This Tuesday I came home from being in Stockholm over Easter, and I came just in time to see the kitchen completely finished!
Well, we still have some work to do, like taking down that shelf and installing a prettier one, repainting the walls, fix new lighting, etc, etc.
Even though I see this as our ”first pancake” (you know, not as pretty as the others but tastes just as good?), there’s some things I would’ve done differently, but we are learning as we go.
Considering this was our first big renovation, we did not have any idea of what to point out or what we can control. This was more of a, ”we trust you guys to do a great job.” And so they did! We are utterly happy with the firm and are in the thoughts of hiring them to do the finishing touches!
I can't tell you how happy and thankful I am to finally have a decent kitchen with a huge counter space! Like I believe we have one of the greatest kitchen counter space of any one room apartment (on 29,5m2)! I’m right now standing in here working with my laptop, because it’s the new place to be!
And so here’s the transformation!
I thought it would be fun to see how it was when we moved in, because the oven did have cabinets!
The chairs, table, lamps and shelf was there when we moved in. We took the table down, because we never used it as an eating space nor was it fun to sit there.
The cabinets by the oven we took down when putting in new floor, and because we always had in mind to renovate this place we didn’t feel the need to put them back.
 After getting chronic dizziness (now controlled by eating light) and problems with my ears, I was left with light tinnitus and a sensitivity to sound. Our fridge is very close to our bed and makes a lot of sound that almost ”tunes” my tinnitus, so I’ve been sleeping with a pillow over my head just to fall a sleep for over a year now - I don’t like earplugs because they wear out.
Originally we never thought about moving the fridge to the other side of the kitchen, but on our first consultation the firm gave us that idea. But it wasn’t until I realized that that is a great idea, and may also help me, that we took it up for consideration.
We got less wardrobe space, but it was worth it. It looks better this way too I think, and my tinnitus is left alone. Our broom cupboard or what it's called changed places with the fridge. I've always wanted a built-in fridge and freezer since I was a kid, so we got that and we also invested in a new one. And I got to say, it’s so quiet in the apartment now!
We chose to go with an induction cooker with only two burners because: 1) To free more counter space for all of our machines; 2) I’ve never seen a normal person use more than two and 3) We don’t cook much, and it’s a one room apartment made for one cook. Next person will surely only be living here alone and will whip up some pasta with sauce. And having more counter space makes it more likely to actually be cooking something than relying on take out!
In this space we'll put some rackets and hangers, paint over that ugly yellow wall, get new lamps and put in some plants. I love green kitchens, and I will try to have lots of leafy plants in every corner!
I will post more as things start to come together. The wardrobe interior is not finished yet, so all of our clothes are still in moving boxes. We haven't filled every drawer with kitchen stuff just yet because we could need a trip to IKEA this weekend. I love all things organized and will post the progress on that!
Fo now I'm just super happy and can't really think of ever selling this place! :D
Much LOVE <3
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Alima Pure Samples

