"Free People has produced a short film called Roshambo to convey the story that takes place in the brand's February catalog. Starring actor Christopher Abbott of the hit show 'Girls,' and model/actress Sheila Marquez, the catalog and film follow a love story. A touring band member and his bohemian beaut are unexpectedly reunited on a Brooklyn street, and they spend a short time together in the city's boroughs. After sharing a cup of coffee, a game of roshambo leads the lovers on a whirlwind romance, with the day's events building up to what seems to be an inevitable conclusion to their chance encounter. Set to the sounds of Lord Huron's "The Ghost on the Shore," Roshambo brings the narrative of these star-crossed lovers to life with a fully flushed out story line and a surprise ending."
I love fashion movies like these ones. Only wish the shipping cost at Free People would be less..

jason natural.

As Peter and I was out on our regular shampoo and conditioner, and after discovering it contained parabens (but at least no silicone), I went on and proposed the idea of maybe we should get more natural haircare seeing as it's very hard to find good hair washes in our local food store. It's like, if you find something without parabens it's got silicone, and if you find something without silicone it's got parabens, and all of them contains SLS!
So I went on a search. Of course I wanted to try John Master's Organics, but even when finding it for half the price on internet than what you get on land, it is still very very expensive considering the amount you get. Then I looked into Burt's Bees, until I found Jason Natural.
For about 5.59£ you get almost a half liter. It's formulated without parabens, SLS and phthalates, the catch is though - I should have looked closer on the fine print before ordering - it does contain silicone! All of their hair products cointans some kind of silicone, which is upsetting when it says "pure natural" on the label. But yeah, you can only come so far when it comes to the price I guess.
Also someone in the comments reacted on "Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate", your first thought would be SLS, but this one is derived from coconut and palm oils, which is a safe skin friendly surfactant (foaming agent) for both skin and hair. So I wouldn't be afraid of it if I were you.
And So To The Actual Product:
It lathers quite nice, and leaves your hair feeling very soft and very shiny. Haha, could not believe how shiny actually! It made my hair a bit electryfied, but not as much as Head&Shoulders. Because there's no harsh SLS I don't have to feel too guilty washing my hair sometimes too often - I try to stick to 2 times a week, but lately my roots has become very oily. Also the product will probably last Peter and me a whole year!
I don't actually like the design of the Jason products, nothing I want to show off exactly. But come to think of it, hair care packaging rarely comes in good design. Well, maybe John Master's and Trilogy...
If they manage to reformulate it without silicones I will definitely repurchase. But seeing as I've gotten an oilier scalp I will probably try Lavera next time that has a good one for my hair type, and who's maybe got a smaller ingredient list, but looks natural and seems to not contain silicones, parabens, phthalates or SLS for a decent price, which is all I can ask for really. And if you're interested, Naturisimo is now offering their best selling mini hand cream when you spend 15£ or more on Lavera products! But if you're not afraid of silicones, then Jason is a good start into natural hair care products, I don't really regret the buy to be honest I just feel a bit tricked.

in the facial cleansing jungle.

