makeup detox

 As of this year I will focus more on natural makeup!
Since early winter 2012 I went through a skincare detox in a mission to find something that actually works for acne. Oh yes, I seriously believed acne could be cured or at least be handled with the right kind of skincare products, but of course I found this to not be the case.
I wouldn't say I regret all of my testing, but it sure didn't make my skin happy being introduced to a new face wash every other month, no matter how gentle it's supposed to be.
But now after a year of trying out different oils and products I've settled down for the few methods that relates to my simplicity and mantra that less is more. Both ingredient- and price-wise. Yes, I'm utterly sure I will look fourty when I'm sixty, and all thanks to some cheap products nature gave us.
But back to why I have a bunch of makeup lying on my table! (Phoeb's wondering too apparently)
You see, I put all of my focus into skincare that I forgot to detox my makeup bag.
I've been foundation-free since December 2013 - or three months iow, sounds so fancy when you say it in years - when my bareMinerals Matte came to its last grains of sand, but this doesn't mean I have some healthy alternatives when I feel like painting!
So I put every powdery thing I have and researched them, and unfortunately even the best of them, like my beloved Mineral Eyeshadow quad with neutrals from MAC (use it pretty daily), was listed as a "Throw Away and Never Look Back"-item. It still hurts.
Most of these things I've had for years, counting back to eight!
And honestly, I haven't used them that much. Well, that explain why they've lasted me so long!
Why do we sometimes hold on to make up? In my case it's mostly been, "When I get a pretty face I will be able to wear it..." Sounds familiar? Maybe in the sentence, "When I weigh x kilos I will be able to wear..."
Bronzers and Highlighters goes into this category.
Then there's things that I've gotten and things I think is just frekking pretty but won't wear it daily, this includes: Mac Eyeshadows Honey Lust (Golden) and Humid (Green); gifted and discontinued Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows in Raisin (Shimmery Plum) and Bone (Nudes); and yes I bought it pricey, Smashbox Eyeshadow in Torch.
Then there is a lot of Laura Mercier taking space at the table. When I was young I got told that mineral foundation would be good for someone with troubled skin. At the time there wasn't many labels playing with minerals and the word on the street was that LM was the Best. The only place you could get your hands on some LM was at NK in Stockholm, but I practically begged my mom's friend who lives in the US to buy me some for little less money. - Same friend who gave me the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows.
I've used up the foundation but still have a little left of the finishing powder which has come in handy when using liquids; half left of their highlighter in Candlelight which I've mostly used as an eyeshadow or brow bone highlighter, it is actually a very beautiful glittery pink beige color; their bronzer in Warm Bronze both travel and sample size, very beautiful glittery bronze that I've also used as eyeshadow for I've never really seen the point or learned how to sculpt; gifted ugly eyeshadow in Steel Shining, should have thrown it away a long time ago.
Well all of these and more should be put in the trash for it either contains Bismuth, Silica, Parabens, Silicones, and more that I try to avoid.
I write should because some things I can't see myself be parted with until I find similar or perfect dupes.
I'm still on the fence of LM products, 'cause they do contain some seductive ingredients like: Pearl Powder, Diamond Powder, Emerald, Nephrite Powder, Ruby Powder, Moonstone Powder, Quartz, Topaz - Highlighter;
Pearl Powder, Avena Sative (Oat) Kernal Flour, Silver, Silybum Marianum (Milk Thistle) Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Extract, Copper - Finishing Powder.

Ah, you tell me what to think, thow or hold?


Unlike a toothbrush, which cleans the tops and outer surfaces of the teeth and gums, floss is an interdental cleaner which is made specifically to clean efficiently the tight spaces between the teeth and the gap between the base of the teeth and the gums. These are places that a regular toothbrush cannot reach. And while mouthwash can kill the bacteria that form plaque, it can't remove the stubborn bits of food that can lodge in these places.
There's actually quite a bit controversy about flossing. Some say it's a must, others say it could actually harm you (from moving bacteria around).
I still think flossing is a must, for since I've started flossing my Doctor has complimented me for it - so I know it works!
What's the best flossing-tool out there?
Personal preference. I like Plackers Twin. I have it very tight between my teeth and this is the only one that comes between and doesn't hurt me. And I love the double thread where the debris just get stuck.
But there's many praises for the Dr Tungs Smart Floss, which I haven't tried yet.
Addressing the issue of bacteria spreading, I believe this could be fixed with the EO blend that will finally be revealed in the next step! Putting a few drops of antibacterial substance can infact not only stop bacteria from spreading but also nourish your gums.

