But it' not Tuesday, it's not even Thursday, it's Friday! But I have plans for a theme of blog posts next week so this will only disturb my idea.
I've come across an awesome UK webshop that focuses on natural beauty. But what makes LoveLula different from the other webbshops we know of is that they not only have a beauty box subscription, but they also offer monthly beauty boxes without subscription! (Read: beauty boxes)
It's an awesome way to test new brands and things, and is just the kind of idea I've been thinking about that stores should do more often!
And it's Free WWD!
(click on one of the boxes for more info)
What do you think about beauty boxes like these?
Have you shopped at LoveLula before, your experience?
*This may sound like it I'm getting paid to post this, but haha I'm not that lucky... YET!

iHerb Haul

It hasn't really been a while since I ordered something from iHerb, it's just that I've had some issues. I wouldn't blame iHerb, they've been really sweet and refunded me for my lost package (including shipping and rewards) even though they shouldn't have to! The issue has been DHL (which has yet, months after, not answered my letter!). I ordered a package late October that never got delivered. Of course I had taken the cheaper shipping charge without any tracking or refund for that matter. At the same time I had read about another blogger getting her package but with three items missing and one destroyed. I'd actually like that much better than get my package missing and my money used for nothing. My conclusions are that DHL got it so destroyed to the point they couldn't deliver or it got stolen. Because there's at least records of it leaving iHerb to the hands of DHL.
I just think it's sad that delivering companies can't even at least admit and send apologies.
This whole took very long, because you have to wait 6 weeks before you can contact about a missing package, then the holidays came, and so on and so on.
But now I've reordered, this time with express shipping for 8$ just to be sure. Unfortunately I had to pay customs this time, which I've never had to do before when using the cheaper shipping even though I ordered under 300kr. I don't know how I will do in the future, 'cause I don't think iHerb will be as nice to me for a second lost package... and I really don't like to lose money! But anyway, after months of waiting I finally got me some iHerb stuff!
 I made some changes when I reordered, but it may  be fun to know what would have originally arrived:
Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Cacao Powder
Wisdom Natural SweetLeaf Stevia Concentrate
Eden Foods Organic Dulse Flakes
Great Eastern Sun Wakame
Indigo Wild ZumBar Goats Milk Soap Patchouli & Orange
I managed to buy some raw cacao powder else where. And then I swapped the natural Stevia for three flavors because it was a bit cheaper. I didn't get the wakame because I just changed my mind about them. The ZumBar I got really upset that most of the good scents where sold out when I wanted to order. I found a cheaper one though (Alaffia Shea & Rooibos Antioxidant Goat's Milk Soap), which seemed with even better ingredients, but because I wanted to stay below 300kr I had to set it aside.
Auromere, Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste, Foam-Free, Cardamom-Fennel Flavor
I'm starting to look into natural tooth care. Not that I feel that my teeths are starting to rotten from all the fruits I eat haha, but I've always felt that the tooth is a living thing that can repair itself. I hate doctors and dentists, and hope to never need to go to one. I'm planing on making a "natural tooth care"-post, so stay tuned!
This toothpaste isn't really what I was ideally after because it still contains glycerin. I'm not fond of Fennel flavor, but this was the only Foam-Free so to speak, and I want it to be as natural as possible. Other than that it seems to contain everything I look for in a natural toothpaste. Review will be up when I finish it!
- Of course I was thinking about buying EarthPaste, but to me it didn't have the oils and extracts that are good for overall gum and teeth health.
Wisdom Natural, SweetLeaf, Sweet Drops Vanilla Crème Engligh Toffee & Chocolate
I got a sample of Vanilla Creme just like these from HälsoKraft which lasted me - what felt like - ages. I didn't like it at first, I could really taste the bitterness in it, but the more I used it the more I got used to it. I still would want the natural taste bottle, but it's fun testing out other flavors too.
Eden Foods, Organic, Dulse Flakes
One thing I knew I had to reorder was the Dulse Flakes. Kimberly Snyder talks about them a lot, to throw into salads for when you want some salty taste. They smell and looks exactly like fish food but does definitely give that salty taste I'm after. I will probably use this quite frequently!
According to Kimberly, using Dulse is like adding pure hair mineralizer! Contains vitamins B6, B12, E and A, and is rich in iron, but also contains beauty minerals like: zinc, calcium, potassium and magnesium as well as iodine.
Cool thing to add into your daily diet in other words!
Aura Cacia, Organic, Tamanu Oil
Okay, I'm crazy about oils and you should see my growing oil collection!
Tamanu oil I've been eyeing on ever since PinksoFoxy introduced me to it in one of her videos. Somehow it got lost in the thoughts, just like Neem Oil, but now I'm finally trying it out!
Tamanu oil works a lot like Neem, it's good for people who battles with skin issues, but doesn't smell as bad.
Right now my skin is really seeing better days and I'm trying everything on earth to lighten and repair those nasty scars and red marks it has left me. Skin update soon - stay tuned!
Having good teeth often times starts with a healthy tongue!
I first looked at my local drugstores but all they were selling was plastic one-size, and for some reason plastic doesn't seem right. Dr Tung's were the most recommended one, so I bought two, one for me and one for Peter.
 I really like these, they are adjustable and made of steel, will probably last me years. I've just started with some oil pulling, but to do it right you should scrape your tongue afterwards, and now I can do that.
Well that's it for this time.
Have you tried any of these things I bought or are curious about some, your thoughts?
Tell me in the comments below!
And if you're thinking about shopping at iHerb and it's your first time I recommend you use this code: HWT271
It will give you $10 more to shop for on orders over $40 and up, or $5 off on smaller orders!
- If you live in Sweden I recommend staying below $45 (~300kr) to get away with customs!

