the ayurvedic way.

This week I started eating after the Ayurvedic way to see if I can get some kind of... oh what's it called?
Anyhow, I haven't gotten the results acne-wise I've wanted with raw food as I've probably mention somewhere before. It is absolutely better than what it was a year ago, but it feels like something is missing. So I'm inspired to test new things, still holding on to the vegan/vegetarian ways. I've done my food-shopping for the week so I'm all set for eating more "Pitta balanced".
I'm no expert, and doing those Dosha-tests doesn't make me wiser in what body type I am. I think I went mad after doing ten different tests, and everyone came out different! haha The only test that I felt was correct was the one saying I'm Tridoshic, which is said to be rare. However, when I concentrate on the specific problem one could give, too much Pitta can cause skin problems. So with that information I took the conclusion to eat more Pitta decreasing foods.

I won't go all thorough of what I will eat and try to avoid but here's a general list:
Decrease or Avoid - citrus fruits, avocado, sour apples and berries, bananas, peaches and apricots, most nuts and seeds, most oils, salty and spicy foods, white sugar, buckwheat, linseeds, alges, carrots, beets, tomatoes, spinach, leeks and onions.
Increase - kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, fennel, green beans, cilantro, ruccola, corn, potatoes (including sweet), cauliflower, cucumber, celery, squash, cabbage, peas, quinoa, oats, pineapple (if mature), sweet berries and apples, sweet plums, raisins, figs, dates, pomegranate, melons, mango, hampa seeds, kokonut, falx seeds, chia seeds, ghee, coconut oil, most vegetable milks, saffron, turmeric, mint, honey, green juices.

I like to take the avoid-list first, because then when you read the eat-list you realize there's actually much to eat and it doesn't conflict too much with my mainly chosen raw path. Although, bananas is  a staple and right now we have a fridge full of tomatoes... I will try to do my best, I'm even making my own Ghee!
I will probably do this until I feel like I'm not getting any results or until I see some! I will also report back in week!
Right now, after just four days, I feel like doing some adjusting to the diet.
In the book "Food is my medicine", one of the breakfasts for Pitta is this delicious Chia pudding with saffron. Problem is: it's fat in the morning. I haven't had that for a long time, so my body has been spoiled. Also there's no actual lunches or dinners per se in the book and most of them are cooked, but Pitta's should eat their heaviest meal for lunch. I tried that, and after the fatty breakfast and the heavy lunch I was ready to pass out around two o'clock! And suddenly I've become constipated?!
I've already found two faults in the diet:
1. Bananas - It is said to eat them in moderation or skip if constipated. The funny thing is that bananas prevent constipation. Makes no sense in other words, anyone who can explain?
2. Food Combining - If you do your research online you'll know Ayurveda is all about good food combing (I'm hoping to do a post on this soon!), but in this book there's none like it. Probably because it's been adjusted for us Swedes.

So I'll do some modifications here on forward, doing fat-free Pitta smoothies or eating melons as usual in the morning and for lunch, and then eat the fattening and heavier foods for dinner or as a snack.
And just L O V E-bomb me with affirmations that I'll have that smooth glowing skin I deserve!
Someday we'll find the answer, but we have to search for it to find it.
Do you eat according to Ayurveda?
Have you tried this diet? Any thoughts?


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