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Philips Juicer
Since being satisfied with my current creams and potions, my beauty interest has gone further exploring alternative remedies. It is said that 20% of what we put on have an impact on our beauty, but the 80% remaining comes from our diet. I feel as if I've done all I can do on the outside, I won't experiment no more with different products, 'cause truthfully they have no chance of working if I don't give it an "internal push". So naturally the next step would be turning to the big D - Diet.
No, my current diet isn't at the edge of bad. Yes, I'm taking B5 supplements, so in practice I shouldn't be worried. There's nothing wrong with what I put into my body, but I just think it wouldn't hurt if I juiced a little bit.
I really love fresh juice and smoothies. Back in Stockholm I had a little Bullet Mixer (which has gone strong for about 8 years now!) that I used almost daily, I really miss it. The ideal would be to have both a mixer and a juicer. Though a juicer would be better, even if I eat a good variety of fruits and veggies, there's always some things you have hard time even considering to eat (you know what I mean). My thing is the most common fruits like: apples, pears and orange. I never buy them, and when I do I forget to eat them. It's like they are not exotic enough for me, I'd rather eat mango, pomegranate, pineapple and fight with a coconut than eat a simple apple... if it's not in juice format so to speak.
So for this week I want me some freshly made juice!

cleansing jungle - update.

If you're wondering which cleansers I went with after this post, I'm here to give you an update!
For our home in Hudiksvall, I really didn't want any change just yet, and with my Dermalogica travel sized cleanser almost coming to an end I asked Peter if he was willing to team up and pay half for the full size. - that's what's great with being a couple! We found a site, WowHD, which sells the Dermalogica Medibac range for less than you would find in store, and luckily at that time also they had 15% off the entire store! So we went for the whole 500ml Clearing Skin Wash, and this will probably last us 6 months or more!
For our other home in Sundsvall we went for Jurlique's Balancing Foaming Cleanser. I've been wanting to try this brand for a while, but there was such a mix of reviews, especially on this cleanser; either you loved it or you hated it. There was people claiming it was stripping the skin off it's natural oils and others that felt hydrated. So I took a risk with this one, knowing Peter is more on the dry side and I'm more on the oily side.
Luckily neither of us experienced any stripping or firmness, more of both thumbs up for this one! Gives a lovely lather, the only minus is the tricky pump (at least I and Peter had a hard time knowing when and how to press), but after some try and error one pump seems to be just enough. And I believe the weird color is thanks to the turmeric extract, which both Peter and I was very excited about, because we are all in on using more turmeric in our lives! Just check this site, it's a wonder spice.
So which of these cleansers do I like the most and will come back to?
I don't really know, I recommend them both very dearly. Both have an incredible ingredient list. While the Clearing Skin Wash contains Tea Tree oil, Sage, Eucalyptus, Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid, and other; the Balancing Cleanser has Grape Seed extract, Green Tea, Turmeric, Rosehip oil, Witch Hazel and lots of other goodies. Both are really good and non-drying, but I can't help but leaning more towards the Jurlique, it's more natural and I'm more impressed by the ingredients, just wished it contained Tea Tree oil. If I don't find anything better, and if my Acne don't disappear, I will probably always switch between these two and a cleansing balm.
What's your favorite cleanser? Have you ever tried any of the above?

the sundsay sum.

REN is now available at Bath & Unwind, unfortunately they do not ship their product to Sweden which is sad considering they just got out with free worldwide shipping! But I thought it was worth mentioning to any UK follower. Bath & Unwind has an awesome reward system, for every pound you spend you get 5 points, which you can either save or spend on your next order.
Buy REN here.
Now you can find the british cult brand Eyeko at Kicks. And they are celebrating with offering 20% Skinny Liquid Eyeliner.
Buy here or in store.
It's official, Beyonce will be the face of H&M's summer collection. There will also be a music video ad directed by none other than Jonas Åkerlund.
My personal thought is that this is the first time(?) H&M is using a curvy model, and I'm hoping we will see more variation like this in the future.

palm springs.