proving points leads to emptiness.

Things I need to get off my chest that's kind of a daily struggle for me. I'm still learning to take distance from my beliefs and others, and I'm getting better. But because not everyone practice this, it can get a bit overwhelming.

Sometimes I get myself into situations I'm not really that comfortable with, you probably do it too. Not that I hate being wrong, no, I can take that, but just situations that makes it possible to get confrontation or another ones strong opinion isn't really what I'm always after when I speak my own truth.
'Cause that's what it is, we all often times speak from our own experiences, from what we have lived and learned.

Whenever I get into those conversations I always get reminded of what an old friend said to me when we were disagreeing:
"Well, you're only speaking by your Honesty/Truth, while mine, it's like religion."
It may seem a bit confusing to you and a bit selfish, but his sentence hit me on a deeper level than what he probably meant it to be, and it's been following me years after that.

It's hard for me to explain really, but in short it gets me to a state where I can see how that person with the opposite strong opinions can be right by his/hers means, and how I can be wrong but also right.
Unfortunately, many times, that person don't have my way of thinking and renders more emotions than is necessary. Strong opinions = own opinions, always have a lot of emotion behind them.

I try to avoid speaking from my own personal references, but at the same time I feel like I shouldn't have to. Why is it okay for others opinions to matter and be respected but not mine?
Is the really right thing to do to hold it all in? Or can someone out there see and understand what I mean, be inspired and/or take it like a human being?

When speaking from your personal experience it makes you right in your own senses, but it doesn't mean you're right by others. This seems, for many people, to big to grasp - you can't be right and wrong at the same time, either someone's right or someones wrong, is many peoples way of thinking.

Therefore I always try to point out in conversations by saying "I personally...", that I'm by no means am right in Your world, but that in My world it's the right thing to do, feel, behave or think. It's My religion, not necessarily yours. But feel free to be open, try for yourself, my truth can also be yours in time. As much as Your truth can become mine.

