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 If you missed my TiKei Samples review check it out here.
Next in line I ordered Alima Pure after finding out that if you stay in the range of $12 you get the cheaper shipping option at $9, which results in the whole package costing me just around 150SEK which is the normal price range for most sample packages and is what I payed for the TiKei’s.
I feel like Alima Pure is the BareMinerals of the more pure mineral foundations. Bare Minerals being a bit controversial with it’s bismuth and being commercial.
I’ve been wanting to try them out, and been staring them out at Spirit Beauty Lounge that has a bit cheaper shipping cost for international orders.
At their site you can easily find out what shades suits you by doing their Foundation Selector. I came out matching Beige 2&3 and Warm 2&3. But being a bit over my head that my skin tone is very yellow, I went ahead and chose to order Golden 2 instead of the Beige range. Afterwards I feel like I should’ve gone with a Beige sample, or even Warm 4 to see if it suits me as a summer shade.
Luckily, Warm 3 is like a second skin on my weirdly bronzed winter complexion! It just melts, evens out any redness, it barely looks like I have anything on! What’s even better is that Warm 3 is also Coriander on SBL, so it will be easy to order without paying the high shipping cost through Alima Pure’s webshop.
I still can wear Warm 2, it oxidizes quite well, and depending on which lighting Golden 2 suits okay. But with these I felt that they don't oxidize as much as the TiKei. I don't know why, when they almost have the same formula. Comparing these two I didn't really see a difference in texture, other than Warm 3 was a much better match than the TiKei opposite.
Often times when it comes to foundations, it's all about the match, and you will be loyal to whomever provides you with that.
This could have nearly been all a blush order, because they are all are just freaking gorgeous!
One YouTuber reviewed their Luminous Shimmer Blush in Leigh, and it just looked so pretty on her and in picture that I had to see if it would look just as great on me.
Satin Matte Blush in Desert Rose makes me start hearing the melodies of Sting’s song, and I have somewhat a fetich for anything called ”Desert Rose”. Whether it would suit me or not, I had to have it; sometimes a good name just sells itself.
Leigh is just as gorgeous as on picture with pink shimmers and would suit most complexions.
As usual, I find shimmer blushes to be more blendable and buildable than the mattes, and there wasn't any exception here.
Desert Rose is very pigmented, so little goes a long way. I do believe though that, if I only had the right blush brush I would be able to blend it out nicely to suit me for now. I’m in the process of updating my brush collection, but if I don’t manage to get a new blush brush by the summer I will have to come back to it at the end of it when I have a more bronzed skin. It isn’t so much for light skin, but probably could blend out nicely.
I want to order some more blush samples, because I have this feeling that I shouldn’t be wearing pinks - which is usually what my eyes wonder on to first! Shimmery blushes like Freja & Sahara looks gorgeous and are just what may suit me more. From their mattes, Apricot, Melon & Carnation are good candidates. I'm not a person who blushes, if not for my acne scars, my skin is pretty even and never tends to go pink. Therefore I feel like pinks and some coral blushes can be "too much" on me because that's never my natural state - yes, not even after a run! I've never played with peachy and apricot shades, so I'm hoping they will give me that natural glow and "health".
I feel like I’m having some bad luck with concealers even though I listen to the instructions.
Well, according to Alima Pure, Concealer in Sand is supposed to match Warm 2-3, and these were the main Foundations I ordered. I couldn’t know better, and that’s what samples are for!
But yet again, the concealer was a bit too light for me, and I ended having slightly raccoon-eye-opposite haha. The thing is, I sometimes liked it, and somedays I would feel like a clown - a hate-love relationship in other words.
Looking at their site, Amber is the next best thing, suiting Warm 3-4, but in picture it looks way too dark for me. I’m thinking more beige in line, but I will just have to order a few samples to truly know. It’s all about preference, how light you want to go under the eyes.
Comparing formula and application, I did not see much difference between this one and Tikei. But I’m really liking how powder concealers looks and feels, and I don’t know if I will ever go back to liquids!
In retrospect, I should’ve gone with Belize that has a little bit of shimmer in it, but I won’t lie Mauna Loa has grown to my likings and I do think I like it more than TiKei’s Golden Bronzer. It’s more neutral in tone than Tikei’s that goes more for red.
I’ve tried to research which tone of bronzer is the best and what’s best for my complexion, but the information seems to be a bit complex. I’m very into sculpting after face shape and stumbled upon that I would suit best in a shimmery bronzer for matte can be a bit harsh on me. So next bronzer-sample will be one with a subtle shimmer to compare if it’s true. Otherwise Mauna Loa is a very beautiful bronze that would suit most light-medium skin tones. And from the ones I’ve tested so far (including conventional brands) it’s my favorite.
Alima Pure has also reintroduced a sculpting powder that was in one of their limited edition collections, Me Encanta. I don’t really know what’s the difference between a bronzer and an actual sculpting powder, but I would like to know. The only thing I’m a bit sceptic about is that Sombra, the sculpting powder, comes only in one shade?
With every Alima Pure order you always get two other samples that you will know about when you open the package!
(Usually it will be something they will soon have on sale)
When I got this I was like, ”Oh Green… with a pretty name.”
But I do realize I need to come out of my comfort zone a little from all the earthy tones. Oh My God, like I was the girl who would wear red eyeshadow to school!
But I have to say, that when it got on sale later I was close to nab it!
I wouldn’t say it stays on the lid for too long, not this color though (I really need to find a good eye primer!), but it is very pretty! It just was a perfect subtle shade for spring also, being a bit of a ”baby/pastel green” if there’s such a thing.
The shimmers comes out better on their website.
If it weren’t for the huge shipping rate (because hey, seems a bit weird only ordering one thing?), I would indeed have bought it and other gorgeous pearluster eyeshadows... Like, I wouldn't mind owning them all!
I was actually looking at this one, for when it comes to eyeliners I like to use earthy tones like different shades of brown and then even green.
But I have to say that I got a little disappointed by this one, it just personally didn’t suit me. It can be my fault also, not having exactly the right tool and not at all used to powder eyeliners. I admit, it was a bit tricky. I thought then about using it as a smudgy eyeshadow, but it was just too darn dark and pigmented.
At their site the picture of it makes it look lighter, but it's much much darker than that, that I almost mistook it for being black!
I still would love to try out Espresso or one of their Luminous Shimmer Eyeliners.
Warm 3
Mauna Loa
I have to say that all samples lasts a long time. Surely I don't wear make up everyday, but I've had them for two months now. Somedays I only wear the bronzer and some blush. I blended Warm 2&3 together to make a bigger batch, that I poured into an old Laura Mercier container when I finished up TiKei.
Because I had to hold in a $12 budget I couldn't get a sample of everything, but here's what I want to order next, together with some of the mentioned above.
Radient Finishing Powder
Balancing Primer Powder
Color Balancing Powder in Buttercup and/or Pistachio
Contour Powder
Highlighter in Luna
Have You tested Alima Pure, what's your favorite products from the brand?
Or do you have some of their products on your wishlist?
Let me know in the comments below!
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