We are in the middle if not near the very end of March and the snow has just come back to freeze our asses off once again. Luckily we are not without the sun, but that does not make it up for the lost time where I would at this point exchange my Fjällräven jacket to my lighter woolen coat, and saunter the streets in high heeled boots without trying to look chic - because of the high rate that I will make a fool out of myself when I twist an ankle on the ever so invisible ice beneath. Caution before fashion, I say.
So when you read, which seems to be at least half of the bloggosphere (but I'm probably exxaggerating), are teleporting themselves to this place that looks just like a picture I had saved from a travel magazine - and has been my number one fantasy surrounding to live in, before a tropical island - I fall in deep deep envy. I don't know what the status of Palm Springs is for the people in the US, but for me it's like an oasis in the middle of the cactus dessert, and that's exactly what the picture I got saved looks like. I think it's my Moroccan genes taking over,  I wish everyday would be like waking up to something like the background of Palm Springs.
It's not only the enviroment of freshly cut green grass, palm and beautiful mountains that attracts me, I have a deep underlying love for modern 60's and 70's architectural houses, it's my dream to live in one, ever since I was six!
But okay, so I better finnish my essey on rosehip oil now, hoping I have already lived that life in another one...
via ph1 ph2 ph3

"like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives."

Days are passing by so quickly, like, wasn't it Monday just two days ago or less? I'm feeling déjà vu constantly. There's some people I should write to, care to, and just give them a notice that yes I am alive and I've been thinking about you. But you know, somehow you never seem to get to that stage, and so the time goes by and you're wondering, is it really necessary now to even keep the contact. You've gone from friends to nearly acquaintance because of the lack of "the monthly brief" of what one and other has been through. 'Cause suddenly it's gone a year, and the longer it gets the better and more interesting the excuse has to be. But unfortunately, often, that is not the case. Most times, you don't hear from people, because nothing worth telling has actually happened. And as soon as you think about telling you get all depressed and feel so much better not staying in touch.
It's a whole other thing when you see that person everyday or so. There's almost always something to talk about, 'cause that person is constantly updated about your life, the small things to the large. It just make more sense to talk about this awesome sandwich you made with someone in-the-know, than with someone you only see/talk to once a month or less. That just doesn't matter anymore. Just play up that scenario in your head: - Hey, so what has happened since we last talked? - I made this killer sandwich... like a few months ago...
That's where social media takes place and kind of do the talking for you. Friends who can't meet or talk to you can follow you on the internet and be in-the-know about your life. But lately, I can't help feeling like there's an ocean between us anyways. It can and will never replace the real deal of friendship.
And I must say, since Phoebe came to our lives I haven't once felt the need for a friend like I did before.
We should have given her back to mom months ago, but we kind of stole her...

the sunday sum.

The body uses UVB rays to make Vitamin D, and while most sunscreen protect you from UVB and UVA I was wondering for some time if sunscreens block the body's ability to make Vitamin D. And just recently I got the answer that they certainly do, especially SPF 15 and higher. This is just one of many things people don't think of, and that's why I wanted to bring this up in the Sunday Sum. We get bombarded that we should wear SPF all year around, even in the winter. But in winter we don't expose more than our face, and of course our face is covered with SPF, and so we are ruining the one chance for us to ge our daily Vitamin D dose. Of course you can get it in supplements and fatty fish, but our biggest source is the sun.
This week we got the news that the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer will launch a Beauty section. If you read their online magazine The Edit you kind of aren't surprised considering the increase of beauty related articles. We can all suspect high-end brands, but me being more into natural beauty I'm wondering how much of it will appeal to me.
I've checked this brand before at Åhléns but been very put off by the price. A few months later I hear it's a Polish natural skincare brand, and me being half polish suddenly felt the need to try it. Right now Åhléns offers 15% off Phenomé's entire range, and having another coupon available I took a dive. Still with all those discounts I felt a hole in my wallet. I settled for the 24-Hour Moisturizing System, because that was the only moisturizer that came with a pump. You can read about this one and all their other products on their site. One thing I love is how they describe and explain everything in their INCI. For example, what is Isopropyl Palmitate and what's the use of it in the product? Just click on it and you'll have your answer, very professional I must say.
If you don't have a dog, but want one. If you don't have a dog 'cause you're allergic. Even if you have a dog, you should check out Explore.org's LIVE puppy cams! You can scroll through other animals too, but the active ones right now is dogs. Check here!

something in the way you move.