Do not judge. You always have a choice what to feel. Take what feels best but don't leave a build up of emotions behind for others to clean up. Be content with that not all hot topics and conversations should end up in one and other proving their point(s).
Leave it. If you think someone's wrong by your means than you obviously don't need to tell them that, especially if they didn't ask for your opinion.
Move on. If someone's stuck in their thinking they are not ready  to hear you out right now. So don't push your beliefs on others, show them instead, and be happy that what you think is right is working for You. Also, be just as happy for others who's find something that works for them, even though it's not what you would personally recommend!
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Side note:
This has been a thing I've been struggling with since changing my lifestyle. I've been that obnoxious person too, and I'm not proud to have been feeding that energy. Sometimes that person comes out, but most times I handle it quite well nowadays. Many times I've n been hit back coming across such persons, beeing judged on my blog, instagram, and other sites. Saying I'm ridicules to push people into such things and how the hell can I think everyone would benefit from being like me, and also people trying to prove I'm wrong with proving their point.
I'm now sorry if I've written such things on other blogs and I hope they understand I was just trying to open minds and tell the world what works for Me. Which is in a way perfectly normal for someone so young as me finding some kind of enlightenment. But nowadays I've grown and don't stand behind the one size fits all-approach.

The thing is, whatever I write on my blog is not to be judged or criticized (if I didn't ask for your opinion). People choose themselves if they want to keep reading and following my blog or any other platform I write on. Mostly people do this for reasons that they agree with me or they are just curious and happy that this works for me. And I am very thankful for having this positive group of people following me! But I will not, and don't want to prove my points to anybody. This is simply my journey, what I've read that makes sense for me, what I'm trying with open eyes to work for me. Inspire others to see other ways that may also work for them. Nothing else.

I'm dunno, I'm not going to explain why a bird can fly. It just can and some birds and animals can't. My cat likes avocado, my old cat didn't. Everyone has their own preferences and benefits, I see it now.

Another thing my old friend said to me was:
"While you sit there and be upset I'm going to move on and spread love instead."
This may seem very selfish too haha, but this is what we should do with most of our energy. It made me stop moping and being angry with him, 'cause why should he have all the fun? I want love too! You choose what to feed. Not being upset over things, what s/he said, what that person thinks; while they do that and feed that negative energy, you could be doing something good for your soul. Like believing in your own truth no matter what others say.

beginner's failure.

Just about a week ago I started my second course of Ashtanga Yoga. Unfortunately there wasn't many who signed up for the follow-up class - seemed like most from the beginners class wanted to redo it. I'm really not the repetitive type of person, so I chose a Mixed Mysore class.
I would describe myself as one that's been raised by instructional workout videos; without anyone to telling me what's next I wouldn't be able to tell you what to begin with.
Being led and doing your own thing has both its advantages and disadvantages.
I am pretty much lost without someone that leads me, but at the same time it's nice to do yoga in your own hurry, for I breathe quicker and more shallow than the average.
My first class of Mysore became muchof  a failure haha
As I don't remember all the steps and have only gone trough the beginners class and as I breathe quicker, I finished fast. And then there was the nervousness, trying to look at others and see where they're at, but standing up front didn't give me much advantage of that sight...
Maybe I shouldn't, but I feel a bit embarrassed. As you do when walking to the teacher, handing them the test first in class, because you didn't study. Yeah, it felt pretty much like that.
I know I will eventually be one of them who finish last at the end of this course, it's just a matter of repetition and studying the sequences.
Never give up.

wake up exercise

Reading Elisabeth's blog post of workout motivation with Blogilates reminded me of one workout video I've been wanting to share with you for quite some time.
I usually do this in the morning if I have time and/or as a warm up before yoga. Her pepp talk really gets me motivated and going for the day, and I just think her video is such a great way to start the day!
Tip: I usually make a playlist of my favorite workout videos from Youtube and do them in sequence. Because most videos are only 10 minutes this allows you to do a whole 20-40 minutes workout.

