Coconut oil and body lotion was out in the house so we did some quick purchases.
We don't have any favorite Coconut Oil brand, it feels like they all are the same kind only price that differs. And for a year we've been buying the cheapest and preferably odorless kinds, but somehow I got to wonder if not the purest must be the ones with the original scent(?). Anyhow, it's a staple and we use it for most things, cooking, smoothie making, facial cleanser, shaving cream, deodorant and body lotion.
Although I sometimes use it as a body lotion, it can be a bit oily so for the most part I prefer a real lotion. We've been using Oliva by CCS for a while which I definitely liked (although if you are on the dry side, this one is not for you), but now felt for something summer-y and coconut scented. Desert Essence is a brand that PinksoFoxy has mentioned a few times in her videos (she loves the Tea Tree Lavender oil mix) so when I saw it in store I felt that I had to take it home! Now, it is a bit over priced here in Sweden, and I could have saved more than half of what I paid if I had ordered it from iHerb. But there wasn't much time for waiting on a package... Anyway, it smells delicious and I'm happy with it.

the new w.20

Glossybox Sweden announced in an email at the begining of this week that everyone will get to try Dr Bronners Magical Soap in the May Box. Unfortunatly, they didn't mention in which size. Otherwise I'm really excited! I've been thinking of buying a big pack of Dr Bronner for a while now.
You can buy Dr Bronner's soaps at Naturisimo and ASOS (big size) cheap.
Finally you can buy Cowshed products at Naturisimo. I've long wondered why they didn't stock Cowshed, considering it's a UK brand and store. You will find all the Cow's and collections here.
Another new brand, only this time it's Beautybay that comes out with stocking MyChelle Dermaceuticals. They do Natural skincare, and you'll also find them at iHerb where you can buy skin kits to try. It seems like an interesting brand, good pricing. I'm mostly interested in their facial masks though.
Buy at Beautybay or iHerb.
Can't come up with anything else new, so I'll leave you with that.
Have a nice weekend!

update and talking raw food books.

Sorry for disappearing, I've just been caught up in the holidays, a funeral, a trip to our summer cottage cottage (bad internet connection) and then I haven't just felt like blogging. To be honest, don't feel like it right now either. As always it's about new information, too much information, that I want to share with you but I don't know how to process it all without it being time consuming so I'll be put off. So the best thing to do is to just take a break and chew on it until I find the right words and where to begin.
I've got some good news, but I'm afraid it is just too soon to share, or to be certain that this is real. - It took a year for me to admit I have boyfriend and I still don't brag about him 'cause I just don't want to be disappointed, or disapoint others. But I promise to share you this breakthrough - if it even is breakthrough - when about 30 days has gone, 'cause a month is more reliable than two weeks.
In the meantime I've got some new books I'd like to share!
We can start off with the Crazy Sexy Diet, which Elisabeth at Natural Beautytalk recommended me - thanks again! I have yet only scrolled through, and judging by the cover and the inside I'm really liking it, it's going to be fun to read! I went for the Swedish translation 'cause it's always easier to understand and if there's any recipes I don't have to go by "cups" which I haven't got in my kitchen yet.
Then I chose Erica Palmcrantz's first book Raw Food in Swedish. The story behind this isn't that she's one of the most famous Swedish Raw Vegan (you may have seen her on TV4 and other), but I came over another book called "Raw Foods on a Budget" by Brandi Rollins. On her website she offers some freebies, one of which is a few sneak-peak pages of her book, and there I read:
"In July 2006, I became a raw vegan again. Yay! My motivations were simple: 1) I wanted to be crazy happy; 2) I had just seen the movie "Breakthrough" (created by Storm and Jinjee Talifero - a documentary about a raw vegan family) and I decided that I wanted raw vegan babies;"
Not that I want any children, but if I ever had any they would be home schooled and they would definitely be on the best diet earth can give us. So I researched this documentary* and found it on YouTube, and looked through it and fell even more fascinated with the raw vegan diet. Not to reveal too much, but in this family, the mother is Swedish, and she gets visited by her cousin Erica, which is the author of this book. At that time I had no clue, even though a few days before I had scrolled through TV4 Play and watched old episodes of raw food with Erica (I knew there was something familiar!). Anyway, after seeing the documentary Peter and I hit the book store to look up some raw food books and there she was, and when I read on the back of the book that her inspiration came from her cousin which had 40 kilos of oranges on their counter, the bell just rang.
And that's the story behind my purchases, other books I will be adding to this collection soon:
(they are clickable!)
*I really recommend you watch the documentary, the only thing I felt that was like "not enough" was the waving off the B12 issue. It kind of left you still with the question and leaving you to research elsewhere.

Have you seen the documentary, what did you think of it?


The summer weather is really hitting us here in Hudik! Yesterday was a beautiful day to to reveal some winter pale legs and today is no exception! I will take my Love You Madly dress by For Love & Lemons for its first walk outside; I bought it late September on sale and since then the weather just got colder leaving no chance for flowery summer dresses. Gonna match it with my newly bought sun hat and I'm ready to go!

want it.