It was a long time ago I posted a video. The truth is all I ever want to do is artsy videos, something like this but always better. This is actually just me flirting with the idea of a dancing shadow, testing it. I've seen it many times get dressed and undressed and I love the idea of making a video with a scene like it. I'm not actually dancing to this exact song, so I may be off sync. But hearing the text in the song "something in the way you move", I kind of had to have it in the video.
Song: Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

pantothenic acid.

While introducing you to the new supplement I'm trying to fight my acne with I thought I'd go more into detail.
I've been knowing about B5 for about a year, but never thought of trying it because of the enormous dosage you have to take. Just to demonstrate:
In a regular multivitamin you get: ~5mg per serving
If you're going to beat acne you'll need to take: 4-10g per day
It's pretty expensive, one holder will last you at least 12 days or shorter. As said before, it works just like Roaccutan but without the many and harsh side effects. B5 is water soluble, your body will take what it needs and flush the rest. But taking way too much can end in diarrhea, hair loss and dryness.
(One funny thing while researching it is that people who experience the side effects don't even consider cutting down on the dosage?! They just quit it.)
After taking the Murad supplements that's Vitamin A based, which is kind of dangerous to overdose, I felt a bit lost. None of the topical treatments worked, and neither did my new diet help as much as I wanted it to.
I've heard about this site called iHerb that (I believe) is the largest online health store, and their prices are just on the dot! - I will explain at the end how to shop there if you're a Swede and want to get away off customs!
My first order was on one holder of B5 500mg, and a Manuka Honey (they are half the price than in Sweden!). I just wanted to see if it does have any effect on me before I buy in on the whole theory.
I was stupid in the beginning, because I thought I could just start with one gram a day, but then I read of people taking up to 10g! About 4g was the lowest option, and because I wanted the can to last a little bit longer then 5 days I started with 2 pills in the morning, lunch, afternoon and evening until I ran out, approximately 12 days.
You won't start noticing anything right away, you'll maybe even break out a little bit. On the last three days that's when I started seeing results, especially down my neck. I had really bumpy large cystic acne that hurt and itched and suddenly it started to like contract, leaving me almost smooth again. And on the cheekbones where it once hurt like hell, also started to feel normal.
Under these 12 days I researched some more, 'cause even if it worked, economically and just taking 8 pills a day for what seems to be for the rest of my life isn't sustainable. I managed to find a guy who's experimented with L-Cysteine and B5. L-Cysteine is suppose to enhance the effectiveness of B5, which in practice should decrease the amount of B5 you're taking. So if you took about 4-10g a day, you'll now only have to take about 1g! You can read all about his story and find the recipe here.
I believe it has much to do with your body mass, if you're a male you'll have to take a higher dose than a female, that's why I think 4g was almost enough for me. But as with all you should experiment.
I just got my second package from iHerb paying only 250kr for:
1 L-Cysteine á 500g
4 Pantothenic Acid á 250g
I will take the LC every morning on an empty stomach, and then four tablets spread throughout the day making it a total of 1g. I'm hoping in the future to lower the dosage further to 500mg and take only two, one in the morning and one in the evening. I will be adding a B-complex, 'cause since B vitamins tend to work together well and one being at higher level may "drain" the levels of other, which will lead to deficiency.
Also, while waiting on this package I was without B5 for more than a week. I started to break out like normal again, painful cysts and white heads were popping out and it wasn't even that time of the month. That's just to show that it actually worked!
Both Vitamin B5 and L-Cysteine is found in hair and nail supplement but not at this high dosage, but you'll have the same exact benefit. Not only will you have more beautiful skin but also stronger nails and hair!
So now to how to shop at iHerb!
If you live in Sweden follow Step 1 and Step 2 in how to get away from customs. Both of my orders has had a value under 300kr and  never have I had to pay customs for them.
Also, don't forget to use coupon code HWT271 to get a discount on your first order!
If you shop over 40$ you'll get -10$, and under 40$ you'll get -5$, that's a great deal I'll say!

want it.

