beginner's failure.

Just about a week ago I started my second course of Ashtanga Yoga. Unfortunately there wasn't many who signed up for the follow-up class - seemed like most from the beginners class wanted to redo it. I'm really not the repetitive type of person, so I chose a Mixed Mysore class.
I would describe myself as one that's been raised by instructional workout videos; without anyone to telling me what's next I wouldn't be able to tell you what to begin with.
Being led and doing your own thing has both its advantages and disadvantages.
I am pretty much lost without someone that leads me, but at the same time it's nice to do yoga in your own hurry, for I breathe quicker and more shallow than the average.
My first class of Mysore became muchof  a failure haha
As I don't remember all the steps and have only gone trough the beginners class and as I breathe quicker, I finished fast. And then there was the nervousness, trying to look at others and see where they're at, but standing up front didn't give me much advantage of that sight...
Maybe I shouldn't, but I feel a bit embarrassed. As you do when walking to the teacher, handing them the test first in class, because you didn't study. Yeah, it felt pretty much like that.
I know I will eventually be one of them who finish last at the end of this course, it's just a matter of repetition and studying the sequences.
Never give up.


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