Frozen Strawberry Breakfast

About 0.5L/2 Cups
2 dl Vanilla Milk (Any nut- or oatmilk will do + vanilla extract)
Frozen Organic Strawberries
Frozen Organic Bananas
Frozen Pineapple
1-2 Organic Kiwi
+ Ripe Banana
Goji Berries
Fresh Shredded Coconut meat
Organic Rolled Oats
Chopped banana
Diced Mango
- Blend all of the ingredients into desired consistency, putting the frozen things first with the milk.
- Pour into a bowl and add the final touches.

- Let the frozen fruits lay out a few minutes before, so they won't get stuck in the blender. If you have a Vitamix or other high speed blender, ignore this.
- Of course you can add a bit of spinach into this blend to make it even more healthy!

Maybe the weather doesn't really call for frozen food if you live in Sweden, so if you don't feel like the sorbet-consistency, this could of course be done with fresh instead of frozen fruit! Depending on how big your blender or food processor is and how much you want, I usually just take about a fist of the strawberries and then a bit more of the pineapples. Now, I do put a fresh ripe banana in there also to smoothen out the consistency, therefore I will put a little less of the frozen bananas.
The last couple of weeks I've been indulging in this breakfast and feeling quite satisfied and happy. I must warn you, the taste is very addictive! But if you still feel hungry after this, you probably haven't carbed up, so add another banana!
I love having Goji berries in frozen things, they get all crunchy and pulverize in your mouth.
It's kind of a heavy job, but I do recommend making your own batch of fresh shredded coconut which you'll have in the freezer, and at least the shredding part becomes so easy and fast with a food processor!

Gum Lines

TePe Interspace
Now when we come to step five it all can get a bit overwhelming like, "Really, should I do all of this in the morning and at night? Who has the time?!" Don't fear. Yes, for a successful self-dentistry, it would be advised to do this all both morning and day, but if you can't it's not the whole world. But it saves money in return.
I feel like this step is being a bit ignored with being so short. Probably people who have had braces are more used to using a sulcabrush, but this should be practiced by anyone.
With a Sulcabrush you can check between your teeth for any remaining plaque that the toothbrush couldn't reach. Use it both on both sides of the gum lines. Here you can also use an essential oil blend for healthy gums to make this more potent.
Step five isn't something I have adopted yet, but probably will in the future. The brush is inexpensive and will make a great add to your normal routine. I keep adressing "essential oil mix" quite a bit, don't worry, I will talk about this in step eight!

Polish The Teeth

 February is a fast month and it's closing in! If I'm going to make my 10 steps and tips on oral hygiene before the end of this month I better get to it!

Baking soda (bicarbonate - I'll put this in here because I used to think it meant for baking powder) as probably most of you know is used as a natural whitener, not only in DIY but also in regular toothpastes. But as we also know, regular toothpaste contains more chemicals than good old water and baking soda.

I've only brushed with baking soda for a couple of weeks, and I'm also putting my hubby to the test, because he's got some pretty yellow teeth that could benefit from some polish...
I've definitely seen some whitening happen in my lower jaw where they look more yellow. I also do love the clean feel after brushing, it can't compare with toothpaste.
Baking soda has been shown to neutralize acids in the mouth, which reduces the amount of acid-loving bacteria that cause cavities; it's high in alkaline minerals just like our saltwater mouthwash.
There's different sources saying whether it's safe to use baking soda everyday or occasionally; many doctors say it's too abrasive to be used regularly. I myself, see it from a personal view, I've got pretty sensitive teeth and so I rather take caution to this. Some sources say you should start with one time per week, and then build it up. But for the last couple of weeks I've felt fine with once per week, just as I only scrub my face once a week.
I'm not really recommending how often you should brush with baking soda, that's personal, except that you should try it.
You could also just dry brush with an electrical toothbrush and to make it even more potent add a few drops essential oils for healthy gums.