The Honest Life by Jessica Alba
I'm trying to live "greener" in so many ways I can, both Peter and I see it as a fun thing to do and adapt to, living an honest life. So this book by Jessica Alba really interests me! As the videos explains pretty much what the book is about, I won't go into detail about it.
I've had a big crush on Jessica since Dark Angel, maybe an obsession, and  if I could be reborn I would want to be her or one of her kid haha. Ok, no seriously, I think she looks like one of the sweetest person and such a good role model without trying. I will definitly buy her book.
Haha Ellen is so mean to this girl and we love it!

skin update/skincare routine.

I'm pretty happy with my current routine and before I start I just want to say that I've learned a thing or two when it comes to skincare, and that is Less Is More and be consistent, don't switch it up too often!
Starting off with washing my face with REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser (review here). I try to massage it in gently for about 1-2 minutes, then I take it off with a muslin cloth.
- Also, worth a mention, I wash my face using lukewarm to almost cold water; I used to wash my face with hot/warm water, especially at night, becasue I thought it would open the pores and really deep clean them. After reading that it can cause more irritation, and while opening and cleaning you also opening them for other dirt and bacteria to enter, so no wonder my face was always inflamed and uneven! Another thing is that when you wash your face with warm water you're more likely to want to squeese a pimple or two, just becasue opening the pores makes it easier and the bumps are more visible. Since switching to lukewarm/cold water I've noticed a more calmed, softer and smoother skin, and I don't feel the need to pop anything anymore!

