This Tuesday I came home from being in Stockholm over Easter, and I came just in time to see the kitchen completely finished!
Well, we still have some work to do, like taking down that shelf and installing a prettier one, repainting the walls, fix new lighting, etc, etc.
Even though I see this as our ”first pancake” (you know, not as pretty as the others but tastes just as good?), there’s some things I would’ve done differently, but we are learning as we go.
Considering this was our first big renovation, we did not have any idea of what to point out or what we can control. This was more of a, ”we trust you guys to do a great job.” And so they did! We are utterly happy with the firm and are in the thoughts of hiring them to do the finishing touches!
I can't tell you how happy and thankful I am to finally have a decent kitchen with a huge counter space! Like I believe we have one of the greatest kitchen counter space of any one room apartment (on 29,5m2)! I’m right now standing in here working with my laptop, because it’s the new place to be!
And so here’s the transformation!
I thought it would be fun to see how it was when we moved in, because the oven did have cabinets!
The chairs, table, lamps and shelf was there when we moved in. We took the table down, because we never used it as an eating space nor was it fun to sit there.
The cabinets by the oven we took down when putting in new floor, and because we always had in mind to renovate this place we didn’t feel the need to put them back.
 After getting chronic dizziness (now controlled by eating light) and problems with my ears, I was left with light tinnitus and a sensitivity to sound. Our fridge is very close to our bed and makes a lot of sound that almost ”tunes” my tinnitus, so I’ve been sleeping with a pillow over my head just to fall a sleep for over a year now - I don’t like earplugs because they wear out.
Originally we never thought about moving the fridge to the other side of the kitchen, but on our first consultation the firm gave us that idea. But it wasn’t until I realized that that is a great idea, and may also help me, that we took it up for consideration.
We got less wardrobe space, but it was worth it. It looks better this way too I think, and my tinnitus is left alone. Our broom cupboard or what it's called changed places with the fridge. I've always wanted a built-in fridge and freezer since I was a kid, so we got that and we also invested in a new one. And I got to say, it’s so quiet in the apartment now!
We chose to go with an induction cooker with only two burners because: 1) To free more counter space for all of our machines; 2) I’ve never seen a normal person use more than two and 3) We don’t cook much, and it’s a one room apartment made for one cook. Next person will surely only be living here alone and will whip up some pasta with sauce. And having more counter space makes it more likely to actually be cooking something than relying on take out!
In this space we'll put some rackets and hangers, paint over that ugly yellow wall, get new lamps and put in some plants. I love green kitchens, and I will try to have lots of leafy plants in every corner!
I will post more as things start to come together. The wardrobe interior is not finished yet, so all of our clothes are still in moving boxes. We haven't filled every drawer with kitchen stuff just yet because we could need a trip to IKEA this weekend. I love all things organized and will post the progress on that!
Fo now I'm just super happy and can't really think of ever selling this place! :D
Much LOVE <3
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