Do you use baking soda regularly in your routine?
How often do you brush with it?
Anyone had a bad reaction to it?

ionic toothbrush

   I learned about ionic toothbrushes a month ago but haven't really yet dared to invest in one.
It's a Japanese invention (of course of course...) and some sources say they've been using this device for ages, and it's time for it to hit the west and save us on toothpaste!
It will save you money and maybe save the planet, but I'm still a bit bumbed out that you have to replace the toothbrushes every 3-6 months. So it's not totally a non-waste product.
The bacteria in plaque and food produces acid. Normally your saliva will neutralize the acid, but as plaque and bacteria builds up it acts like a barrier and prevents the neutralization.
Soladey's ionic toothbrush has a photosensitive titanium rod inside, which converts light into negative ions. When exposed to both natural or artificial light, it releases negative ions and mixed with the saliva, those electrons will attract the positive ions of the acidity in a way that the plaque will be disintegrated.

All you need is light and saliva, but it can be good to have water in hand.
Wet the brush and start brushing the tongue from the back to the tip. You may see discoloration on the bristles from the bacteria, make sure you rinse bristles with water repeatedly to remove this film.
When you feel your tongue is clean you can start working on the teeth.
Brush lightly - unlike a conventional toothbrush, you do not need to brush with force, the saliva is doing most of the work.
Side note: It's good to take in that there's a lymphatic system in your mouth, while brushing the traditional way (back and forth) is okay, try brushing lightly from the gums to the end of the teeth on both sides, starting from the back and working your way to the front.
Make sure you clean the rod after each use. End with a natural mouthwash like the saltwater rinse.

Getting interested?
I know that I would love to know if any of you guys are using an ionic toothbrush, but no matter if you have or haven't I would love to hear your thoughts on it! offers more info and where you can buy it.
Sweden - Balansbutiken & info on where to buy in real stores)
EU: Rawliving (gives 10% on your first order!)

Pamper Day

My boyfriend isn't really in for international commercial days, hell, he's not even into birthdays! So usually, the only one I send love to is my mom, the one and only who actually care and who's been buying me cute little teddies when growing up. I think it's a big misconception that Valentine's Day is only for couples. For me it's about expressing love to your nearest with an international reason, so to speak.
When I was fourteen-fifteen I took this day to the next level and started to also show love for Me, by always having Spa Day and relax with my mom. We would take bubble baths, put on chocolate face masks, eat chocolate, watch some romantic movie and just take care of our bodies and showing appreciation.

If you think about it, 14th February is actually quite good for this kind of thing. I don't know about you, but I haven't shaved my legs since October, and because of the dry weather I rarely even take a hot shower 'cause I don't want that dry and ruff skin. It's been too dark and too cold to even put an effort on feeling beautiful. But now it's all changing, it's getting lighter and warmer, spring is just a month away! This is a good time to do some "spring cleaning" and take a day off to detox and just come back to oneself and nature.
Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower, Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash & YES! Water based Lubricant

As the years go by and as you grow up, you learn more and more about health and balance, and so I've added a few new things this year you can do on this "Pamper Day" as I call it.