 If you missed my TiKei Samples review check it out here.
Next in line I ordered Alima Pure after finding out that if you stay in the range of $12 you get the cheaper shipping option at $9, which results in the whole package costing me just around 150SEK which is the normal price range for most sample packages and is what I payed for the TiKei’s.
I feel like Alima Pure is the BareMinerals of the more pure mineral foundations. Bare Minerals being a bit controversial with it’s bismuth and being commercial.
I’ve been wanting to try them out, and been staring them out at Spirit Beauty Lounge that has a bit cheaper shipping cost for international orders.
At their site you can easily find out what shades suits you by doing their Foundation Selector. I came out matching Beige 2&3 and Warm 2&3. But being a bit over my head that my skin tone is very yellow, I went ahead and chose to order Golden 2 instead of the Beige range. Afterwards I feel like I should’ve gone with a Beige sample, or even Warm 4 to see if it suits me as a summer shade.
Luckily, Warm 3 is like a second skin on my weirdly bronzed winter complexion! It just melts, evens out any redness, it barely looks like I have anything on! What’s even better is that Warm 3 is also Coriander on SBL, so it will be easy to order without paying the high shipping cost through Alima Pure’s webshop.
I still can wear Warm 2, it oxidizes quite well, and depending on which lighting Golden 2 suits okay. But with these I felt that they don't oxidize as much as the TiKei. I don't know why, when they almost have the same formula. Comparing these two I didn't really see a difference in texture, other than Warm 3 was a much better match than the TiKei opposite.
Often times when it comes to foundations, it's all about the match, and you will be loyal to whomever provides you with that.
This could have nearly been all a blush order, because they are all are just freaking gorgeous!
One YouTuber reviewed their Luminous Shimmer Blush in Leigh, and it just looked so pretty on her and in picture that I had to see if it would look just as great on me.
Satin Matte Blush in Desert Rose makes me start hearing the melodies of Sting’s song, and I have somewhat a fetich for anything called ”Desert Rose”. Whether it would suit me or not, I had to have it; sometimes a good name just sells itself.
Leigh is just as gorgeous as on picture with pink shimmers and would suit most complexions.
As usual, I find shimmer blushes to be more blendable and buildable than the mattes, and there wasn't any exception here.
Desert Rose is very pigmented, so little goes a long way. I do believe though that, if I only had the right blush brush I would be able to blend it out nicely to suit me for now. I’m in the process of updating my brush collection, but if I don’t manage to get a new blush brush by the summer I will have to come back to it at the end of it when I have a more bronzed skin. It isn’t so much for light skin, but probably could blend out nicely.
I want to order some more blush samples, because I have this feeling that I shouldn’t be wearing pinks - which is usually what my eyes wonder on to first! Shimmery blushes like Freja & Sahara looks gorgeous and are just what may suit me more. From their mattes, Apricot, Melon & Carnation are good candidates. I'm not a person who blushes, if not for my acne scars, my skin is pretty even and never tends to go pink. Therefore I feel like pinks and some coral blushes can be "too much" on me because that's never my natural state - yes, not even after a run! I've never played with peachy and apricot shades, so I'm hoping they will give me that natural glow and "health".
I feel like I’m having some bad luck with concealers even though I listen to the instructions.
Well, according to Alima Pure, Concealer in Sand is supposed to match Warm 2-3, and these were the main Foundations I ordered. I couldn’t know better, and that’s what samples are for!
But yet again, the concealer was a bit too light for me, and I ended having slightly raccoon-eye-opposite haha. The thing is, I sometimes liked it, and somedays I would feel like a clown - a hate-love relationship in other words.
Looking at their site, Amber is the next best thing, suiting Warm 3-4, but in picture it looks way too dark for me. I’m thinking more beige in line, but I will just have to order a few samples to truly know. It’s all about preference, how light you want to go under the eyes.
Comparing formula and application, I did not see much difference between this one and Tikei. But I’m really liking how powder concealers looks and feels, and I don’t know if I will ever go back to liquids!
In retrospect, I should’ve gone with Belize that has a little bit of shimmer in it, but I won’t lie Mauna Loa has grown to my likings and I do think I like it more than TiKei’s Golden Bronzer. It’s more neutral in tone than Tikei’s that goes more for red.
I’ve tried to research which tone of bronzer is the best and what’s best for my complexion, but the information seems to be a bit complex. I’m very into sculpting after face shape and stumbled upon that I would suit best in a shimmery bronzer for matte can be a bit harsh on me. So next bronzer-sample will be one with a subtle shimmer to compare if it’s true. Otherwise Mauna Loa is a very beautiful bronze that would suit most light-medium skin tones. And from the ones I’ve tested so far (including conventional brands) it’s my favorite.
Alima Pure has also reintroduced a sculpting powder that was in one of their limited edition collections, Me Encanta. I don’t really know what’s the difference between a bronzer and an actual sculpting powder, but I would like to know. The only thing I’m a bit sceptic about is that Sombra, the sculpting powder, comes only in one shade?
With every Alima Pure order you always get two other samples that you will know about when you open the package!
(Usually it will be something they will soon have on sale)
When I got this I was like, ”Oh Green… with a pretty name.”
But I do realize I need to come out of my comfort zone a little from all the earthy tones. Oh My God, like I was the girl who would wear red eyeshadow to school!
But I have to say, that when it got on sale later I was close to nab it!
I wouldn’t say it stays on the lid for too long, not this color though (I really need to find a good eye primer!), but it is very pretty! It just was a perfect subtle shade for spring also, being a bit of a ”baby/pastel green” if there’s such a thing.
The shimmers comes out better on their website.
If it weren’t for the huge shipping rate (because hey, seems a bit weird only ordering one thing?), I would indeed have bought it and other gorgeous pearluster eyeshadows... Like, I wouldn't mind owning them all!
I was actually looking at this one, for when it comes to eyeliners I like to use earthy tones like different shades of brown and then even green.
But I have to say that I got a little disappointed by this one, it just personally didn’t suit me. It can be my fault also, not having exactly the right tool and not at all used to powder eyeliners. I admit, it was a bit tricky. I thought then about using it as a smudgy eyeshadow, but it was just too darn dark and pigmented.
At their site the picture of it makes it look lighter, but it's much much darker than that, that I almost mistook it for being black!
I still would love to try out Espresso or one of their Luminous Shimmer Eyeliners.
Warm 3
Mauna Loa
I have to say that all samples lasts a long time. Surely I don't wear make up everyday, but I've had them for two months now. Somedays I only wear the bronzer and some blush. I blended Warm 2&3 together to make a bigger batch, that I poured into an old Laura Mercier container when I finished up TiKei.
Because I had to hold in a $12 budget I couldn't get a sample of everything, but here's what I want to order next, together with some of the mentioned above.
Radient Finishing Powder
Balancing Primer Powder
Color Balancing Powder in Buttercup and/or Pistachio
Contour Powder
Highlighter in Luna
Have You tested Alima Pure, what's your favorite products from the brand?
Or do you have some of their products on your wishlist?
Let me know in the comments below!
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Travel Essentials

