Max Factor Glossfinity
I got this as a random Christmas gift. I'm really not into budget polishes, for the simple reason I don't know. But I got happily surprised by this one. This picture is taken exactly 7 days after application, and to really test it I skipped top coat and only used bottom, and also that week I did a lot of hand washing dishes. Pretty good results if you ask me. I mostly use OPI, and my friends who borrow from me always tells me they are not worth the money 'cause they chip easily, well it all depends what you do with your hands and if you use a top coat or not. But if you are looking for something so you can skip all that then I feel that this one is a good option! It comes in a great variety of colours, the one I used is called "Noisette". A little too dark for the season but I will absolutely use it more in the fall.
The only problem I can have is that if it stays for so long I don't really want to know what chemicals are used. If someone knows and can tell me it's safe I'll be ok with it. I'm just a bit worried that things that are made to last longer often comes with something harsh... I'm really suddenly into more natural nail polishes like Zoya, but right now I'm looking after the perfect Coral and White for the summer.

korres pomegranate moisturiser.

This is a lightweight cream-gel for combination/oily skin types, so if you have normal to dry skin I say take a look at the Wilde Rose 24-H Moisture Cream, which also have one for combination types. But I wanted to try this one based on the ingredients. The main active ingredient in this one is pomegranate which we all know is a super fruit; high in antioxidants and rich in Vitamins A, C & E. It combines that with pro-vitamin B5, Avocado and Salicylic acid. All of these things are great for keeping the skin young, but also proved to be great for Acneic skin types.
The Cream:
It's 82.3% natural, without any parabens, mineral oil, silicones and such. It has a very nice but light scent, which I like. At first of applying it you will think it's a bit greasy, but wait a minute or two for it to sink in, after a while it will leave a matte and hydrated face that will somewhat last all day long. But if you're very oily I would recommend another cream or use it together with the Clearing Mattifier from Dermalogica which is truly great for oily and acneic skin!
The Packaging:
I always prefer a pump, but sure glass jars, especially purple ones, feels somewhat expensive and I kind of like it. The thing that pulls me to Korres isn't just that they try to make products above 50% natural, but their esthetics. As a graphic designer I judge the book by it's cover and when I look at this jar I feel as it will add to my bathroom decor. Yes, I'm that ridiculous, but I think we all do it in some way. So even if it's not a pump, I love the purple glass and the rubber cap, together with the typography of the text. It just feels clean and simple, and that's how I want all of my beauty products to look like.
I don't really have a go-to/favorite moisturizer for the moment, I've tried lots of them but I can't seem to feel that wow-factor as some get. And this one is no different. As moisturizer I would say it's doing it's job in what it promises, and that's always a thumbs up. I like that it mattifies my face without drying it, and because of that I think it's a good moisturizer under the winter months, how it will hold up in the summer we'll have to wait and see. All-in-all I think it's a good one, I do not regret my buy. My only wish would be for it to have at least SPF15 and be more hygienic and come in a pump; that would probably qualify it to become my go-to moisturizer.

want it.

Fluorite Multi Multicolour
Fluorite Multicolor Clutch
I actually don't like Acne, not as much as some tend to do (though I have a great feeling people like them and wants to own a piece of them just because everyone else does = subtle peer pressure), and it feels like they've wondered off a bit on the wearable these past few collections. And now I feel like there someone sitting there and thinking, "well, everything mustn't look like it can be wearable for everyday. That is so boring." And hey, I respect that. But going back to the subject of the clutch. Not everything they do is terrible, there's some finer original things I too would like to own, like this clutch. And I saw it in a newsletter, before seeing who's the designer, and I liked it.
I just think people should do more picture searching and they will too find that a certain designer who they think they love is really not what they like.

house at big hill.

via desiretoinspire
I wished I could like live a week in all of my dream houses. A week. That's all I'm asking.

korres lip butter.

Korres Lip Butter in Mango
 This is a very good lip balm that just melts on you lips and make them super soft and hydrated for hours (depending on how dry your lips are). The color is somewhat orange-y, but while put on the lips it blends, and on my lips it just enhances my own lip color with a hint of coral.
The only problem I have is with the packaging. Maybe it's just me and the one I got, but I think it's a little bit difficult turning the lid back on comparing with other lip butters in a similar container. But nontheless, I love this one more than my Body Shop lip butter, and I'll be coming back for more!


