Dental Health Month

When planning to do this theme I almost hoped and had a feeling I would stumble and do it just in the right time. And I'm happy I did.
February is the Dental Health month, or to be more exact: National Children's Dental Health Month (in the US). I believe there's something about dentistry in October too, and in Sweden we have "Munhälsodagen" 13th September.

Anyway, since starting eating Raw one of the biggest concerns when I read about the side effects was rotting teeth from all the fruit juices, there was also hair loss and nerve damage because of B12 deficiency. But one of my biggest fears is actually losing my teeth.

It's funny, when I started this thing I began with eating oranges for breakfast...
But a background story first: I have one of the most sensitive gums out there, because of excessive use of whiting toothpaste. I was young and stupid and didn't know or realize they shouldn't be used daily. And my teeth wasn't even yellow!
Most of my childhood I had to stay away from candy, hard, gelly-like and anything fudge would make my teeth and gums hurt. Even too much milk chocolate!
I've been using a regular toothbrush until three years back. My teeth started to hurt to the extent that I couldn't even brush them, not even lightly. I went to two different dentists and asked for advise, both couldn't find anything wrong, saying I have perfect teeth and gums. Advised me though to change to an electric toothbrush and use toothpaste for sensitive teeth, because it looked like I was unconsciously pressing the brush too hard, especially on the right side (right handed) where I would have the most pain.
Since the switch I can brush without pain, but I still can't eat  candy like most people. And every time I switch toothpaste brands there's a transition of pain until my mouth accustoms to the new formula.

Back to the funny thing!
You would believe that if I can't eat sweets like candy, how about all that fruit acid? Shouldn't it hurt?
After months of eating oranges for breakfast I still didn't even feel the slightest sensitivity. Actually, quite the opposite, I felt my gums becoming more healthy.
But then there has been ups and downs, which I won't lie about. We stopped eating oranges because it became too pricey, and the non-organic ones has it written on the box what they are treated with and we became a bit put off. Fast forwarding, after a break from oranges and citrus, when trying it again, both Peter and I felt a slight tingle in the teeth. But after a few more tries we can eat them just like before.

Also, I have a hole in one of my front teeth that is slightly visible for the naked eye. (I'm probably the only one who cares about it)
My dentist doesn't want to fix it, because it is too small and if I take care of my teeth, flossing and such, it won't grow any bigger. But of course, because I can see it daily, it bugs me.
Now, I wish I made some before and after photos, and you are allowed to call me crazy. I've had that hole for like forever (probably since I was fifteen), since switching diet - I swear - that hole is looking noticeably smaller!
I actually hoped that by the way I eat I could somehow heal it. My idea was and still is, that digestion starts in the mouth, and whatever you have in your mouth will also be absorbed. So all that nutrients I'm about to chew will become absorbed and used to nourish my teeth. That's how I saw it when I started this raw food journey.

I don't see my teeth rotting anytime soon, but the idea of what you put in your mouth gets absorbed by your tongue and teeth is extending to the point that I'm starting now to really take action and looking into what holistic alternatives there is for Dental Health. Taking baby steps, learning as I go.

OBS: The following themed posts on Dental Care are in no way sponsored. I wish they was, because it has changed my whole vision on oral hygiene, and some products I would love to test and give you discounts on!
I don't know more than what I've read on the subject and I should of course not be taken as serious as a doctor.
This is my 10 Steps and Tricks to Successful Natural Self-Dentistry.


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