After washing with REN I use Yes To Tomatoes Deep Pore Exfoliating Cleanser (only available in the 3-step kit). I really like it and I probably will buy the original version just to have something to always fall back to that I know works and is natural.
Then I finish off with Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash. You probably think I'm overdoing it, but none of these cleansers are drying in any way, and this list will shorten as soon as I use up the REN cleanser!
- Sometimes in-between washing I will do a facial mask of my breakfast using Manuka Honey, Avocado, Banana, Mango or Lemon, different mixes every time. I let it sink in for about 15-20 minutes or until I've finished eating my breakfast.
After patting myself dry with a washing sponge I spritz some facial mist, right now I'm using one from Emma S., and move over to skincare. I take a few drops of Caudalíe Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and massage it in to my skin using "spirit fingers"-tap motion for about 1-2 minutes - if you want some tips and tricks on how to apply serums and moisturisers I recommend you watch Bubz video on her skin routine, although I wouldn't recommend you using as many products as she puts on! The massaging stimulates the skin, the product gets absorbed faster and deeper and will work more efficient. If you don't believe me, the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System is all based on that science.
After I let the serum completely absorb leaving me matte I will move on to applying La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo all over my problem area, and where I don't need it I tap some moisturizer whichever is near, right now I'm using Korres Pomegranate Moisturising Cream-Gel (review here).
If I'm going out I will 30 minutes before that apply sunscreen, then concealer to brighten up my eye area and even out skin tone, and if I feel like it I will also do foundation.
If I'm wearing foundation or heavy make-up of any kind I will often take it off in the middle of the day using make-up wipes, my favorite is Yes To Cucumbers, but right now I'm using Oliva by CCS that I got in my January Glossybox. I'm thinking of getting some reusable cotton pads and try Micellar Water and see if it's more economical.
Then I finish off with Yes To Tomatoes Acne Repairing Lotion (only available in US) - it's the only time I can fit it in my routine - and a little more moisture.
I try to keep it simple with as little product as possible and preferably natural.
I'll wash again with all three cleanser, if it's time for a deep cleanse with Clarisonic I will skip the Tomatoes wash. This is also the time I do my non-self-made masks, right now I'm using:
REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask
Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque
Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Face Mask
Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask
After washing up and using a facial mist I will massage in Pai Rosehip Oil with Argan Oil/Almond Oil (a big bottle you can buy at the health food stores poured into a serum bottle, I've never used the expensive oils and gotten great results). After letting that sink in I'll use a Tea Tree Oil Spot-Stick from Australian Bodycare and/or Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel on the problem areas like my neck, chin bone and beside my ear, and anywhere there's a pimple or a broken one before I say nighty nighty to the day.
I'm putting this in because it doesn't matter how good your products that you put on the outside are, you'd better treat the inside too if you want the real effect. I try stay away from sugars as much as possible, but if someone hands me a cookie I won't say no, just to let it not become a disorder-thingy I've had that in the past. I've also started cutting off dairy, which is both simple and hard. Simple, because I did not drink milk before; Hard, because milk exist in almost every sauce you do when cooking and baking, and I don't like dry food. I'm also trying the gluten-free diet. So far I haven't seen huge results, but I have to try everything, even though I know my acne is caused by genetics and there's practically not much I can do.
Also worth a mention. I did take a combination of Zink, Magnesium and Vitamin E capsules two times daily which worked ok, but I just finished it all. So right now I'm taking multivitamins for Men, just because males get a higher dosage of practically everything, except it doesn't contain Iron but I figure my daily meal of Quinoa and crisp bread can compensate for that. Then I've started taking Chlorella, don't know if it doing anything for my skin, but it definitely has protected me from any diseases creeping around. Also I take them to see if they can help with my other problem, which the doctors can't seem to figure out what's wrong. - If you remember me last year talking about dizziness and stuff, it's much better now, but I'm still not back to normal, and I think I might have thyroid problems in which Chlorella is the best in treating it.
Just about two weeks ago I started taking B5/Pantothenic Acid. I believe almost all Acne sufferers have heard of it, it works just like Roaccutan just without the harsh and many side effects. It's water soluble but overdosing the overdose you'll have to take can cause hair loss and dryness. I'm not gonna say too much, because this thing needs it's own blog post. Right now I'm testing it out and hoping with all I've got that it works and through these twelve past days I think I'm starting to see some results! I will come back to you on this one!
So I hope this was interesting for you, I know I love to browse other people's skincare routine and just felt like sharing mine too!

the bling ring.

Starting off the week with this awesome trailer, can't wait for the actual movie!

the sunday sum.

Marimekko x Aesop
I haven't yet tried anything from Aesop but I believe with this collaboration it will pop my Aesop-virginity! We do a lot of sauna baths in the summer up in our cottage so this will be a fun treat which I'm looking forward to try!
You can buy Aesop here.
Yes To Grapefruit
One thing I forgot to tell you about in the last Sunday Sum is that I've been contacting a lot of online stores who carry the brand Yes To and asking if and when they will stock their new line Yes To Grapefruit. I got the answer that The Grapefuit range is being launched in the UK in October! A little bit of a long time until then, but I guess we can wait. The Grapefruit range concentrates on correcting and repairing uneven skin tone for a brighter, more glowing complexion. So if the Caudalíe serum and Rose Hip oil that I use to fade scars fail I will defiantly look into this range, also I'm really interesting in trying their facial towelettes!
Find more info here.
A Whole New METOD
That's the name of the new kitchen-system IKEA just revealed. It will have new set of measurements, this to create greater flexibility and symmetry.As you maybe know, Peter and I have been looking on renovating our kitchen for two year now; first year we didn't really know how we wanted it, second year there was no kitchen firms that would call back on us or be even remotely interested and there's only like TWO firms - that's the thing with living in a hole like Hudik! Although, I'm exited, we now know how we want the kitchen to look like, it's all just hanging on a firm and the right color of kitchen cabinets (they must be a certain dark grey) and I hope the new IKEA kitchen will carry this color, 'cause that would be the most economical.
METOD will be out on June 3rd. Read more about it here.
& Other Stories
Pre-opened this Thursday, and I got to say I love it! The price range isn't really appealing to me, but I guess I'll go loco when and if they will have a sale. It's mostly all about accessories and quality but there are clothes and lingerie involved. Another thing is their own make-up and skincare line, which I love the packaging of but really not what's in it to be honest, but those who are not picky will probably love. Also in the beauty department you'll find among brands like L:A Bruket, This Works and The Balm.
I like the concept of the store, it's all Tumblr-like, with interactive GIF's and just taking the display of clothing to the next level, you feel as if there's a lot of thought and work behind the making and that's what makes & Other Stories special and not just another online store.
Some picks I made from all the departments:


