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I’m in Stockholm visiting my mom during Easter. My mom isn't going green anytime soon, hard convincing, so I mostly have to rely on not forgetting to bring my own stuff. I usually keep it simple with a few products, but when traveling I keep it even more simplistic. I could’ve even done without one product if I would’ve blended out the Tamanu oil that is on the verge of reordering. But I somehow have such a love for the Tamanu that I don’t want to dilute it with other oils. I did though infuse it with a few drops of Roman Chamomile that I couldn’t keep my wallet from spending a few bucks on.
I will definitely reuse the bootle for my private practices!
I’m a lip balm-aholic, and it doesn’t really matter which brand, as long as it’s 100% natural and not made of beeswax or castor oil as the main ingredient, because it dries out my lips, I’m all good. Right now I’m loving Coconuts in all its forms.
I then packed my DIY moisturizer and cleansing oil that I whipped up on the whim. I’m sorry to not share the recipe, but I feel it’s not fair for the ingredients changes between every new refill. It all depends on what I’m in the mood for, season, skin type and what new oils I got. But I will share the main EO’s, which are often Lavender Tea Tree Oil, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang. I usually have the tea tree on the side so I can multitask and also use the blend as a moisturizer.
Oh and bananas are great as beauty food on the go!
Too much banans? I do love melons more, but they are too heavy to bring...
Now, tell me what 5 beauty products you would pack when traveling?


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MILK/SIGNE wrote @ 23:26:54

Underbar blogg! Jag packar extremt lätt, har en olja med mig som jag använder både som rengöring och "återfuktning". En ansiktsvattenspray gjord på rosenvatten eller apelsinblomsvatten. Och en burk med tandkrämspiller från Lush.

Svar: Tack så mycket! Betyder faktiskt en del att du säger så, det var faktiskt du som fick mig på banorna inom naturlig hudvård! :)Jag hoppas mina tips på dokumentär och raw food hjälper dig, och inte tog det på fel sätt.
Du är en sån fin människa och ska inte behöva gå igenom en jobbig graviditet! <3
Jag önskar dig all glädje och ett friskt barn.