So Peter and I have been pretty loyal to Apoteket's facial cleansing gel for oily/spot-prone skin these two couple of years. It has been great in controlling those hormonal spots, but in the end the only good with this cleanser is the price. It's very very cheap. To be honest, you use quite much of it, the first pump doesn't lather much and I sometimes end up using three! Maybe it's the addiction of trying new thing, but when Peter and I are standing cleansing-less both in Hudik and in Sundsvall I kind of want to persuade him to try something new, and maybe up the price a bit. But that was easier said than done!
Since becoming this pseudo-eco conscious person - I do cheat sometimes - I've noticed it has become really difficult trusting brands. And I'm that person that if I'm going to spend 20£ on a 200ml cleanser it better be real good!
I've talked about the Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash which I really love, but before splurging on the full sized bottle there's a few cleansers I'd like to try. The problem is buying a cleanser that will suit Peter's normal/dry skin (which does also get spots but he doesn't necessarily got acne like me) and my combination/acne-prone skin type. I was kind of eying Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel which should suit most any skin types, but recently they've reformulated it and suddenly I can only read bad things about it! The good thing is that they've taken away the parabens, the sad thing is that it seems to be not that great anymore, not even good. So until I find a good review on the new formula, I will sit this one out...
Lately I've become interested in pharmacy brands again, like: Avéne, La Roche-Posay and Vichy. At first their washes seems good, good reviews and all that. But after reading the actual ingredients list I kind of got disappointed; the lack of natural product gets me worried, and some are even formulated with mineral oil! I'm no expert but I try to pick products where there's at least some kind of natural product and that it is not packed at the end of the list.
When you find that product who's ingredient list begins with "organic apple juice" and ends with "pure essential oils" and you notice you get a slight tingling feeling of organic horny-ness, you are going to reach a sudden depression after looking at the price and the amount of product you get. Because the problem with natural products, they are a bit on the expensive side... And my man, even though he shows great interest in all things natural he's not keen on spending too much on his interest even if he has afford (he's such a guy).
So to wrap things up, here's a list of potential cleansers we'll get:
Avéne Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser
Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser
Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser
Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser
Alpha-H Balancing/Triple Action - does contain methylparaben but is approved by the Australian Skin Cancer Association and is only a 4/10 at EWG.
If you have a tip on a cleanser for both dry and combination skin types I would really be glad if you shared your favorite!


I've reduced most of my dairy intake but one think I can't take away (except for occasional cheese) is yoghurt in the morning. I've tried "oatghurt", which tastes like liquid oat, bleh. I've also read that soya can cause more acne because of hormones in it, so I've reduced that to only in my coffee, and preferably the "Light" version. So after I drink my green tea with lemon to detox, I will prepare my breakfast that consists of lactose free yoghurt with any seasonal fruit: lately it's been banana with pomegranate and mango. No added oat because the seeds in pomegranate will do the fiber-trick. And if I have, I will click a teaspoon Manuka honey into it.  On the side I will eat gluten- and lactose free crisp bread with avocado and caviar on.
So I don't know how healthy this is, but I feel it works for me, and I like to think I get a good start on the day with vitamins, minerals, good fats and a little bit of protein.
- Another thing I do while preparing, I will like take a bit of mango(and/or Manuka honey) and smear it on my face like a mask, then when I've finished eating I will take it off.

moroccan princess.

For Love & Lemons Morocco Maxi Dress
While editing these I thought for myself, wow it's amazing what Photoshop can do to my acne! Joke aside, here's some more pictures of the dress that makes me feel like a Moroccan Princess. - and even though I don't want any contact with my father or his side at all, it doesn't hurt to embrace the fact that I'm half Moroccan.

winter favorites.

Dec 2012 - Jan/Feb 2013
I was actually going to do a video of this, but since the update from Lion to Mountain Lion my computer gets very quickly overheated when using the webcam for more than 2 minutes. I was thinking of doing a monthly favorites like all the YouTubers, but realized I don't switch my products that often, it's more of a seasonal thing. So here we go...
Essie Base Coat Nourish Me
I've had this for a while now, and even though I would like to say it has done wonders for my brittle nails in the winter, it really hasn't. But I'd like to think it would be worse without it so that's why I'm sticking to it. Also, this winter has been harsh so the poor little guy had no chance, otherwise it works.
So Susan Eyeshadow Palette
Given in the December Glossybox, and been really loving it as an alternative to my usual basics palette (I'm using a limited edition - don't remember which collection - mineral shadow palette "Love To Love" from MAC). The colors are very pigmented and would suit almost anyone.
Kanebo SENSAI 38°C Mascara
Been very effective in those snowstorms you know.
Locobase LPL
I've written about it before, so no need for a long introductory. I believe it has saved me from flaky skin this winter, and I just love it the soft feeling in the morning.
Emma S. Facial Mist
I've talked about this one being an unneccesary beauty essential, and it still is, but somehow I believe it has also helped with the skin not being dry this winter. I've been abusing it and only got little less than half left, but it had a great price in compare with other facial mists. Although, for the summer I will be in the lookout for something more suited for oily skin.
Estelle & Thild Detox Mask
Done a review on this don't need more saying than it's a keeper!
Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash
I haven't said anything about that I'm trying the Dermalogica MediBac clearing system, haven't I? Well, now you know, and it's been almost two months, so a review will come up soon! Just to give you a sneak peak, I want to say I have really been loving this facial wash! I never saw face washes as something that you could like or even love, but must be one of the nicest and I'm thinking about never going back to foam cleanser ever again!
Lindex Polo Sweater
When I got this I told you that I would practically live in it this winter and I can with absolute certainty say that I have! It's so versatile and because it's so light but still warming it's been the perfect weekend-get-away-sweater. Every time we go to Sundsvall I'll be having this and a pair of jeans, and maybe a top under, nothing more is needed for two nights.