I’m in Stockholm visiting my mom during Easter. My mom isn't going green anytime soon, hard convincing, so I mostly have to rely on not forgetting to bring my own stuff. I usually keep it simple with a few products, but when traveling I keep it even more simplistic. I could’ve even done without one product if I would’ve blended out the Tamanu oil that is on the verge of reordering. But I somehow have such a love for the Tamanu that I don’t want to dilute it with other oils. I did though infuse it with a few drops of Roman Chamomile that I couldn’t keep my wallet from spending a few bucks on.
I will definitely reuse the bootle for my private practices!
I’m a lip balm-aholic, and it doesn’t really matter which brand, as long as it’s 100% natural and not made of beeswax or castor oil as the main ingredient, because it dries out my lips, I’m all good. Right now I’m loving Coconuts in all its forms.
I then packed my DIY moisturizer and cleansing oil that I whipped up on the whim. I’m sorry to not share the recipe, but I feel it’s not fair for the ingredients changes between every new refill. It all depends on what I’m in the mood for, season, skin type and what new oils I got. But I will share the main EO’s, which are often Lavender Tea Tree Oil, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang. I usually have the tea tree on the side so I can multitask and also use the blend as a moisturizer.
Oh and bananas are great as beauty food on the go!
Too much banans? I do love melons more, but they are too heavy to bring...
Now, tell me what 5 beauty products you would pack when traveling?