I'm in the middle of future blog posts and that makes you kind of forget about the NOW posts. So here I am with nothing, except for a virtual bouquet of tulips - hope you like'em!
I've got a whole list of posts I want to do, it includes: "Rosehip Oil & Acne", "Favorite FW AW", "Reviews" and "Skin Update". Right now I'm actually doing the Skin Update with telling you all about my daily skin routine, which took longer than expected. Now I just have to make pictures and the whole thing will hopefully be posted in the begining of next week! Also gathering some news for the sunday sum.
You know, they are not kidding when they say people spend about 4-6 hours daily on their blog, it takes a lot of time makeing a post, it inclused research, editing of photos, making photos, and then the writing! All I can say is that my computer is full of post-it's with ideas and to-do-lists and in the meantime I have other stuff to do besides blogging.
One idea of a blog post includes me telling you guys about products I want to get or try, would that even be any of your interest? 'Cause I got a whole long list of future buys. Well, well.. Have a nice weekend everyone!

elsa hosk x free people

One of my favorite models with one of my favorite brands.
Did you know that Elsa did their catalogoue back in 2011? She really suits the style of a free spirit.

new in: avéne cleanance solaire SPF 30

Avéne Cleanance High Protection Sunscreen SPF30
I don't know if you remember, but the only SPF I've had in handy has been my BareMinerals Foundation and Nars Tinted Moisturiser. And because of my oily skin and acne, after about four hours of wearing make up I feel the need to take it off. And to not wash my face three times a day I use make up wipes, which isn't very economical in the end...
So, after reading great things about the French pharmacy brands and seeing 50% off at Avéne sunscreens I made and order for the Cleanance SPF 30 for acne-prone skin - I would also like to try their SPF 50 Emulsion for combination/oily skin.
It's not a natural product, most things on the ingredient list are things I try to avoid, but seeing as it is very difficult finding a good natural high SPF I will settle with this one, at least it is supposed to be hypoallergenic so in practice it should be safe. Haha, don't know why I feel the need to explain myself?! But if you've got a tip on a good natural high sunscreen I'm all open ears!
I love the packaging, and is one of the biggest reason for buying it. The formula is just like your average sunscreen but with a slightly lighter scent. It sinks in very fast, so you have to be quick, but at the same time it takes a while before it leaves you all matte. It's got oil-regulating pumpkin seed extract, and evidently, the best protection against UVB and also short and long UVA rays. Also Pre-tocopheryl, a vitamin E precursor and a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the skin cells from free radicals.
Right now it feels really liberating to not have to rely on make-up to protect my acne scars from becoming more permanent. For being a person with acne I'm actually not that self-conscious, I've only used make-up to protect than hide.
Because I'm doing a little experiment, I've done some before and after pictures, and I will show you one now just so you don't sit there and thinking I'm exaggerating about having acne: Press here to see the picture!
So yeah, lots of inflammation and dark spots, mostly on my cheek bone-area, neck and up the temples. There's no way hiding that without looking like you're trying to hide it! I'm going to do a skin update very soon, and tell you all about my new routine 'cause it has gotten better (it has looked worse than on the picture!); with better I mean it hasn't popped up so many new pimples and painful cysts are starting to fade away, especially on my neck.
Don't feel sorry for me, no one's perfect, and that's the true beauty of it.

want it.

