New In: Soap and Hemp Oil

I first got introduced to test out Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap in a Glossybox, since then I’m equally impressed as anyone else. You really need the tiniest amount!
In October I placed an order for their Shikakai Soap in Lemongrass, which I found out to be much different than the original. I feel as if though, both are necessary.
If you feel like the original can be a bit too drying, if you use it as a hand/body wash, Shikakai is your man! But don’t try to wash your hair with it though!
For the sake of my readers I went on a little experiment that lasted about 5 weeks before I would admit my defeat.
When I used up my Jason Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner I tried washing my hair with the Shikakai Soap, about 1-2/week. It ended in a huge build up of dirt and oil that I had no choice than to turn to my detox shampoo to get it clean! So no, it will never come near my hair again!
I tested then tested the original formula, and it is much better in cleaning the hair, but because I’ve heard of many saying it can be drying, I don’t use it for every wash.
I fell in love with Raw Gaia’s Hemp Heaven and thought I’d go straight to the source and make my own blend of it. So far so good; used alone it doesn’t seem to want to sink in, blended with jojoba, avocado and macadamia, it seems to melt just right in!
I will maybe try taking it internally, for I've heard great benefits, but we'll see.
Do you use Dr Bronner’s? How do you use it?
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