Review: Urtekram Toothpaste

via zoya bg
My boyfriend managed to use the last of this product and throw it away before I had a chance to take a picture.
When I finished my foam-free toothpaste from Auromere, I was on the look out for something new and closer to home to try; I don't call ordering toothpaste online ideal. I searched in every local grossery store for a natural toothpaste without flour and SLS, and I found one by Urtekram at ICA Maxi.
75ml ~39SEK
 ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
I want to try to be objective, because some really like this toothpaste, but I'm just going to tell you my experience...
As I've told you before, I have some weird sensitive teeth, and every time I change toothpaste there's an adjusting-period where I experience some pain until it's settled.
With Auromere I didn't even have this problem, but with Urtekram it never stopped! It got so bad at the end that I couldn't even brush my teeth!
My boyfriend on the other hand didn't experience as huge of a problem.
I tried to research what it could be that I was reacting to and the only thing I suspected was the first ingredient Calcium Carbonate or the Citrus Oil. The problem is that when you research Calcium Carbonate it says that it is supposed to be effective for sensitive teeth - this made me very confused!
When looking back on the toothpastes that I'm okay with, none of them contains CaCo3, so I'm almost left to no chice but to suspect it.
Later I've read of other people having a bad experience with this toothpaste, like getting more holes and problems with the gums.
How do I know it's the toothpaste?
When I couldn't brush my teeth, I went back to ICA Maxi and found another Flour- & SLS-free toothpaste without CaCo3, and just over a day or two the pain went away!
+ The taste is okay.
- Leaves white sludge in the corner of mouth. Not for sensitive teeth.
Calcium carbonate, Aqua, Glycerin*, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, Xanthan gum, Citrus reticulata peel oil* (aroma*), Commiphora myrrha oil, Limonene, Linalool. 

New In: Soap and Hemp Oil

I first got introduced to test out Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap in a Glossybox, since then I’m equally impressed as anyone else. You really need the tiniest amount!
In October I placed an order for their Shikakai Soap in Lemongrass, which I found out to be much different than the original. I feel as if though, both are necessary.
If you feel like the original can be a bit too drying, if you use it as a hand/body wash, Shikakai is your man! But don’t try to wash your hair with it though!
For the sake of my readers I went on a little experiment that lasted about 5 weeks before I would admit my defeat.
When I used up my Jason Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner I tried washing my hair with the Shikakai Soap, about 1-2/week. It ended in a huge build up of dirt and oil that I had no choice than to turn to my detox shampoo to get it clean! So no, it will never come near my hair again!
I tested then tested the original formula, and it is much better in cleaning the hair, but because I’ve heard of many saying it can be drying, I don’t use it for every wash.
I fell in love with Raw Gaia’s Hemp Heaven and thought I’d go straight to the source and make my own blend of it. So far so good; used alone it doesn’t seem to want to sink in, blended with jojoba, avocado and macadamia, it seems to melt just right in!
I will maybe try taking it internally, for I've heard great benefits, but we'll see.
Do you use Dr Bronner’s? How do you use it?
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snail serum

After the summer my skin got pretty bad again, even though I was more or less 100% raw and was on this diet that made me feel amazing, it didn’t turn my skin as amazing as I wanted it too.
I wasn’t alone in this, other’s of what I know has suffered of the same kind of ”detox” pimples (many and little white heads all over the face). It actually looked even worse than when I had cysts (which at least was only on concentrated places), suddenly I had it on my forehead and it was spreading down my neck!
I’ve sorted this out though, and I will tell you the main reason and how I fixed my acne soon, but for know I will share you one of the things that helped my skin get more even, less grainy, and prevent knew pimples from forming.
It was initially my mom that made me try this stuff. I don’t know if I would’ve bought it on my own to be honest. But since turning green my mom has had a hard time understanding and adjusting to me. She gets sad whenever I turn down almost all of her ideas for help. So when she at least tried to find something more natural, I thought I’d give mommy a break and test to see if it works.
Not did I know snail serums was on the up and coming. It just sounded too weird for people to actually give it a shot. It’s at most a beauty fly, just like: sperm, venom and caviar creams. But hey, I’m up for anything nowadays!
50ml 298SEK (Free Shipping)
It doesn’t say how much of the snail extract that is in it, but at least it’s the first ingredient on the list if you don’t count water. Because the boutique I got it from doesn’t share theingredient list I’m writing it out for you at the bottom of this post.
Another ingredient that I was a bit skeptical about was the second ingredient, which is alcohol. I’ve tried staying away from it, especially when it’s so high up in the list. Luckily, in this case I didn’t react to it.
Besides the Snail Extract it has these other active ingredients:
Allantoin - Stimulates cell multiplication and tissue renewal, and provides a soothing, therapeutic action.
Glycolic Acid - Exfoliates and replenishes the dermis. Accelerate collagen synthesis and hydrates and stimulates cell metabolism.
Collagen, Vitamin E & Elastin - Eliminates wrinkles and tones up the skin.
Vitamin B & C - Improve pigmentation, while toning up and softening the skin.
Vitamin A - Accelerates epidermal cell regenerate and revitalizes enzymatic activity. Prevents premature aging of the skin, keeping it supple.
The big question is if not all the other ingredients are actually doing all the work?
Putting in snail extract could just be an act of making the gel sound cooler.
It is important to lay off the scrub somewhat and use sun screen while using it, because of all the active exfoliating and regenerating ingredients. I was lucky to be using it during the dark period of the winter months, we had about one day of sun per week - yes, very depressing!
I started off with twice per day, morning & evening. The product says as many times you desire. But it felt a bit too drying, so I settled for only night use, under my usual oils after waiting it to dry. They blended well in, without being flaky which I’ve had problems with other gels.
After about a month I started seeing results. Scars was healing faster and probably thanks to the Glycolic Acid new pimples were mostly prevented, and no more flakiness around pimples. My skin got so much more even both in skin tone and texture, leaving the summer bumps behind. I also feel more ”radiant”.
I have pretty sensitive skin, and it worked just fine for me.
I don’t use it strictly nowadays, and after four months there’s still about 1/3 or less left.
You should preferably use it during autumn and winter months to restore what the summer may have done to your skin. Summer is never nice to my skin, and I was really happy that this gel sorted out the awful bumps!
It does what it promises, and for that I don’t have anything bad to say. Packaging could be more special… but you know what, for the price and effect I will not be the one to point out any faults.
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Helix Aspersa, Alcohol Denat (Ethyl Alcohol), Propilene Glycol, Sodium Chondrotin Sulfate, Allantoin, Collagen, Glycolic Acid, Carbomer, Parfum, Lactic Acid, Calcium, Antiproteases, Cytokines, Retinol (Vitamin A), Thiamnie HCL (Vitamin B6), Cyano Cobalamin (Vitamin B12), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Phenoxyetahanol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, D-Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool.