I picked up the latest issue of H&M Magazine and one picture in particular that attracted me the most was this one. That red sweater is almost to-die for! And the styling, just like how I would do it. It's a bit pricey for a H&M piece, but lately they've upped their game and I really love what they are producing these days. Unfortunately it doesn't say when it will be out, but hopefully soon.


the sunday sum.

I'll be starting a "Sunday summery" covering the things from the week I've forgotten to post or just rather bunch it up into a summarized post like this one! I won't be shy, this was inspired by AModelRecommends's "Sunday Tittle Tattle".
Bioderma to the UK
In late January we got the news that Bioderma is coming to the UK. Before, and maybe still, it's pretty hard to find Bioderma outside of France, the only Swedish site I know of is Bekkas.se. Well, the first of March was the beginning of the Bioderma UK invasion! First up was the online store Escentual to stock the popular brand. The micellar water ran out of stock quickly, I could have gotten the chance to at least buy the one for combination/oily skin, but I'd rather wait until they stock up again and I'll try both the Sensibio and Sebium. I also hope for more online stores to get on the Bioderma train, 'cause otherwise I have the feeling it will almost always be "out of stock". Other than that it's worth to take a look at the other ranges for there are more to Bioderma than micellar water. Get it at Escentual.com for now - and with adding their 10th French brand they are celebrating with up to 1/3% off all French pharmacy brands! And If I were you I'd stock up on some sunscreen from Avéne!
Addictive Cookies
This week Peter and I tried baking some chocolate cookies, gluten and lactose free preferably. And my God these must be the most delicious we've done yet so far! After eating something that might have been half of what we've made, I stored them somewhere I won't see them, 'cause I'm not in the mood of upping up my exercise for next week. This is the recipe we used, only we replaced ordinary flour with gluten free and used lactose free butter, you can use margarine but both Peter and I believe it's the Devil's making - though I would want to try it with coco butter!
Yesterday we went around town getting our fashion update for spring, when I just felt the need for a new purse. Actually I've been wanting a new one for about three years now (!!!). I used to have lots of bags, but thinking back makes me embarrassed 'cause most of them were flashy Guess and Kathy Van Zeeland bags bought at outlet price on vacation in Washington D.C. Anyways, the only bag I've been carrying around since I was 17 has been a small brown leather bag mom found in the trash at work (here's a picture of it)! And ever since being stuck with it - buying a new bag of quality is pretty expensive - I've always looked for a bigger bag, at least one that would fit a pocket book in it! And here at second hand I found it for about 5£ (50kr)! A black little Puccini beauty with five pockets and in an excellent shape! I believe it's real leather, but I'm bad at telling those kinds of things. Feels good to finally be able to alternate between two bags at least.
La Roche-Posay in Hudik
Actually, this is more of a local news... But with the renovation of making Kronan's Droghandel (pharmacy) bigger they are expanding their range of products, and one brand that's new is La Roche-Posay that was only found at Apotek Hjärtat in Sundsvall and Kronans Droghandel in Birsta. I'm happy, because this means I don't have to rely on Sundsvall to get my dose of LRP. It's still cheaper to get it online, but I like the idea of having it close.
New in Home Decor
I clicked home some home decor from H&M for our not-even-started-bathroom-renovation, although the vase is meant for the living room; Peter never buys me flowers and one of the reasons - after "they die" - is that we haven't owned a vase, until now, so no more excuses for Peter! The little bowl will be used as a tray for all things small and handy. And I really like the lanterns, gives away this exotic yet simple feel. I will be getting more, but for now this will do.
Ok, so hopefully I've covered all I wanted to write beauty and non-beauty related. Hope you had a nice weekend, let's go into the next...

