Review: Urtekram Toothpaste

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My boyfriend managed to use the last of this product and throw it away before I had a chance to take a picture.
When I finished my foam-free toothpaste from Auromere, I was on the look out for something new and closer to home to try; I don't call ordering toothpaste online ideal. I searched in every local grossery store for a natural toothpaste without flour and SLS, and I found one by Urtekram at ICA Maxi.
75ml ~39SEK
 ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
I want to try to be objective, because some really like this toothpaste, but I'm just going to tell you my experience...
As I've told you before, I have some weird sensitive teeth, and every time I change toothpaste there's an adjusting-period where I experience some pain until it's settled.
With Auromere I didn't even have this problem, but with Urtekram it never stopped! It got so bad at the end that I couldn't even brush my teeth!
My boyfriend on the other hand didn't experience as huge of a problem.
I tried to research what it could be that I was reacting to and the only thing I suspected was the first ingredient Calcium Carbonate or the Citrus Oil. The problem is that when you research Calcium Carbonate it says that it is supposed to be effective for sensitive teeth - this made me very confused!
When looking back on the toothpastes that I'm okay with, none of them contains CaCo3, so I'm almost left to no chice but to suspect it.
Later I've read of other people having a bad experience with this toothpaste, like getting more holes and problems with the gums.
How do I know it's the toothpaste?
When I couldn't brush my teeth, I went back to ICA Maxi and found another Flour- & SLS-free toothpaste without CaCo3, and just over a day or two the pain went away!
+ The taste is okay.
- Leaves white sludge in the corner of mouth. Not for sensitive teeth.
Calcium carbonate, Aqua, Glycerin*, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, Xanthan gum, Citrus reticulata peel oil* (aroma*), Commiphora myrrha oil, Limonene, Linalool. 


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