It's about 15°C ouside and for the first time this year I'm going barelegged! I believe most Swedes put on their fake tans around this time, but fake tans are not really my cup of tea. I kind of have a natural tan all year around and get brown pretty easily, but what I do abuse is shimmery body lotions!
I'm wondering, am I the only one slathering the Dove Supreme Silk Lotion with shimmer every summer? I honestly go through like 3 bottles in the summertime and I also use it in the winter for special occasions. Recently I read it contains parabens and other things I try to avoid. And right now I have like 1/3 of a tube left so here's some more natural alternatives I'm thinking of buying next.
If you've got any other tips on shimmery body lotions don't be shy to share!

the new w.18

Beautecobox is launching in the UK the 3rd of May. Subscribers will get to choose from 3 boxes, each with 5 emerging, luxury travel and full sized beauty and lifestyle products which will be delivered each month for £10 + £2.95 P&P. The 3 different boxes will contain a mix of products from the same set of brands, allowing the subscribers to choose products according to their skin type and needs. I think this is what I've been waiting for seeing as I do like Glossybox but I crave more and more natural brands. I know there's something called Ekolådan here in Sweden and it has crossed my mind, but Beauteco sounds better in my ears and I'm hoping it will catch on up here!
Satin Perfection BB Cream
REN just came out with the worlds first silicone-free color adaptive BB cream - their words not mine. Maybe a little late in the game considering we haven't yet tested out the CC creams and there's already a DD cream coming out, and why did we skip the AA creams?! To be honest I haven't yet fully tested any of these double lettered creams for I think they are made for more mature and perfect skin. The REN Satin Perfection BB Cream, as it is called, will make your skin satin smooth, matte and flawless, boost your radiance and protect you with a SPF of 15 - which is kind of low compared to other BB creams. Set at a price of £26/50ml, if you buy before May 5th you can throw in a Radiance Duo at their website.
That was kind of it for now.
Other blog/personal related news are:
I've updated my review on Effaclar Duo.
Started growing my own herbs and greens.
And yeah, bought myself a sun hat! I'm so nervous for summer, my skin always gets bad and it may be because I never really shade my face, so I'm kind of hoping a big hat like this one will protect me and a little less sunbathing...


Let's talk about the thing that introduced me to raw food, Juicing!
A few weeks ago my Want It was a juicer, but it isn't something that I suddenly desired, I've been wanting one for a long time; I even bought a book on recipes for juicing a few years ago in the hope of one day owning a juicer - which I obviously haven't got the chance to use!
It all started with me taking supplements for my acne. I know from before that zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and B5 were good ones, but taking all those pills on a daily basis is not my ideal. So the idea of juicing started!
Why not juice the fruits and vegetables that contains the above and so much more? It won't only improve my skin but my overall health - One glass of reddish keeps the blemish away!...? Okay, so I don't know how good reddish is for your skin, but you get the point.
There's a lot of benefits of juicing, one of which are: you get a wider variety of vegetables in your diet. Things you would never touch because of the taste can now easily go down your throat without any chewing!
It also helps your body absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. Juicing will help with "pre-digest" the vegetables, so you'll receive the absolute amount of the nutrition, rather than having it flushed down the toilet!
If you're having difficulty eating five fruits a day, this will solve it!
Peter and I haven't bought a juicer just yet, because while almost buying the Philips I suddenly found myself deeper in the juicing community and realized that that would be a mistake.
There's about four types of juicers out there: Centrifugal, Masticating, Upright Masticating and Twin-gear.
 Here's a short Pros & Cons (if you wan to read more explore some of the links down below):
These are the most common and most affordable juicers on the market. They work at a high speed and are great in juicing most fruits and vegetables quick and easy. Some of them have large feeding cuts which make it easy to just throw in a whole apple. This is a great juicer for those who are beginning to juice and don't want to do a big investment.
THE CONS: It's a loud machine, and even though it can do most fruits and veggies it doesn't do well with wheatgrass and other soft fruits and leafy greens. Another thing is their high speed, they often work at 700W which makes it approximately work at about 6000RPM. The more spins the more air is introduced into the juice which cause faster oxidation. So when juicing with a centrifugal remember to drink up your juice almost instantly, it can be stored in a bottle for up to 6-7 hours, but the longer you wait the less nutrients will be there.
These ones use an auger with a blade that literally chews the fruits and vegetables, which breaks up the cell walls of the plant and extract the juice with enzymes, vitamins and minerals - just like your jaw would do only better. They work at a slow speed, about 40-80RPM to avoid making foams and heat, which means more nutrition in your glass! Because of this you can store your juice up to 48 hours! The Masticating juicers can handle most type of foods and are especially great with wheatgrass and leafy greens. And because they run in a slow speed they don't make a lot of noise making you almost invisible to your neighbors in the morning!
THE CONS: Well they are slow so making a juice will not take a second. And the price is often double to that of a centrifugal. Plus, heavy.
These are very similar to the ones I just described only a bit better when it comes to size. These juicers work by first extracting the juice through a crushing stage and, before the pulp is ejected, it is then squeezed during a second pressing stage, which results in more juice, and extremely dry pulp! It hasn't got a lot of cons, you may need a strainer 'cause some of he pulp will follow through, but other than that this one is the most versatile juicer on the market and can do practically any fruit and veggie, even wheatgrass.
These are the Rolls Royce of the juicers and they come with a hefty price tag but also with most benefits. These work with two interlocking meshing gears which press the foods between them. They work at an even lower RPM, resulting in even less oxidation. Extracting higher yields of juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables, leafy greens and herbs; the pulp that comes out of this one is the driest of all types of juice extractors. It can also make baby food, nut butters, fruit sorbets, and many include accessories for making rice cakes, pasta, bread sticks. I would say that the twin-gear juicer is mostly for raw food enthusiasts and for those thinking about opening their own juice bar for these will deliver you the highest quality of juice.
Whatever juicer you choose you have to think about what you want it to juice, what's your budget, and how invested you are. There's nothing wrong with a centrifugal, having a juicer is better than none, but if you want the optimal health and nutrients of the juice a masticating juicer would be your first choice.