Coconut oil and body lotion was out in the house so we did some quick purchases.
We don't have any favorite Coconut Oil brand, it feels like they all are the same kind only price that differs. And for a year we've been buying the cheapest and preferably odorless kinds, but somehow I got to wonder if not the purest must be the ones with the original scent(?). Anyhow, it's a staple and we use it for most things, cooking, smoothie making, facial cleanser, shaving cream, deodorant and body lotion.
Although I sometimes use it as a body lotion, it can be a bit oily so for the most part I prefer a real lotion. We've been using Oliva by CCS for a while which I definitely liked (although if you are on the dry side, this one is not for you), but now felt for something summer-y and coconut scented. Desert Essence is a brand that PinksoFoxy has mentioned a few times in her videos (she loves the Tea Tree Lavender oil mix) so when I saw it in store I felt that I had to take it home! Now, it is a bit over priced here in Sweden, and I could have saved more than half of what I paid if I had ordered it from iHerb. But there wasn't much time for waiting on a package... Anyway, it smells delicious and I'm happy with it.


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Malin/BilboBlueEyes wrote @ 10:27:57

Använde schampot och balsamet med kokos från Desert esence några veckor men tyckte mitt hår började bli lite skört så jag bytte ut det.

Svar: Jaha, bra att veta :) Tycker deras body lotion är riktigt bra, men är fortfarande lite osäker på drygheten. Tycker det kostar alldeles för mycket här i Sverige för att användas dagligen så jag smörjer bara in axlar och sådant när jag vill lukta en hint av kokos.

Malin/BilboBlueEyes wrote @ 10:59:23

Lotionen kostar 36 kr på iHerb. Du får börja shoppa där istället. :-)

Svar: Haha exakt! Tycker annars Oliva by CCS är ett billigare och bra alternativ, men tyvärr inte lika återfuktande.

Malin/BilboBlueEyes wrote @ 14:50:30

Jag är alldeles för petig med inci så har inte testat Olivia CCS. Siliconer, PEG o.s.v. ;-)