want it.

It's about 15°C ouside and for the first time this year I'm going barelegged! I believe most Swedes put on their fake tans around this time, but fake tans are not really my cup of tea. I kind of have a natural tan all year around and get brown pretty easily, but what I do abuse is shimmery body lotions!
I'm wondering, am I the only one slathering the Dove Supreme Silk Lotion with shimmer every summer? I honestly go through like 3 bottles in the summertime and I also use it in the winter for special occasions. Recently I read it contains parabens and other things I try to avoid. And right now I have like 1/3 of a tube left so here's some more natural alternatives I'm thinking of buying next.
If you've got any other tips on shimmery body lotions don't be shy to share!
PS I forgot do include the Madara Deco Body Flower Dust Shimmering Moisturising Lotion!


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Elisabeth wrote @ 17:47:27

Laveras är jag också nyfiken på! Vet att Madara har en skimrande lotion som heter Flower Dust Lotion och Pulpe de Vie har också en tror jag. :)