Nikki Sharp 5 Day Detox Review

I want to be real and honest with you so I'm going to start off with saying I didn't follow it fully through, other's would call it "cheating". But here's what I didn't do according to the detox:
1) I ate more fruit than "allowed" - About 3 Bananas & 3 Persimmons on an average a day, to give you an idea. Including other fruits like: lychee, cherries, pineapple, kiwis, etc.
2) I kept it low fat - I did not snack on any nuts during the detox which was a "snack option", and didn't add any to meals.
3) I did not complete every meal - Detoxes require early mornings, early mornings isn't what I always have. So breakfasts were eaten late which pushed the whole meal schedule to skip on a few dinners. And there was one day I just felt like eating fruit for dinner, which I then did.
4) I sometimes swapped Nikki's Detox Smoothie for Kimberly's GGS - It's greener, more fruity and less fat.
5) I ate more calories than was set up for the detox - "The 5 day detox is designed to provide a 500kcal/d deficit in women." Because I don't need this and I added the fruit I ate just the amount I felt for which also meant...
6) I did exercise during the detox - Nikki says to not do any heavy exercising while on the detox, but this refers mostly because of the 500kcal deficiency. Because I ate the amount of energy I required I could keep on with my HIIT and strength training.

So I think that's about it of my "cheating"... But the real question was, at least for me, can Nikki's fruitless detox benefit a plant based fruitarian like myself?

I went into it to test something new and different from the high fruit intake I've been brainwashed with, hoping to maybe learn something new. I must admit, this took a lot on my ego to do something "different" that was labeled "wrong". But I felt I had to prove to you that I'm not brainwashed, that I don't believe in an answer for all, that I'm not afraid to leave the fruit alone, and that I'm not so obsessed with being right from all the research I've done. I. Still. Question. Things.

Nikki Sharp is a gorgeous gal with a ass to die for. I haven't agreed all with her diet, though, there's a nagging wondering of how that detox can make abs appear with it being so fruitless and including fats. So I really wanted to try it for myself, even though I made it more of my own detox, the result wasn't much different and I came out of it a bit enlightened of the idea of more salads!

I know, I know, nothing revolutionary. But when you eat high fruit you kind of forget about the salads and the portion of salads you should be eating. I mean, it felt like when I started the raw food-thingy almost a year ago (oh my, time goes fast, have I've been a high raw foodist for a year soon?!), the passion, the infatuation for it. Yes, I feel as if I've found love again, especially for salads. It feels like it's pushed me on the right track again - and God forbid I'll ever admit I got off it at some point...

So to answer my own question: Can a fruitarian benefit from going fruitless (or at least eat less fruit)?
In what way will a fruitarian benefit?
Fruits are powerful detoxifying food, they truly are. But vegetables do clean in a more high fiber way. It is my opinion that both are equally needed. A Gorilla's diet consists of 40% leafy greens, and while eating more vegetables I must agree upon that more greens makes such a huge difference in the digestive track. (Poo-talk WARNING:) Like, the first days I felt like I spent much more time in the toilette than usual, but in a good way - I haven't had that since the end of summer. It was like my body was telling me that I should really take a few steps back to when I started this thing. I did right back than, now I'm just spinning off.
Combining the juicy-high-water-but-with-fiber-fruits with the fiber-packing-less-watery-vegetables makes for a powerful cleanse (especially poo-wise). Remember, you shouldn't really have to wipe down there.

The detox will also benefit you who feel a bit lost or feel like you're going off track. It's a great tool to get inspired again and adding more greens into your diet.
For the rest non-frutarians out there: If it helped me, it surely will help you get on track on healthy eating habits!

