The Saltwater Rinse

Of all these months of starting the day with warm water lemon tea and eating oranges for breakfast, I wish someone would have tipped me of this simple thing to do to balance out the ph in the mouth.
Would I've been a bit more stubborn in finding a way to neutralize the acidity, maybe I would have known by now. But as they say, better late than never, right?
When I first read about all the steps you should do for the teeth, it all got a bit overwhelming. Like, who's got the time to do all that both morning and evening?! But then you start taking the baby steps, and the first thing I did was to fill a jar with some himalayan salt and water and put by my basin. If everything else feels like a total time consumer, do this at least.
Saltwater works perfectly as a natural mouthwash, or any high mineral like baking soda, to neutralize the ph in the mouth and to kill bacteria who likes it acid. Saltwater rinses may even promote healing in cases of pain and soreness.
It's also good to do the saltwater rinse with a syringe, where you flush the deep pockets of the gum line. Too extreme for you? I believe your doctor can always to it for you.
If you're out of toothpaste a saltwater rinse cane even be enough. In a perfect world you would do it the first thing in the morning, the last thing before bed and after every meal. But just by incorporating it in your usual toothbrushing regime will keeps your mouth neutral and bacteria-free, and add good minerals to your teeth.
I've never used mouthwashes on a regular basis. I always thought they were for people with bad breaths, and I that they were just another expense for people to make money on.
I've been using saltwater now for almost a month and it's not the greatest taste but it does a quick job in neutralize the taste after my lemonwater. And it's so inexpensive. Hopefully I will go further with adding special essential oils to it.


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