birthday gift pt 2

Have I told you I'm in LOVE with the brand FL&L? Well, if I had the money they would ruin me! Especially their "Midnight in Morocco" collection, I wished I could have gotten all the things, but if there was one thing I had to settle with it would have to be this dress which Peter got me for my birthday. This is my second piece from them.
From those two dresses I got, it really feels like the designers, Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall, knows the female body - well dhu they are women! But if you have a piece from them you probably know what I mean. Their clothing is so fitting, delicate, sexy and... Frivolous! I just love how they have brouht me back to my bohemian roots! I've been dressing myself like this classical minimalistic Swede the past few years that I've totally forgotten how much I love prints, body hugging, cut outs, colors and slits! The thing is, or must be, the climate here in Sweden. FL&L is more suited for a more Californian/Australian weather, but you know, someday I'll convince Peter to move us ;)

birthday gift pt 1

If you guessed Clarisonic then you guessed right!
I've been wanting one for like two-three years now! I'm feeling slightly special 'cause I don't think many Swedes own this brilliant thing taken the consideration it's not available anywhere in Europe except in the UK (I think). It's actually an early birthday gift, I got it the 18th of January and my birthday was the 18th of February so I've been testing it out for exact a month. I won't go into much details, saving some for my usual two months-review. But it's the Mia2™ Sonic Skin Cleansing Acne Clarifying Collection. I actually chose that one, not for it's acne-purpose, but for the color! I have a thing for citrus-y colors when it comes to gadgets. I was going for a simple Mia in Coral or Mango, but in the end I settled for white with a hint of lime and I love it, and it compliments the rest of my bathroom gadgets. - Later though I saw that Clarisonic came out with a Mia2 in Key Lime... so maybe when I have a little money left over I'll buy one for Peter! All I can say so far, it won't cure (real) acne but I wouldn't want to be without it!
I will reveal you all about where and how I ordered it and how much the total sum was in the review that will be posted in a month! So you also will know the cheapest and easiest way to get yours!

want it.

The Happening Palette
NARS The Happening Palette
Looks like there's an on going trend here - you know, three is a trend! Here's another bronzer/blush palette, although without the hichlighter, but I suspect you could get away using the light eyeshadow as a highlighter. In this palette you get the famous orgasm blush and laguna bronzer together with four beautiful eyeshadows. Take a closer look here.

It's my birthday today so I'll be taking a break. Even though there's not much celebrating going on, I have the sweetest boyfriend sick at home who needs some pampering. I know, it's my day, but I know he'll make it up to me. Tomorrow I'll show you the gifts I've gotten!
Can you guess what it is?
(No price, just the honor for guessing right)

pampering with rosehip and manuka.