I wanted to add a thing I'm using to treat my acne, and it's this Locobase LPL. It uses a large amount of lactic acid which is a form of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) your body produces. I got this prescribed by my doctor when I was on the Roaccutan treatment and my skin was very dry and flaky. Because it is a very big tube and the cream is really fat you only have to use a tiny amount, so this tube I have had for years! I actually don't have such dry skin since I switched from from Clinique, and well, using this also helps a lot under these winter months.
What it basically do is nourish and as with all AHA's it is exfoliating your skin. I only use it at night time with a few drops of Argan oil and in the morning I wake up with a very smooth looking face. And I believe it helps the scaring a little bit. Another AHA treatment I do is use products with Glycolactic Acid, and to name a few good products:
Alpha-H Liquid Gold
Murad AHA BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask
And remember that some of these products are not safe for daily use or with another exfoliate, and always to use SPF when playing with acids. Exfoliation is key for looking young and unclogging pores, but too much can do more damage than good!
The problem is that I have no idea where you can find this. Locobase as a brand you can find in any pharmacy in Sweden, although I don't know if they sell the LPL one with lactic acid, this one you'll probably have to ask for to a doctor, and even better if you're going through an acne treatment. And also, if you're allergic to lactic acid or have sensitive skin, this is not for you, it can sometimes sting a little bit.
Re-edit (23/1/13): If you're interested in lactic acid I would want to suggest a face wash from Dermalogica: Skin Resurfacing Cleanser. It's worth looking up if you want a smooth face or just entered your thirties.

want it.

Urban Decay
Naked Flushed
Haven't had that "must-have"-feeling lately so my Want It posts has been absent. But now it looks like it's coming back! I can not wait until will stock this. I've been looking for something like this with a blush, highlighter and a bronzer and that works well together. I don't really use bronzers, I've never seen why. All Swedes do it and look like they're trying too hard to look like they've been to Thailand, so I've never really fallen for it. But after reading about contouring on ITG I really saw what a difference it can make when you do it right. So as soon as my blemishes/dark spots fades away (which will probably take a year) I will start contouring. 'Cause the thing is when you've got acne, you can't really do much with blush and such.

cleaning brushes.

Burt's Bees
Baby Bee Shampoo and Body Wash Tear Free
Hope you had a nice weekend, mine was filled with sun and minus degrees.
Another thing that I ordered from was this baby shampoo by Burt's Bees which I bought for my make up brushes. I've always washed them with regular shampoo and now I'm starting to notice what sulfates can do to your hair. So I did some researched, and this one was recommended by ITG. I use antibacterial spray after every use and once a week I do a deep clean with shampoo. So far I've noticed that the bristles are much more hydrated and I barely need to use conditioner. Maybe I will test some on myself? The fun thing, it is also a body wash!
I'm all open for other tips and tricks on how to wash your make up brushes, so if you have any please tell me in the comments!


Pomegranate Moisturising Cream-Gel & Mango Lip Butter
So had their huge winter sale, and with low prices and free delivery I could not withstand!
I also needed a new day cream and wanted to explore more from the brand Korres. I've heard much about the lip butter, here in Sweden they are sold for about 12£ and I bought this for only 4.80£(!). So I think I made a good deal here.
A detailed review on both of these products will come up in a few weeks!
Though I want to warn my fellow Swedes, just after I ordered I found out that Feelunique is stated in Jersey, UK, which is like a tax-paradise. And there's people who has had to pay customs even for as little as I ordered for (260kr). But most people who has appealed has won, if you like to put the effort. Luckily, I did not have to pay customs, but who knows, next time I won't be so lucky. I will from now on only order when there's a sale or on a discount, and always have in mind that it could cost more than I'm ordering for. Don't know how it's in the rest of the world, but I don't think you should be scared, sometimes it levels out nice.

hello fresh face.

Elin Kling wrote about this brand LemLem a few days ago, and while browsing their site I found myself looking more at the models face and hair than the actual clothing. The styling is really fresh with a healthy looking face with beachy hair. Less is more you know, and I can't wait until spring time!