A week after the detox I still see myself taking on that spiralizer I bought when starting raw food that has been lying untouched since the summer because I found myself hating zucchini. Now I use it to spirlize carrots and beets for easier chewiness. And I even see myself eating salads for lunch(!) and dinner. It has become much like: 40% salads and 55% fruit and 5% fat, instead of the old: 70-85% fruit/carbs, 10-35% salads and 5% fat. (This is not micronutrient based, just overall daily mass)
And I'm still feeling great and energized.
Before I forget, about the recipes and the whole book itself!
I have both the 2nd and 3rd edition and I must say I like them both, even if the last one is clearly more structured. The book is written very pedagogically, and very structured so it is very easy to follow and make things in advance. You have like a schedule for all days that tells you what to make and eat.
- I recommend soaking and cooking a batch of quinoa before hand, it will make the cooking go a lot faster.
I also like having a shopping list, but I do recall a few "typos" in it, 'cause I ended anyway back in the store to stock up on more after two days.
The recipes themselves are actually very delicious and very fulfilling. After lunch you won't actually feel like snacking!
My favorite of the bunch is "I Love Superfood Salad", which is lunch for the first day; a mix of kale, carrots, beets with black beans, I've eaten it like two times already after the detox! And my boyfriend loves it equally, mixing it up with different oil-free dressing from Kimberly Snyder.
So to the actual...
You probably can't tell the difference, but...
Before: Bloated from all that holiday food. Too much good bread, nuts and chocolate.
After: Cleansed track and looking more defined. But I have a little way more to go if I'd like to look like I did at the end of the summer.
Last pic: Oh, now I'm just showing off my hard work... What's the point in having abs if you're not going to show them off, right?! They're probably only going to be there until I screw up again.
I'm definitely going to try the detox again, and maybe this time follow it more throughly, maybe waking up at 8 at least :P According to Nikki, this is something she does once a month, and if that is what it takes for some to eat clean then that's great!
But this just proves that you can get the same results even with a little more fruits and less fat in the detox. Maybe Nikki sees this and gets inspired to change a few things ^^ *crossing fingers* But I don't know, she just released her 3rd Edition so it will take a while.
Nikki Sharp hasn't studied nutrition or similar, so her diet advise should be taken with wide eyes. But on other hand, so should a doctors advise be taken too...
I'm now going to take a little break but hoping to finally try Kimberly Snyder's Detox Solution for real. I've only tried some of the recipes but not fully stuck out for the "cleanse" so to speak. Hoping to do that before my one year vegan anniversary ^^
Any questions, I'm happy to answer!
Check out Nikki's Instagram HERE
Check out her blog, buy the detox and other e-books HERE
The best study is you!
Listen to your body and go carb up or go fruit yourself!

dietary recommendations

Please keep on spreading this video!

