update and talking raw food books.

Sorry for disappearing, I've just been caught up in the holidays, a funeral, a trip to our summer cottage cottage (bad internet connection) and then I haven't just felt like blogging. To be honest, don't feel like it right now either. As always it's about new information, too much information, that I want to share with you but I don't know how to process it all without it being time consuming so I'll be put off. So the best thing to do is to just take a break and chew on it until I find the right words and where to begin.
I've got some good news, but I'm afraid it is just too soon to share, or to be certain that this is real. - It took a year for me to admit I have boyfriend and I still don't brag about him 'cause I just don't want to be disappointed, or disapoint others. But I promise to share you this breakthrough - if it even is breakthrough - when about 30 days has gone, 'cause a month is more reliable than two weeks.
In the meantime I've got some new books I'd like to share!
We can start off with the Crazy Sexy Diet, which Elisabeth at Natural Beautytalk recommended me - thanks again! I have yet only scrolled through, and judging by the cover and the inside I'm really liking it, it's going to be fun to read! I went for the Swedish translation 'cause it's always easier to understand and if there's any recipes I don't have to go by "cups" which I haven't got in my kitchen yet.
Then I chose Erica Palmcrantz's first book Raw Food in Swedish. The story behind this isn't that she's one of the most famous Swedish Raw Vegan (you may have seen her on TV4 and other), but I came over another book called "Raw Foods on a Budget" by Brandi Rollins. On her website she offers some freebies, one of which is a few sneak-peak pages of her book, and there I read:
"In July 2006, I became a raw vegan again. Yay! My motivations were simple: 1) I wanted to be crazy happy; 2) I had just seen the movie "Breakthrough" (created by Storm and Jinjee Talifero - a documentary about a raw vegan family) and I decided that I wanted raw vegan babies;"
Not that I want any children, but if I ever had any they would be home schooled and they would definitely be on the best diet earth can give us. So I researched this documentary* and found it on YouTube, and looked through it and fell even more fascinated with the raw vegan diet. Not to reveal too much, but in this family, the mother is Swedish, and she gets visited by her cousin Erica, which is the author of this book. At that time I had no clue, even though a few days before I had scrolled through TV4 Play and watched old episodes of raw food with Erica (I knew there was something familiar!). Anyway, after seeing the documentary Peter and I hit the book store to look up some raw food books and there she was, and when I read on the back of the book that her inspiration came from her cousin which had 40 kilos of oranges on their counter, the bell just rang.
And that's the story behind my purchases, other books I will be adding to this collection soon:
(they are clickable!)
*I really recommend you watch the documentary, the only thing I felt that was like "not enough" was the waving off the B12 issue. It kind of left you still with the question and leaving you to research elsewhere.

Have you seen the documentary, what did you think of it?


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