Hey, what do you like about the new direction my blog is heading? I mean, do you my readers also care about beauty as much as I do? I don't know why I haven't written as much about it before, especially when it comes naturally thanks to my mom that's a beauty-addict. I don't know if I should turn this into a beauty blog, I don't even know for how long I will be on this path. For you who's been following me a long time know that I've gone through many phases with this blog; personal, humor, interior design, fashion and now beauty. And maybe because of my changing nature you've stopped reading. The first lesson in blogging is finding your red thread, a subject, and sticking to it. Sticking to one subject isn't my strong side; I'm forever changing.
But for now I'm sticking to beauty and I'm hoping that you will like it. Don't be afraid to speak up if there's something you'd want me to write more or less about!

top 3 beauty sites

I read a lot of beauty blogs, but they are really connected to beauty vloggers, which is a whole different top 3-list. I got a bit surprised that when stripping off all the bloggers I wasn't left with much, but here's my top three beauty websites I visit about once a day!
#1 Into The Gloss
You probably already know about this site, and I'm probably very late getting on the ITG-waggon. Must have been the article about Elin Klings beauty products that introduced me somewhat two months ago, and I've been coming back ever since. I love reading about what others use and think is working out there in beauty jungle. Also there's some great make up lessons like contouring and highlighting. Right now I just read that ITG was visiting Rumi Neely's cabinet, can't wait for them to post that!
Maybe you know about this one too? I somehow sign up on their beauty newsletter and always get an email every time there's a new post in this category, and I always check it out. There's everything from make up inspirations, explaining what facial mists are for to hair trends. Covering all basics in other words.
With this site I was hoping to be introducing you to something new. Kind of my "wildcard" or something. I have no idea how many people know about this site, I don't even know how I came to know about it, but I've just been checking it out for a month and so and love it! It's a magazine-blog like the others, and they have a pop-up shop of where you can try out the hottest beauty brands on the market (like Emma Hardie, Korres, Alpha-H and many more). Unfortunately, sadly and quite depressing, they do not ship outside of the UK. But here again you get to see what beauty products people carry around, and somehow that's always very interesting!
Do you check these sites too? Do you have any other tips on beauty site you visit daily? Comment in the comments down below, I'd love to hear your tips!

estelle & thild - lily

Estelle & Thild

Micro Scrub Skin Renewal
First time squeezing it in my hand got me to realize I've never tried a micro scrub before. It looks just like a cream, but inside it's hiding teeny tiny crystals that feels like you're scrubbing your face with really fine sand. It leaves your skin feeling soft and deeply cleansed than other scrubs I've tried.
Detox Mask Pore Minimizing
I've tried the mask before without the complimenting scrub, and I liked it, but I'm liking it even more how these two work together. The mask says to be left on for 3-5 minutes, but I always let my masks sit on 20-40 minutes ( but that maybe depends on how sensitive your skin is) and it works fine, maybe even better. This is probably one of my favorite masks I've ever tried which is a surprise for I tend to like muddy masks, but this one is creamy. It leaves your skin with somewhat a glow and softness. And I also think it's thanks to this one and the scrub that my skin has lesser bumps.
There's absolutely something magic about this duo. The way they leave your skin feeling baby soft and above all smooth. I will definitely repurchase in the future.
*You can find these and more of Estelle & Thild @

