liebster nominations.

 So, I'm back in Hudik and I've settled in, so let's go on with the Liebser nominations! I don't follow as many "small blogs" as I would like. Most of my nominations will probably be the same as everyone else's because everyone follows everyone, and there's always a few who are the more dominant kind.

1. Natural Beautytalk - Of Course I have to give one back, but not just to be kind but because it's one of those blogs that when I first found it I went through her whole archive! Since then her blog has always been one of those I always check first. Also, she was the one who planted a little seed in my brain that maybe I should explore more about this link between diet and skin health. :)
2. La Vie Est Belle - by Mona who writes about natural beauty, she's one of the first Swedish natural beauty blogs I came by and who introduced me to iHerb!
3. Bilbo Blue Eyes - Very informative blog by Malin who has a huge archive of reviews which I always like to check when I'm interested in something new.
4. Beauty Comes Clean - Mitte is a graphic design, and so her blog design was the first to appeal haha. No but, she writes good articles about everything between eating cleaner and reviewing clean products.
5. The Green Beauty Guide - Another blog that when I first found it I had to read it all. I found out that she too has had a weird dizziness which controlled her life for a while, and I've never come across someone with the exact same symptoms. She hasn't written anything for a while now, but I'm still hoping and holding on, but I know how it is when life just comes in the way!
6. Tankar Som Bankar - Estelle writes a personal blog with thoughts and reviews on natural skincare, a small blog who needs some spotlight :)
7. The Daily Good - Is more of a magazine with guest bloggers. You'll find everything from interviews and articles to mindfulness quotes and healthy recipes.
8. Nephriticus - (When I think about it, I don't follow many english blogs on natural skincare?) I found this girl's blog through Instagram and liked her enough to follow. She writes about natural scincare, her likes, empties, wishes and dislikes.

And some YouTube bloggers:
9. Holistic Habits - A beautiful and fun girl who has a huge interest in natural beauty and eating well. (blog)
10. Cloudy Apples - Another beautiful girl with same interests, but also talks about personal things like overcoming anxiety and stress. (blog)
In short these two girls make a great role model for other insecure girls!

I think it's become a prominent trend by beauty bloggers to write more and more about food and diet, for example, many brings up the trend gluten and dairy, which I think is great.
Beauty does not come on the outside, but from the inside - I guess we finally figured out what that really meant ;)

So my questions are:
1. What's your morning routine? (Skincare-/Food-wise)
2. Favorite natural hair product? What brand and why?
3. Do you or have you ever done your own facial mask? What ingredients did/do you use?
4. What's your favorite beauty food/meal? And why?
5. What is your preferred exercise?
6. Do you believe in the law of attraction? Share a story of something like it happening to you.
7. Is there any website/blog/app you always turn to for inspiration for healthy ways/recipes?
8. If you had the chance to move anywhere in the world and work, would you take the chance? And where would you move?
9. What's your favorite natural product that you always fall back to?
10. Is it important to you to buy organic or recycled clothing?


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Estelle wrote @ 15:35:37

Tack så mycket för utmärkelsen! Gulligt av dig! :)
Har fått en redan av Mitte (Beauty comes clean) men inte svarat på den än, så det lär väl dröja lite med mina svar, som vanligt typ....

Elisabeth wrote @ 06:19:51

Tack så mycket snälla du, vad glad jag blir! :)
Skall svara på dina frågor i mitt nästa inlägg!