love to know!


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