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 As of this year I will focus more on natural makeup!
Since early winter 2012 I went through a skincare detox in a mission to find something that actually works for acne. Oh yes, I seriously believed acne could be cured or at least be handled with the right kind of skincare products, but of course I found this to not be the case.
I wouldn't say I regret all of my testing, but it sure didn't make my skin happy being introduced to a new face wash every other month, no matter how gentle it's supposed to be.
But now after a year of trying out different oils and products I've settled down for the few methods that relates to my simplicity and mantra that less is more. Both ingredient- and price-wise. Yes, I'm utterly sure I will look fourty when I'm sixty, and all thanks to some cheap products nature gave us.
But back to why I have a bunch of makeup lying on my table! (Phoeb's wondering too apparently)
You see, I put all of my focus into skincare that I forgot to detox my makeup bag.
I've been foundation-free since December 2013 - or three months iow, sounds so fancy when you say it in years - when my bareMinerals Matte came to its last grains of sand, but this doesn't mean I have some healthy alternatives when I feel like painting!
So I put every powdery thing I have and researched them, and unfortunately even the best of them, like my beloved Mineral Eyeshadow quad with neutrals from MAC (use it pretty daily), was listed as a "Throw Away and Never Look Back"-item. It still hurts.
Most of these things I've had for years, counting back to eight!
And honestly, I haven't used them that much. Well, that explain why they've lasted me so long!
Why do we sometimes hold on to make up? In my case it's mostly been, "When I get a pretty face I will be able to wear it..." Sounds familiar? Maybe in the sentence, "When I weigh x kilos I will be able to wear..."
Bronzers and Highlighters goes into this category.
Then there's things that I've gotten and things I think is just frekking pretty but won't wear it daily, this includes: Mac Eyeshadows Honey Lust (Golden) and Humid (Green); gifted and discontinued Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows in Raisin (Shimmery Plum) and Bone (Nudes); and yes I bought it pricey, Smashbox Eyeshadow in Torch.
Then there is a lot of Laura Mercier taking space at the table. When I was young I got told that mineral foundation would be good for someone with troubled skin. At the time there wasn't many labels playing with minerals and the word on the street was that LM was the Best. The only place you could get your hands on some LM was at NK in Stockholm, but I practically begged my mom's friend who lives in the US to buy me some for little less money. - Same friend who gave me the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows.
I've used up the foundation but still have a little left of the finishing powder which has come in handy when using liquids; half left of their highlighter in Candlelight which I've mostly used as an eyeshadow or brow bone highlighter, it is actually a very beautiful glittery pink beige color; their bronzer in Warm Bronze both travel and sample size, very beautiful glittery bronze that I've also used as eyeshadow for I've never really seen the point or learned how to sculpt; gifted ugly eyeshadow in Steel Shining, should have thrown it away a long time ago.
Well all of these and more should be put in the trash for it either contains Bismuth, Silica, Parabens, Silicones, and more that I try to avoid.
I write should because some things I can't see myself be parted with until I find similar or perfect dupes.
I'm still on the fence of LM products, 'cause they do contain some seductive ingredients like: Pearl Powder, Diamond Powder, Emerald, Nephrite Powder, Ruby Powder, Moonstone Powder, Quartz, Topaz - Highlighter;
Pearl Powder, Avena Sative (Oat) Kernal Flour, Silver, Silybum Marianum (Milk Thistle) Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Extract, Copper - Finishing Powder.

Ah, you tell me what to think, thow or hold?


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Malin/Bilboblueyes wrote @ 16:24:21

Du kan ju börja leta efter ersättningar och slänga allt eftersom du hittar något nytt du gillar. Har du kollat in Silk Naturals? Har massa saker till bra pris. Ögonskuggor ligger runt 35 kr. Lite blandat med innehållet, men överlag ok. Frakten till Sverige ligger på 70 kr men slår man ut det på hur billiga produkterna är så kan det ju vara värt det. Jag har inte recenserat så mycket av dem, men det finns en blogg som heter Junes Abstract där du kan hitta mycket. Hon fotar också sina sminkningar. Sen kan du ju också kolla in Lily lolo som finns på vissa apotek så man kan kolla färgerna i verkligheten. Lycka till och skynda långsamt.;-)

Svar: Tack för tipsen! :)Jag hittade precis Skin Naturals för bara några få dagar sen genom någon blogg och blev riktigt överraskad över hur billigt det är och hur många olika nyanser! Nästan på gränsen till för mycket haha Gillade att de har kopierat UD's Naked Palettes som jag varit väldigt intresserad av men inte vågat köpa just för att de är inte så där himla rena. Ska kolla upp bloggen du nämnde!
Håller på och beställer lite prover från olika märken och Lily Lolo är på listan, men jag hade ingen aning om att de ska finnas på diverse apotek? Får kolla upp det där, men jag är lite osäker att jag finner något i denna lilla stad jag bor i.
Ja, allting börjar med små steg! :)

Jenny wrote @ 18:22:18

Kolla in ..dom har bra priser och gratis frakt!
Sedan så finns det ....jättebra priser och frakten är $0.25 , men deras "handling" går på $5 med.. men det är ju ändå inget! och jag fick mitt efter typ 5 dgr.

Svar: Åh har faktiskt beställt lite prover från Tikei! The All Natural Face måste jag kolla up! Känns lite bekant, säkert någon som bloggat om det. Tack så mycket för tipset! :)