Wanted to mention if any of my readers had missed, Mitte at Beauty Comes Clean wrote an article about the Snail Extract trend not so long ago. Check it out and the rest of her interesting topics!
Have you tried something as crazy as Snail Serum?
Or anything like it?
Leave a comment telling me your experience :)
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Kitchen Renovation - Before

Before pictures: #1 - From the hallway when you come in, #2 - From our bedroom/livingroom by the fridge. 
As you might know if you follow me on other platforms, my kitchen is in full transformation mode!
We moved into this apartment about four years ago, and was supposed to be like a renovation project, because it had a decent kitchen and bathroom that just needed updating, in contrast to the other onesie Peter was living in when we met.
It didn’t really a have kitchen, and the fridge had a mini freezer in it that was swallowed by a huge piece of ice (the freezer was literally a huge pice of ice!) that Peter never minded to defrost… men...
We started off with putting a beautiful terra-cotta floor in the kitchen hall, with floor heating, which you can go see here before and afters. We also bought a designer lamp to frame our oriel window. But then it all kind of stopped from there. Maybe for the good?
The trouble of living in a small town is that business is also small. We came in contact with four kitchen firms, two went bankrupt, one didn’t want to work so far away, and because we have special ceiling by the cabinets, we couldn’t just buy from IKEA. We needed special measurements.
So in the end there was only one firm left that could do our special needs. (We don’t like this because then it means only one price to go with - no competitive market doesn’t leave much choice)
The original kitchen didn’t really have much space to work on, and there was a lot of things going on on the floor to say the least. We had a table put in to the little space in-between, when we made our own dinner table of an old sewing machine. But it mostly became over flooded of machines and other stuff we didn’t know where else to put.
So our mission was to create more space and simplicity. It may only be a onesie, and probably not created for two to live in.
But for many, kitchen is where the heart is. And if you have a kitchen big enough to cook in, the chances are high you will use it.
We lost some closet space in the making, but there’s so much clothing we don’t actually wear. Hopefully a ”bloppis” (blogg flea market) will take place soon!
The main inspiration is this spanish minimalistic apartment that always makes my heart race.
What would you love to see?
Do you want to see daily updates of the renovations or do you rather wait for the after pictures and go through the transformation in one post?