Kitchen Renovation - Before

Before pictures: #1 - From the hallway when you come in, #2 - From our bedroom/livingroom by the fridge. 
As you might know if you follow me on other platforms, my kitchen is in full transformation mode!
We moved into this apartment about four years ago, and was supposed to be like a renovation project, because it had a decent kitchen and bathroom that just needed updating, in contrast to the other onesie Peter was living in when we met.
It didn’t really a have kitchen, and the fridge had a mini freezer in it that was swallowed by a huge piece of ice (the freezer was literally a huge pice of ice!) that Peter never minded to defrost… men...
We started off with putting a beautiful terra-cotta floor in the kitchen hall, with floor heating, which you can go see here before and afters. We also bought a designer lamp to frame our oriel window. But then it all kind of stopped from there. Maybe for the good?
The trouble of living in a small town is that business is also small. We came in contact with four kitchen firms, two went bankrupt, one didn’t want to work so far away, and because we have special ceiling by the cabinets, we couldn’t just buy from IKEA. We needed special measurements.
So in the end there was only one firm left that could do our special needs. (We don’t like this because then it means only one price to go with - no competitive market doesn’t leave much choice)
The original kitchen didn’t really have much space to work on, and there was a lot of things going on on the floor to say the least. We had a table put in to the little space in-between, when we made our own dinner table of an old sewing machine. But it mostly became over flooded of machines and other stuff we didn’t know where else to put.
So our mission was to create more space and simplicity. It may only be a onesie, and probably not created for two to live in.
But for many, kitchen is where the heart is. And if you have a kitchen big enough to cook in, the chances are high you will use it.
We lost some closet space in the making, but there’s so much clothing we don’t actually wear. Hopefully a ”bloppis” (blogg flea market) will take place soon!
The main inspiration is this spanish minimalistic apartment that always makes my heart race.
What would you love to see?
Do you want to see daily updates of the renovations or do you rather wait for the after pictures and go through the transformation in one post?


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Jenny wrote @ 16:25:28

Är det alltså före på första bilden, och efter på andra bilden?

Svar: Ah, förlåt, glömde att nämna, båda bilderna är före-bilder, det är samma rum bara ur två olika vinklar!Tack att du pekade ut detta, ska fixa detta!