everything for health.

Just a week ago I went to the Everything For Health Fair, and this is what I came back with!
Not much I was very excited over Rosenseriens Deodorant, which I've heard many great things about. And being a bit dissapointed on my Urtekram that I bough at a sale, this one definitely felt like a five star! I will probably write a more in-depth review of both the deo and the hand cream that I got. They were actually included in a great deal, for only 100kr you would get three magazines of Hälsa, the book Grönt Helt Enkelt, Love by Dalai Lama, and the two full size products from Rosenserien!
Then I went in line for a sign up to get a goodie bag from Svensk Hälsokost, were you got a water bottle,
Magazine, D-vitamins and a raw bar from Superfruit which I ate quickly before coming home.
Mom got me some pralines which also disappeared rather quick in both Peter's and my mouths. Luckily I didn't wake up the next morning with huge zits, but I won't push it...
And not to get too personal, but I managed to get my hands on some samples from Yes Organic Lubricant, water-based and oil-based, shall be fun testing them out hehe
I also went by i-m Naturkosmetik who gave me two samples on their Phyto-Balance 24h Moisturizer that's for combination/oily/acneic skin. I like that it's supposed to be very moisturizing and balancing, not like other creams for combination skin.
If you're also interested in i+m they now offer 20% off everything on their webshop.
Just enter promo code: HÄLSA in the checkout. Valid to 30/11/2013.
I also managed to go on a few seminaries, but time flew by and then I was too tired to even go see the My Kitchen Fair.

But as always it was a lot of fun and inspiring. I don't remember who I spoke to, but of course my mom had to ask if there's something they can do to my acne. I always say to her that it takes time to heal, and right now I don't expect to see any results until two years from now! Weirdly enough the dermatologist we spoke to were spot on, told my mom that my acne is rooted from within, probably the gut, and it takes time. Of course there is treatment, but she asked about my diet and I told her everything I've done until now, and she told me to have patience.
It was actually really freaky, like she had a sixth sense, 'cause without me having to say much she new I was an Aquarius born later in the sign, I always want to be a "good girl" which puts a lot of stress on my body, she also knew/said I should do something with Graphic Design(!!! - like wtf) or something creative and I should never stop trying. It's an amazing feeling when someone just looks at you and just knows you! I don't remember exactly what she said, but I kind of know what she meant. She said that I am a strong feeler. Without getting too hokuspokus on you but I do have a great sense of prediction and moral, also I get strongly affected of peoples moods or energy field that I call it - therefore I always feel better and more free left alone. It was very interesting though to hear about oneself from someone who barely knows you. :)


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