want it: yoga accessories.

Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Bag
Been searching for a fun and light mat bag that can hold keys and other small things.
Right now I've been actually carrying my (oh so heavy 3kilo) mat to class, but of course, I live only 5 minutes away from the "studio" - the pros of living in a small town in other words - if you can call it that...
Anyway, this one would be just perfect for that short stroll!
I'm also looking for a travel mat for the moment, 'cause I'd love to have one to take me with on the weekends or when I go to Stockholm to visit mom for a week or two. I was thinking about the Manduka eKo SuperLite travel mat but got a little put off by the mixed reviews, and the bad ones were really bad. Like, the mat degrading after only 3 months of use. I definitely want it to be organic but if I pay about 400kr I expect it to last more than that, but also, it seemed too thin, I still want some kind of "cushioning". And the other Lite mats I've found are still a bit on the heavier side.
But I found a great invention with the cutest name: Yoga Paws.
The main concern is actually the gripping. Both in Sundvall and in Stockholm I try practicing on a simple rug, but it always feel like I'm slipping and having less control. Something to think about at least! 


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