Gum Lines

TePe Interspace
Now when we come to step five it all can get a bit overwhelming like, "Really, should I do all of this in the morning and at night? Who has the time?!" Don't fear. Yes, for a successful self-dentistry, it would be advised to do this all both morning and day, but if you can't it's not the whole world. But it saves money in return.
I feel like this step is being a bit ignored with being so short. Probably people who have had braces are more used to using a sulcabrush, but this should be practiced by anyone.
With a Sulcabrush you can check between your teeth for any remaining plaque that the toothbrush couldn't reach. Use it both on both sides of the gum lines. Here you can also use an essential oil blend for healthy gums to make this more potent.
Step five isn't something I have adopted yet, but probably will in the future. The brush is inexpensive and will make a great add to your normal routine. I keep adressing "essential oil mix" quite a bit, don't worry, I will talk about this in step eight!


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