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Macadamia oil is good for both dry and blemish-prone skin, makes your hair soft and shiny and can give a protection of SPF6. I mostly wanted it as a base for an oil mix I'm trying to build. Antipodes has an oil, which I haven't tried, but the ingredients there are so simple that I rather make it myself. I've got all the base oils, now I just have to get the essential oils and I've created my own "Divine Oil"!
Talked about this one before about how PinkSoFoxy raved about it. I wouldn't say it smells good, very overpowering, but luckily the scent goes away quickly. Another plus for an 18ml bottle than a usual 10ml!
I will use this both on face and for deodorant properties.
I don't know why but I imagined it to be bigger, and I wished it was bigger! This smells freaking a-mazing! I never thought I were a vanilla-type-of-girl, but this one smells like cookies! I wanna walk around smelling it and like it all day long! Also, it makes your skin super soft and hydrated. I will probably get the soap and parfume too!
Hugo Naturals Essential Mist Vanilla & Sweet Orange
Sticking to Vanilla, I bought this 'cause I saw La Vie Est Belle buying it, and for now there's a single unit price of $0.99! So I slipped it into my bag. But later I saw you could get the French Lavender and this one for almost the price of one!
It smells really delicious, but not as much as the Monoi Oil. For the price I think it's really a good value on them and I will be buying more.

Life Flo Rosehip Seed Oil
This one was for my mom, introducing her to natures Retinal-A. I tried it and thought it was just as good as the one I have, but I still rather stick to my Pai 'cause it's also got the fruit oil.
Aubrey Organics Leave-In Liquid Conditioner & Curl Activator w/ Sea Buckthorn
Another thing La Vie Est Belle bought and recommended. I don't use anything for my hair these days, I do an occasional B&B Surf Spray and of course oil in my hair, but I always get the worst hair the next day, dry and unruly. I must say that I really like this spray, makes my locks more defined and together with some macadamia oil it's just perfect. But as alwys there is a problem the next day, and I feel that my hair gets a little bit dry in the end. But definitely better than B&B's. I want to experiment with other brands for now, but se'll see if I will get back to this one.
Aura Cacia Carrot Seed Oil
It is said that a few drops of this one in a base oil will give you a SPF of 38-40. There's also Raspberry Seed Oil, that will give you SPF40-50, but first of all, I'm not that fair and I eat well, second of all it was hard to find it on iHerb so I settled for the carrot. Haven't yet tried it, but I will definitely pour a few drops in my face cream
 and other oil blends for daytime.
Rest is samples.
Have you tried any of the things I bought, your thoughts?
Any purchases lately that you'd wanna tell me about?
Tell me in the comments below!

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Estelle wrote @ 16:02:30

Trevliga grejer du köpt! Hoppas du blir nöjd med din egna oljeblandning, har nyss fått hem hallonfröolja som man kan köpa till bra pris i flera olika storlekar från Akoma Skincare (Storbritannien) och hoppas att det kan funka istället för solkräm :)

Har svarat på din långa kommentar om dieter i min blogg också! :)

Malin/BilboBlueEyes wrote @ 10:26:33

Japp, har testat Seabuckhorn för några månader sedan. Mycket prisvärd. Vet inte varför jag inte köpt om den egentligen? Blivit mer att jag gått över till att ha olika oljor i håret som stylingprodukt.