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A job oftens comes with the responibility of packing your own lunch. No school cafeterias with "free" food - those were the days, right?
I was too stressed to even think about how my raw lifestyle and a job with no ability to eat at home would come together. It didn't strike me until I packed a bag of bananas that it would look weird infront of everyone elses need-to-microwave-lunchboxes. Of course they had to ask, and of course the familiar protein question came up. In the end I was actually more scared that they would think I have an eating disorder especially when I'm the skinniest of the bunch (no offense for anyone reading this).
I still haven't figured it out yet, how a raw lunchbox could look like. And until I get my salary, I have to settle for bananas and an occasional salad from ICA. But I got really happy when Kristina came out with this video, and then I discovered a site called Unikia which sells practical lunch- and snack boxes! Above are some of which I'm considering buying.
If you eat raw, do you have any tips on what to eat at work?
Bananas is the easiest, but a melon? Too heavy and I don't think it's legal to bring a machete to work ;) - you get my point.
I really need more inspiration before it gets too much bananas...


Hi there! I thought I should inform you about my recent inactivity. I just got a new job in Söderhamn, so there's much commuting; very early mornings and coming home too late to even evening to even get in to bed in the right time. It's been quite the adjustment this first week, it has even affected my health - got a cold four days in. You know, they say, 80% diet, 20% other. Well stress and too little sleep can sometimes be the killer in your health no matter how good of a diet!
And before this I've been traveling to different job interviews, even one in Stockholm, so this explains why I haven't bloged so much lately and been slow in answering comments and emails and other stuff I've promised. I do read everything, but I don't necessarily have the time or energy to answer everything! So hold on with me until I've stabilized a new routine. 'Cause right now as it seems I don't even have any alone time so to speak. On the weekends we're still in our cottage with bad reception, so surfing is kind of limited.
I hope you all will still check in, even though I can't blog as frequently as I'd like to.
Life comes in the way you know. :)
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want it.
Through Holistichabits I got introduced to Alima Pure Cosmetics. I've been using bareMinerals Matte Foundation for soon over a year. The color has been a match, but I feel like, after this one I want to try something new.
Alima Pure has a wicked color collection (a whooping 61 shades!), it feels impossible not to find a perfect match! They are little unknown, so I'd love to support small brands like this one.
Has anyone tried this foundation or even heard about this brand, what did you think?

rawfoodists in sweden.

Hej, ville tipsa om att det finns en Facebook-grupp för oss svenska Rawfoodister!
Du behöver inte äta raw räcker med ett intresse och funderingar! Gruppen är till för diskussioner, stöd och tips. Samtidigt som det kan vara kul att hitta andra Svenskar med samma livstil (vi är ju så få) så att säga! Gruppen är sluten så att det som skrivs behöver inte delas med dina andra vänner på facebook.
Så är du intresserad tycker jag att du ska absolut ska gå med och presentera dig!