Hi there! I thought I should inform you about my recent inactivity. I just got a new job in Söderhamn, so there's much commuting; very early mornings and coming home too late to even evening to even get in to bed in the right time. It's been quite the adjustment this first week, it has even affected my health - got a cold four days in. You know, they say, 80% diet, 20% other. Well stress and too little sleep can sometimes be the killer in your health no matter how good of a diet!
And before this I've been traveling to different job interviews, even one in Stockholm, so this explains why I haven't bloged so much lately and been slow in answering comments and emails and other stuff I've promised. I do read everything, but I don't necessarily have the time or energy to answer everything! So hold on with me until I've stabilized a new routine. 'Cause right now as it seems I don't even have any alone time so to speak. On the weekends we're still in our cottage with bad reception, so surfing is kind of limited.
I hope you all will still check in, even though I can't blog as frequently as I'd like to.
Life comes in the way you know. :)
*In the upper right corner there are some few links to find me elsewhere. I'm still pretty active on Instagram, and I try do update on Facebook and Google+ as much as I remember to do so.


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