my beauty favorites 2013

This year I've really gone through a lot of creams and potions. In the end I must say that it wasn't easy to bring you an ensemble of favorite. Not that I have so many, quite the opposite. When I really think about it, not much has really impressed me. But that may and may not be because, well my face, it's better, but I still have problems with it.
I wish there would be some more make up related things in my favorites, but as said: 1) My face hasn't been the prettiest in make up 2) We'll leave it to be one of my new years resolutions and do a make over in my make up bag to contain more natural stuff.
Let's jump right into the categories!
Raw Gaia Skin Divinty Cleansing Spray
You should see my bathroom, it's full of different facial cleansers that I'm trying to use up, but the only one that actually felt nice and kind was the little sample from Raw Gaia. I was pretty sad to use it up so quickly without even trying. It also gets a bonus point for being revolutionary and creative with it being a "Spray Cleanser" - how many cleansers are actually in spray format? And doesn't have to be washed off?! I rest my case.
Other favorites in this category that impressed:
Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm
+ Cleansing Cloth
 One that I always fall back to but isn't that natural:
Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Skin Wash
Salcura Antiac + DIY
I'm still discussing if toners really are necessary and important in your skincare routine, but I've found two that really works on calming the face. I never did repurchase the Antiac, but I feel as if I should. I loved the minty eucalyptus smell, and it did a good job in calming down my redness, and a bonus: it is all natural!
I've lately seen that they've released a new one and updated version, if this one is supposed replace the old formula I don't know, but I hope not. The old had a very little ingredient list with names I could pronounce and imagine in front of me. The new on the other hand, has a very long list with things like: Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprylate, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate and Alcohol Denat. high up in the list. Doesn't really matter if they are safe or not, if I can't imagine it in front of me, it can't be good. And having alcohol denat so high up in the list... What the #€&% are they thinking when trying to treat acne?!
Therefore, on shared first place comes the DIY toner. I make mine ever week out of organic Chamomile Tea and a few drops of Lavender Tea Tree Oil. It's calming, good for redness, cheap and no nasties. But don't forget to change the water or it'll do the quite opposite!
Raw Gaia Hemp Heaven
Or any Raw Gaia moisturizer for that matter. I love the smell and that a little goes a long way. It doesn't seem to irritate my skin and 100% natural with ingredients you can pronounce!
A year ago I was experimenting with oils but not did I believe I would become so anti towards commercial brands.
It has gone to that point that I can't even imagine myself using that old white stuff in the face, even if it comes from a natural brand for me it has become quite fake and not even close and powerful as to what I'm using now. Oils and fats has become my #1 treatment for skin and I love slathering them on and massaging them in. It's all become quite an art from, really.
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel
Why I have a picture of Pai's Rosehip Mask is like a big picture typo! It should be Juice Beauty's full strength mask!
I've tried REN's Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask which is very similar in the way they work, but I liked JB's better. I don't use it often, but when I do I definitly notice a diference in skin texture the next morning! And that's somewhat important for me when it comes to masks, to actually feel a difference right after.
Estelle & Thild Micro Scrub Lily
I've tested a few scrubs in my life to know that the best ones come in micro formats. The smaller the beads the smoother the result will be. I really like this one also for it's hydrating properties.

Neem oil
Seriously, move away Argan, Coconut, Rosehip and all other oils that has been hyped to the teeth, 'cause they don't even contain Half of the magic as this smelly oil has!
I haven't used it for that long actually, it just popped up this December and because of the fast and visible results I had with it it became clearly the winner oil of the year!
It has a con though, as you may know, it smells of bad onion. I'm still working on the "masking the smell", but right now it's only resulted in the opposite face: quite irritated and red.
But at the moment I'd rather have a smell face than a ugly one hehe
Monoi Tiki Thaiti Vanilla Coconut Oil
It makes me soft and smell like a cupcake on a tropical island.
I don't use it on the winter 'cause I want it to always remind me of hot summer days.
I usually get quite sick and tired of vanilla smelling scents but this one makes me want to buy both the soap and perfume version! Hoping to play with it with some future DIY skincare too!
Korres Lip Butter
You want to believe it's all natural but unfortunately it is not. But in a weird way, of all the lip balms I've tested (Hurraw, Naked, EOS, Burt's Bees) this kind of takes the lead. Maybe I'll change my mind someday, but right now in winter it's my go-to.
Nonique Anti-Aging Hand Cream
To be honest, any hand cream will do, but this one has been following me in my purse and so it's the clear winner. I like that it doesn't have strong smell, it goes away quickly (not like Rosenserien and Dessert Essence that lingers on quite strong). Also, always fun with super ingredients like Noni and Acai for good a good price.
Rosenserien Deodorant
I made my own, which resulted in fiery red armpit holes, but dry they were. Both me and my boyfriend actually has stopped using deodorant, but certain occasions are in need of being confident, and there's were this one comes in. I got a sweet deal on this, that otherwise is quite expensive for a deo. I'm not fond of the rosy smell, so next time I will try the more "sporty"-one.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
2013 was really a massive skin care year so I apologize for the lack of make up, which I'm hoping to update and invest in for this year. All of that testing and trying did upset my skin, but thanks to all of the guidelines from researching and of course You guys, my skin is finally seeing better days and so I'm getting more confident to try on some natural make up.

yoga for digestion

Doing my last day of the detox - which I must admit, I haven't fully commit to - I get reminded of one thing I wanted to post during the holidays. If you follow me on Facebook and Google+ you've been allerted, but I totally forgot to post it here.
When ever I feel a bit constipated or have eaten some of the "bad" foods on the list I turn to this simple and quick yoga rutine by Tara Stiles.