 Hello and Happy Valentine's Day! Or for me it's my official "Pamper Yourself Day". If you're single, or even if you're not, the 14th of Febuary is a perfect day to brighten and moisture that dull complexion you get from winter. If I had a bath tube I would stop by Lush and stock on bath bombs, my favorite one is Sex Bomb! And while in the tub I would put on a hair and face mask.
 Yesterday my package with Pai Skincare finally arrived!* It contains a full size of their most popular Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, a limited edition (can only be bought in this gift box) Rosehip Face Mask and a muslin facial cloth, all in this beautiful packaging. There's a lot of controversy about Rosehip oil and acne which I will take on and guide you through in a separate post.
In the meantime, if you want the exact same box you can get it on Pai's website, and if you live in Sweden here. I bought it off, but just recently I saw that they don't have it anymore, but you should still check the rest of the products for they are the cheapest in my opinion. I will be using the Rose hip oil to treat acne scars, I will also try it on some stretchmarks that I have, and of course I will report back on the results as soon as I get them!
*It got stuck in customs on its way to Sweden, something in the packet looked suspicious under x-ray - I believe it the orange bottle must have looked dangerous? So the packet had to be unpacked, and luckily they did not find anything obscene and forwarded to me!
Another thing to use to pamper yourself is Manuka Honey. My mom introduced me to it last year and I've been hooked on it ever since; just made an order for my second bottle! Apiderm I got from my mom too and the only page I can find it on is here, but I know you can get it in health food stores. It works just like Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream only it is cheaper, more natural and has a nice honey scent to it that you almost want to eat it. It's a bit to sticky to be wearing it at daytime or even night time, so what I do is use it as a repairing and moisturizing mask, and it works really well hat way! Especially when I've been over exfoliating, I use this both in the morning and evening after two days my skin is back to normal.
Hope you have a nice Valentine/Pamper day, lots of love and thanks for following me!
I don't say that enough when I should!

anti-blemish solution. #3

Pure Skin Clarifying Supplements 120 Tabs
There's no cream out there that will magically make your acne go away! They can help, but we all know that Real Acne is best treated from the inside; that means diet and sometimes supplements!
I will be makeing a better "about me" page where you will be able to read all about my skin type and my history with acne, treatments, and stuff. And when that's up you will be able to read it here.
The Product:
This is an A-vitamin based supplement, much like Roaccutan/Accutan, and has also all the other vitamins and minerals that's good for your skin. You will also probably notice better quality in hair and nails while taking this.
One serving is two tablets which you are recommended to take twice a day. It's best you go and look at the ingredients list before you read the rest of what I'm going to write so you'll understand. It's a bit pricey (about 30-50£), and one bottle will last you 30 days if you take the recommended servings. I bought mine off for about 25£ including a 20% discount before they brought the price up to 50£.
The Problem:
I'm no expert. But all I know is that overdosing on vitamin A is bad for you, especially you liver, just like Roaccutan only that one is even more dangerous. If you want to know how and why overdosing vitamin is bad you can turn to Google for answers, there's lots of articles that explains that you shouldn't overdose in the long run, and you shouldn't either drink while on Roaccutan/A-vitamin. I got very worried after reading reviews of people taking this years after years, and just because it's a vitamin supplement doesn't mean the servings are safe. It just feels ignorant. But I can be wrong.
How I Took It*:
I started off with four pills a day. But after little more than a week I didn't feel well, I was constantly tired, don't know if it were the pills or just the condition I was in but as soon as I switched to two pills a day I felt much better instantly! And that's how I kept on. After a month I tried taking the full dosage again, but ended with the same result.
Did it do anything for me? Yes and no. It did nothing more than what an average multivitamin supplement would do. It did help in the way that by not taking it my skin would get worse, but it didn't cure anything, it only somewhat regulated it. But no, no huge improvements like other reviewers has seen, not even after a week or two months of use.
Would I buy again? No, not for the price of 30£ or more. After looking more into it there's cheaper brands with almost the identical ingredients.
Would I recommend it? Even if I won't keep buying these I would still recommend them, but that you use them with caution and after taking the full dosage (if you can handle it) for a few months, go down to two pills just to let you liver breathe and RESEARCH. Always, always RESEARCH and go with you gut feeling. I wasn't ok with overdosing on vitamin A, and maybe my tiredness was just a placebo effect.
But I also want to point out that before you go on any pills, especially A-vitamin based, try a dairy-free diet and maybe after that try adding a gluten-free diet. Also, I did notice that a Zink/Magnesium/E-vitamin supplement twice daily was even more effective than this. I will though try my last supplement, it will be the popular B5/Pantothenic Acid which I won't write a review about until summer. I've also done some changes in my diet, no extreme, but I will follow you up on that in the future!
*This review wasn't probably that helpful for I didn't take it as it was recommended. But if you've taken this supplement or similar, please don't be shy to share your experience, or if you've found something that works better!

want it.

Helmut Gala Dress
The dress is inspired by the Lush Voile Top, which I remember myself posting that it was "the perfect white shirt" a few months ago. Still yearning for that one, and now this dress...

Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish.