February Glossybox Sweden 2013 Unboxing

The focus in the February box was: hair, skin and lips.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Travel Size
I love Batiste and last year I stocked up on the jumbo size via ASOS. The thing is that I don't have any in Sundsvall, so I was happy to be getting this little travel size that I can have up there.
Maria Nila Stockholm Swedish Therapy Oil
This is a hair oil but with the Swedish ingrident lingon berry. Smells really nice too! First time trying it out I was expecting viscous like the usual hair oils, but this one was more liquid and I almost ended up pouring it all in my hand. Luckily I managed to sip some back. Feels nice on the hair, but in the end it's no special than the others, it still contains silicones before any real oil.
Lush Dream Cream
When I come to think about it, the only products I've used from Lush has been their bath and bubble bombs, but I know they have more to offer than that! This is supposed to be one of their best selling hand and body cream. It absorbs fast and has a quite strong fragrance I would say, very Lush to say. The fragrance doesn't bother me... yet. I know it will. The thing with Lush is that I've noticed that many of their products contains parabens, and while I'm on and off on that topic I'm quite sad to see it when Lush is supposed to be this vegan and "natural" hand made brand.
Note: contains parabens
Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint Rosy Red
I've been eyeing Becca's Beach Tint so I was happy to get something similar. Now, I have never used a tint so I don't have anything to compare to. And becasue I've got acne it's not that suitable as a blush, I've tried and it looks weird. As a lip tint I felt as if it wasn't pigmented enough. I did discover that you have to shake the thing, and mostly a little dot makes a lot. I will be experimenting though.
Note: contains parabens
Model Co Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner
I read that some didn't like the pen, but this was actually something of my favorite in this months box. If you don't like it you probably don't know how to use it. It's basically a contour for you're lips to make them appear fuller/pout-ier. My lips are not that thin but they are not at all that full either, and I just think this lipliner does indeed work and gives the illusion of a more Angelina-pout. Oh, and I like the idea of the pen-sharpening-cover!
Note: contains parabens

Mini Review: Effaclar Duo

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
Giving you a little mini review. I've been using this creme about a month now, it's been highly recommended and hyped through out the YouTube beauty community. After hearing Ruth from AModelRecommends (if you haven't heard of her you should really check out her channel!) telling us over and over again how "Brilliant" this product is I had to see for myself when I one day stumbled upon a pharmacy in Sundsvall who carried the brand.
Now, this isn't the cheapest thing of all, at least I paid around 18£ for this. But you can save - no huge bucks though - buy ordering here or if you live in Sweden here (20% offer code: apotea1212).
I wouldn't say you'll get results immediately, and it sure doesn't cure anything!
A side note: In the beginning I think I used too much products at once. I was using a serum, a gel, a spot treatment, a creme and then this thing, all of which are good and is supposed help with acne but when layered this much can cause clogged pores, and that's what happened to me. So listening to Peter telling me to cut down on some things, that's when I started seeing some results! You know, less is more, and that is a really good rule when it comes to skincare!
I would say that the Effaclar Duo works best when used instead of your regular day creme. Especially if having oily skin, if you've got dry try experiment, La Roche-Posay does also have a creme for dry skin caused by over drying treatment/products which is worth checking out.
So my current morning routine has been cut down to brightening serum, tea tree oil and the Effaclar Duo and my skin couldn't be happier. It doesn't work miracles, there's still bumbs and inflamation everywhere. But I think it works wonders on both blackheads and white heads, cysts... not so much. It lets the skin breathe, controls oil and you feel overall hydrated and smooth, just SPF on top of that and you're good to go. I really like the feeling of it on my skin, and I've checked it and it's got no pesky stuff in it. A good product and worth a try in other words! I will definitely be trying more from the Effaclar range in the future!
OBS! If any from the US is reading this, the US formulation is a bit different and stronger than the EU-version, it includes Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide 5.5% which should be used more as a spot-treatment than a day creme.

UPDATE: After two months of testing I would say that this was just a waste of money. Somehow in the process I found myself not reaching for it anymore and suddenly my skin actually got better without it. Which then proves that it did literately Nothing for my skin. I'm now only trying to finish it up, but I feel as if I've found better things to use instead, like Jojoba Oil, which I now swear on!