Check Out my Pamper Day board on Pinterest

Except for the obvious: take a break from screens (TV/Computer), lighting candles, soak in a bath or taking a long hot shower, do manicures and relax in face masks listening to relaxing music or watching something feel-good, I've added:
Relaxing Yin Yoga - To connect with your female and nurturing energy. I think I mentioned somewhere that I've started practicing some more yin yoga, I truly felt like my body and mind wanted to go more slow and inwards during the winter. And I don't know what, but the Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)  has become quite the favorite pose, and I can spend minutes in it. I've also just started doing Moon Salutation which has felt purely magical in a mediative state, more so than any other Vinyasas. And you know what happens the 14th of February? Full Moon. Isn't it ironic?
A Fullyraw Day - Let your body rest, either do a one day's juice/smoothie cleanse or snack on fruits, veggies and then make a delicious raw chocolate cake to indulge in (like this one I Instagrammed), eating for the soul has become an essential for me, just like a nutrient. If you can't imagine yourself doing a whole day raw, do a Raw till 4, be vegan, whatever you do, try do be light on the digestion and skip all processed and refined (this includes oils!), gluten and high in processed sugar, indulge in whole foods - by doing this you actually are skipping the bad things without even thinking!
Reading Books - On Pinterest I've mostly added food and beauty books, but there's nothing wrong in picking up that novel that you thought you would have time to read. (Right now I'm reading "The Power" which I borrowed from my mom)
Another thing to do while lying in the bathtub, massaging yourself or waiting for the mask to dry, is to listen to Kimberly's podcasts. Something I've started to catch up with while on powerwalks, they are very inspirational and guiding. So if you don't exactly have your hands free, listen to podcasts or  audio books can be quite relaxing and fun. But if you feel like just being quiet, that is what you should do.

There's a tradition in Sweden to give your loved one Raspberry jellies, but I think if you really care about someone you would pick up some fresh raspberries or strawberries and maybe make some raw chocolate mousse to dip them in.

And here's the love I'll be sending my mom this year:
Clipper Tea Zen Again - Spa inspired mix for that moment of stillness and reflection.
Go For Life Raw Gojiberries & Nims Air Dried Fruit Crisps Apple/Strawberries - Healthy snacks that nourishes the body, mind and heart.
Pukka Tea Detox - A detoxed body keeps the mind free and open for love.

As for me and my hubby, we don't really have plans. My birthday is coming up very soon, and I've been eyeing this restaurant called Cinnamon (next to another restaurant called Saffron - my favorite spices). Just love the name, and I'm hoping they have something delicious vegetarian to offer!

I would love to hear your plans for Friday!
Do you even celebrate Valentine's Day?
Have you also been pampering yourself on this day or have I inspired you to do so now?
Don't forget to check out the Pinterest Board on some of my tips!

Tongue Cleaning

Have you started with the salt rinse since last time? Then I hope you are ready for the next step!

I never looked twice on tongue scrapers because I've never really suffered from bad breathe. But through Ayurveda and with some more knowledge I now enjoy my little add to the morning routine.

But let's take it from the beginning, what is tongue cleaning good for? The benefits include:
  • Reduces the toxins and bacteria on the tongue that cause bad breath
  • Enhances the sense of taste by cleaning the tastebuds
  • Improves digestion and oral hygiene
  • Gently stimulates the internal organs
  • Helps eliminate unattractive coating on the tongue
When should you scrape your tongue?
Preferably the first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth or ingest something, or after you've done your oil pulling - which should be done in the morning before drinking or brushing teeth.

An interesting note: in Ayurved it is believed that the tongue is like a map of the body's organs. And I've also read about how teeth are associated with different body parts and/with disease. Something to read on upon if interested...

source unknow

There's different types of tongue cleansers out there, I personally chose one of stainless steel by Dr. Tongue because I may have read it's more antibacterial, but I'm actually not sure if it's true.
I've just also come across something new and fun on the market the Orabrush, it more of a brush than a scraper, but may be even more effective and stimulating? (thinking about the lymphatic system)

Anyway, if you don't feel fully committed to it yet, you can always use a spoon I've heard.

The Saltwater Rinse

Of all these months of starting the day with warm water lemon tea and eating oranges for breakfast, I wish someone would have tipped me of this simple thing to do to balance out the ph in the mouth.
Would I've been a bit more stubborn in finding a way to neutralize the acidity, maybe I would have known by now. But as they say, better late than never, right?
When I first read about all the steps you should do for the teeth, it all got a bit overwhelming. Like, who's got the time to do all that both morning and evening?! But then you start taking the baby steps, and the first thing I did was to fill a jar with some himalayan salt and water and put by my basin. If everything else feels like a total time consumer, do this at least.
Saltwater works perfectly as a natural mouthwash, or any high mineral like baking soda, to neutralize the ph in the mouth and to kill bacteria who likes it acid. Saltwater rinses may even promote healing in cases of pain and soreness.
It's also good to do the saltwater rinse with a syringe, where you flush the deep pockets of the gum line. Too extreme for you? I believe your doctor can always to it for you.
If you're out of toothpaste a saltwater rinse cane even be enough. In a perfect world you would do it the first thing in the morning, the last thing before bed and after every meal. But just by incorporating it in your usual toothbrushing regime will keeps your mouth neutral and bacteria-free, and add good minerals to your teeth.
I've never used mouthwashes on a regular basis. I always thought they were for people with bad breaths, and I that they were just another expense for people to make money on.
I've been using saltwater now for almost a month and it's not the greatest taste but it does a quick job in neutralize the taste after my lemonwater. And it's so inexpensive. Hopefully I will go further with adding special essential oils to it.

