The Beauty Detox Solution

So it's the first of July and most people have four weeks to just chill for a moment. - Peter and I have to wait another week though.
With summer comes reading, I'd usually pick up a thick novel to read but this year I've made an order on some more diet books. I really enjoyed the book "The Crazy Sexy Diet" even tough I only agreed up to 95% of it's facts. I won't write a review 'cause me enjoying it and recommending it to everyone I meet (even made my mom by one for her and one for her friend) is enough to say it is a damn good book to have in your collection!
With that said, I want to evolve more into health and the beauty that comes with it. I've seen some amazing drastic changes in my body, and I'm listening to it even more now than ever before. - An Raw Food-update will come up soon!
Back to the picture that displays one book I've already started reading! You may have already heard of this woman, Kimberly Snyder, but I only discovered her just a few hours ago! She seems to know what she's talking about, and after browsing through the book I see that's there's many things I already know about, but I'm hoping she will be able to add something more to my knowledge. And the best way to learn and stay focused on a goal is through repetition; reading a bunch of stuff I know about will only keep me focused on the road.
 I haven't come that far to know whether she's promoting raw food or not, but I know "going back to basics" is one of them, which means: more vegetables and fruits in our diet! She understands that we are not made to be carnivores, and by taking a fast look of the recipes it's all vegan and raw food combined! Perfect!
You can buy "The Beauty Detox Solution" by Kimberly Snyder here as an e-book for only 19kr!
I'm reading the e-book for the moment but will probably purchase the hard copy because I like real books just as I like real food ;)
Other books that's on it's way in the mail:
Finally I'm going to read about the extreme diet 80/10/10! Peter and I've been experimenting with different raw food diets, but we can't be sure we're doing it right until we've actually read the books about it all. I always take in both sides of an argument and then I listen to my body.
While struggling with different creams and potions to cure my acne I turned to the world of books and diet. The Healthy Skin Diet has been on my to-read-list since last year but then it got totally forgotten. Until now, I'm making it my mission to read this book instead of wasting 125SEK on another beauty product that will just not help the inside of my body that's causing my acne!
What will you read this summer?
Have you read any of the above?
What did you think? Tell me!