anti-blemish solution. #2

Kit for Blemish Prone Skin
I always do a research before buying anything. I found many great review on this and started believing this would be It - the Thing that would save my face. It's all mostly natural, so it has to be good for me no matter what. I really really wanted this to work but sadly I got very very disappointed.
ClearCalm3 Clay Cleanser
First time putting it on my face felt nice. Well, it felt so nice that in a week I went and bought the full size (also because I realized the sample would not last two months like the other products). This was actually a big mistake! (Kids, try a product for at least a month before buying the whole thing!) 'Cause within a week or so my skin started to break out. Badly. I'm not really sure if it's the cleanser, but something was clogging my pores.
ClearCalm 3 Total Clarity Day Fluid
Can't say I liked it or hated it. Because of all these Acne treatments, my skin has went from being very oily to somewhat a combination, and this day cream didn't feel enough moisturizing. Also, you had to be very quick with it or you'd end up using more than you wanted.
ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum
Serum is a fancy name, and somehow I almost convinced myself to buy the full size of this too. Until I realized it didn't do anything for me.
ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask
As all of these, this one has a strange "natural" scent. The only problem is that you still can smell it even after washing it off. Here I also wanted to believe it was amazing, but came to the conclusion that the Neutrogena 2-in-1 worked better, as a wash and as a mask.
So the question is, do I recommend it? I will always recommend buying a kit and try it out for yourself, what I will add, is that this is probably not for Acne per say - I have cystic acne and this made my skin break out for some reason. Clinique was drying, but at least it didn't give me white-heads for two months. I thought at first that I was just purging, but you can't purge for two whole months. So now my skin is looking even worse than before, but that's the price you pay for trying to find out what works. I'm glad to have used up most of the products so I can try something else that hopefully will work for my skin.
Vita-Mineral Day Cream
Good scent, a little bit to creamy for my skin type, but overall a good moisturizer.
Would recommend? Yes
Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream
 This was my favorite of the samples! Very good scent, and I loved the feeling of my skin the next morning waking up. If I had the money I would probably buy the full size, but somehow I also feel that there's cheaper and even better night creams out there that's also made out of natural ingredients.
Would recommend: Yes
Invisible Pores Detox Mask
It's like a mask and a scrub in one, where you rubb it off. It does its job. But I still like the Estelle & Thild better, and they are somewhat in the same price range.
Would recommend: Yes
Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
The mask everyone's been raving about! I had to try it for myself and see what's so amazing about it. Most people say that it's one of few masks you'll see a difference right after you wash it off. Sad to say it, but I did not see a difference at all. But I think I've got a explanation for it, my skin is just so damaged and blemished that it's hard to see the radiance; it's easier to see a more brightened face on someone who's not covered in spots. I know this because I remember seeing bigger differences in my face after using masks when it was more clear. But with that said, I would like to buy the full size, because it is said to reduce the appearance of dark spots and also combat blemishes. But I also think you could get the same effect with a home made papaya/mango/manuka honey mask for less the price.
 Would recommend: Yes
* I bought the kit off at They always offer 10% off your first order and for your favorite product, also two samples of your choice with every order (I had the luck to be choosing four samples the day I ordered).


 Bumble & Bumble Sumowax

I don't know if you're interested, but this is what I gave Peter for Christmas. Well, this and a pack of briefs - he seriously needed new ones! Even if he already has found "The Wax" to use I like introducing him to new ones. This one had great reviews, unfortunatly not as matt as he likes it. I sometimes borrow it to give my hairstyle a little bit of definition, but suits mostly short hair I would say.

the world is not enough.

Vintage Dress & O.P.I "The world is not enough"
This is what I wore on New Years Eve, and here's a better picture of the dress.

christmas gifts pt. 2

 Korres Guava Shower Gel
 Randoms: Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash, MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Mascara, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair & Idealist Skin Refinish
 Estelle & Thild Detox Mask and Micro Scrub & Calvin Klein Lace Micro Triangle Bra
Here is the rest of what I got for Christmas!
Of course my Korres body butter had to have a matching friend in the form of a shower gel - now I just wished I sweat more often so I could indulge in a shower hehe. A few weeks ago I wrote about the detox mask, and there was no doubt I wanted the full size and the micro scrub, which I will write a more detailed review about later. I've always wanted a CK triangle bra and this Christmas I finally got one in this beautiful lilac color! It sits so perfect and flattering that I think it's the ultimate triangle bra of all triangle bras (and I've almost tried them all!) if there is a such title. I got some more randoms than what shows in the picture, like a make-up palette by Oriflame and some nail polishes, but what I was most excited to get was the Aqua Splash. I was going to buy it because the original - which is great - isn't that suitable in the shower. Mom didn't even tell me about it, so it was a good surprise when unwrapping!

... and hello two thousand and thirteen.

I decided to not to take pictures yesterday, mostly because I was busy in the kitchen makeing a three course dinner(!), although in the end I had to take help by the men with the meat (and that's when this pic slipped in). The food was delicious and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to treat someone to a dinner.
The menu consisted of: Appetizer: chrimp mix in avocado; Main dish: gorgonzola filled tenderloin; Dessert: New Years Eve pannacotta with caramelise apples.