Dental Health Month

When planning to do this theme I almost hoped and had a feeling I would stumble and do it just in the right time. And I'm happy I did.
February is the Dental Health month, or to be more exact: National Children's Dental Health Month (in the US). I believe there's something about dentistry in October too, and in Sweden we have "Munhälsodagen" 13th September.

Anyway, since starting eating Raw one of the biggest concerns when I read about the side effects was rotting teeth from all the fruit juices, there was also hair loss and nerve damage because of B12 deficiency. But one of my biggest fears is actually losing my teeth.

It's funny, when I started this thing I began with eating oranges for breakfast...
But a background story first: I have one of the most sensitive gums out there, because of excessive use of whiting toothpaste. I was young and stupid and didn't know or realize they shouldn't be used daily. And my teeth wasn't even yellow!
Most of my childhood I had to stay away from candy, hard, gelly-like and anything fudge would make my teeth and gums hurt. Even too much milk chocolate!
I've been using a regular toothbrush until three years back. My teeth started to hurt to the extent that I couldn't even brush them, not even lightly. I went to two different dentists and asked for advise, both couldn't find anything wrong, saying I have perfect teeth and gums. Advised me though to change to an electric toothbrush and use toothpaste for sensitive teeth, because it looked like I was unconsciously pressing the brush too hard, especially on the right side (right handed) where I would have the most pain.
Since the switch I can brush without pain, but I still can't eat  candy like most people. And every time I switch toothpaste brands there's a transition of pain until my mouth accustoms to the new formula.

Back to the funny thing!
You would believe that if I can't eat sweets like candy, how about all that fruit acid? Shouldn't it hurt?
After months of eating oranges for breakfast I still didn't even feel the slightest sensitivity. Actually, quite the opposite, I felt my gums becoming more healthy.
But then there has been ups and downs, which I won't lie about. We stopped eating oranges because it became too pricey, and the non-organic ones has it written on the box what they are treated with and we became a bit put off. Fast forwarding, after a break from oranges and citrus, when trying it again, both Peter and I felt a slight tingle in the teeth. But after a few more tries we can eat them just like before.

Also, I have a hole in one of my front teeth that is slightly visible for the naked eye. (I'm probably the only one who cares about it)
My dentist doesn't want to fix it, because it is too small and if I take care of my teeth, flossing and such, it won't grow any bigger. But of course, because I can see it daily, it bugs me.
Now, I wish I made some before and after photos, and you are allowed to call me crazy. I've had that hole for like forever (probably since I was fifteen), since switching diet - I swear - that hole is looking noticeably smaller!
I actually hoped that by the way I eat I could somehow heal it. My idea was and still is, that digestion starts in the mouth, and whatever you have in your mouth will also be absorbed. So all that nutrients I'm about to chew will become absorbed and used to nourish my teeth. That's how I saw it when I started this raw food journey.

I don't see my teeth rotting anytime soon, but the idea of what you put in your mouth gets absorbed by your tongue and teeth is extending to the point that I'm starting now to really take action and looking into what holistic alternatives there is for Dental Health. Taking baby steps, learning as I go.

OBS: The following themed posts on Dental Care are in no way sponsored. I wish they was, because it has changed my whole vision on oral hygiene, and some products I would love to test and give you discounts on!
I don't know more than what I've read on the subject and I should of course not be taken as serious as a doctor.
This is my 10 Steps and Tricks to Successful Natural Self-Dentistry.