eat clean challenge

 I'm a strong advocate of "always be on a detox", eating the right foods to make it easy for your body to self clean.
Sadly, for most, a Detox is something you do to compensate the bad. But trying to see the positive, that many people who go on a plant based detox do infact get inspired to incorporate more vegetables in their diet. It's all about the baby steps ;)
Now, just before New Years Eve there was a few health challenges/cleanses announced to start the coming year - Which I was about to write about, but excuse me for being a bit late on this. It doesn't really matter that some of these cleanses has just started, 'cause it all starts with You and your willpower to be open for change and see things differently.
Here are the different cleanses going on right now:
1. 21 Day FullyRaw Challenge by Fullyraw Kristina
Not judging, but I believe Kristina probably got inspired by Beyonce and Jay-Z's 22 day vegan challenge. As she talks in her video, it takes 21 days to build a habit, and she will be there for you every step of the way guiding you on her YouTube channel! I personally don't feel like going fully raw now in winter, but I may take up on the challenge in the summer. I feel the need to reboot myself with more fully raw days.
2. 30 Day Raw till 4 Challange by Freelee the Banana Girl
If you also can't see yourself eating salad and fruit throughout the winter this is for you! RT4 is what I usually do and been doing since the end of the summer, so there's no need for me to go on a 30 day challenge.
So speaking from experience, it is very easily doable. Breakfast and Lunch is the easiest mealtimes to be raw, you'll feel definitely lighter and more energized and won't fall into afternoon naps, which are very seductive now when it's dark around 2 o'clock!
3. Cycle of the Moon Cleanse by Angeladelaagua & Daughterofthesun_
A juice cleanse going parallel with the cycles of the moon. Very interesting and holistic, something to maybe try on my next juice cleanse. Check their website for more info and coming cleanses.
4. Fruity Freeze - A 30 day challenge by Tarah Shannon
Tarah lives in a cold climate (Canada), very similar to Sweden and wants to show you that you can indeed be fullyraw below 40°F! She created the challenge for everyone who is interested in trying a raw or raw till 4 lifestyle during the winter months.
5. The 5 Day Detox by Nikki Sharp
The detox I'm actually going to do, or well, I am doing it right now. Starting from today I'm eating low-glycemic vegan. I've followed Nikki for a while and felt to try something new. It's very different in the way that there's not really much fruit allowed. Right now I'm actually feeling my body adjusting from eating lightly to suddenly eating heavy for breakfast and dinner - tiredness kicking in.I even managed to drag my boyfriend into this, but he doesn't mind. He'll eat what's served ;)
Of course, there will be a review coming up when five days has gone!
So these are the clenases I know of!
Are you doing any detoxing after the holidays maybe doing any of the above?
I would love to know!

hello 2014

The Holiday's passed by so fast that I've forgotten to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hope your holidays been filled with as little arguing with family as possible, much love, laughter and kindness!
It's been like a blog-fasting, moving energy to be with family and friends. Since Peter I met we've been spending the holidays in Sundsvall, mostly because of Peter's dying grandfather. But he passed away in spring - Haha, sounds like there's a "finally", but his grandfather's been bed bound for seven years, he deserves a final rest - and so we spent our very first Christmas and New Years Eve with my mother in Stockholm.
I didn't get to do all the things I planed, the weather was lousy (still is) and most things were closed or over crowded, but we managed to pack some bananas and travel to Fjärilshuset (The Butterfly House) were I failed to take some great shots with my new camera - YES, expect better and more pictures and videos from now on! (early birthday gift from myself).
I haven't been the best blogger this last year, not that I don't want to just that some tools have been missing, like a quality camera, to do the things I want to.
2014 I plan to charge and make a difference.
I hope you will like it and follow me on the way as I take this blog to the level I've always dreamt about.
Blogging as usual next week!