The new thing in nail beauty? Me like! Get it here.


I got to say that I'm a little bit dissapointed in Estée Lauder products. We can skip the subject of how natural they are, some are filled with parabens and some are mostly filled with nice stuff, like this cream. I've been using samples, and even if it's not for my skin type it was the only cream I had that had a SPF in it. All of my sunscreens are forgotten and locked up in our summer house.
Although, two Estée products that's been kind of cult-declaired that hasn't really worked for is the: Estée Lauder Idealist Skin Refinish and Advanced Night Repair - both of these are very expencive!
Idealist Skin Refinished is supposed minimise pores, redness and such and such, but it's basically filled with silicones. I noticed immediatly the first day of aplication that it clogged my pores; after putting it in the morning, in the eving when I was about to wash my face I saw more pimples for no reason at all. This was actually my first experience of noticing that a cream is causing me to break out. And as soon as I stopped using it, three days later just to be sure, my skin went back to normal. It doesn't say anywhere to which skin type it's more suited to, so just to be sure, always ask for a sample!
The Advanced Night Repair I actually bought two years ago. My mom knows this sales clerk at the Estée Lauder counter and she managed to convice me that I would look young with continued use of this. She also said it was good to use in the summer like an after sun treatment, which I followed with putting it on my face, decolletage and shoulders, and as she said I did not get burned. But that was when I had good skin. Also I'm probably too young to be able to see the youth-effect of it, but my skin didn't feel more different except for not getting sunburned.
These last couple of months it has been challenged to the max, taking care of acne scars and pigmentation, how to you think it did? It has done nothing in "repairing" my skin. And when you look at the ingredients, you are not surprised. The only good thing about it is that it hydrates, which is always a good thing, and aqua is the first step to looking younger. But saying it will repair your skin is bullsh*t.
And that's what I've noticed on a lot of serums, the word "Repair" is being misused countless amounts of times. If you follow me on my other social sites you'd probably read of what was inside the package I was going to get yesterday. I've switched up my game to Caudalíe Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting. As with Estée Lauder I've read only good things about this serum, only this one is a little more natural, shorter ingredients list, and is said to be 62 times better than Vitamin C in correcting. I'm also waiting on a package where I ordered Rosehip Oil which will be more of my real and actual Repair serum, and I will do a post about that later 'cause there's a lot of discussions between rosehip and acne.
I'm counting on Caudalíe now, and I will report about it in 1-2 months. I know the waiting is awful! Meantime, you can tell me what's you're experience with Estée Lauder or any of the other mentioned products! And I'm sorry this post got a little too long!


Hey there, I thought I would post this as a compensation for the lack of "friday, I'm in love"-posts. I believe I've told you I don't really feel comfortable in pictures anymore. If you look closely in this photo you can see some spots on my cheeks - here I'm actually not wearing any make up at all. At the same time I feel as if I have gone through my whole (Hudiksvall's) wardrobe, there's like no more looks to post, you've seen it all and most days are spent in this last purchase. I also believe I've told you that I don't buy clothes that often, mostly when I have to or fall deeply in love with something and never ever for full price it's a waste of money.
Off topic, I wanted to inform you that I've started a Google+ page! To not get into too much details, 'cause I could really do a whole long and probably boring post about design comparison between Google+ and Facebook and why Google rocks. But I'm not gonna do that. Honestly, I just did and erased it, and now I see me doing it again so let's stop and take a deep breath...
So if you've got Google+ you are welcome to follow me! And to try to sell it a little bit more: if twitter is more of a mix of personal and short thoughts (which I've kinda abandoned), and my Instagram is more for my artistic side, my Google+ page is all about my blog, beauty and fashion! Or I don't know, follow me and we'll see what it will be!
And with that said, I'm about to go out in the snow storm to the postal office and get a package which (of course) contains the beauty product that will change my skin!

want it.

Benefit Fine One One
Some week ago I posted something familiar from Urban Decay, but while waiting for that one to make its way to Europe I really want to get my hands on this multipurpose cheek and lip tint. Just as with the UD you get a highlighter, blush and contour, but in this more convenient and easy way of applying it. Looks like a necessity for traveling; you can just throw it in your bag, pop it open when you need some color, and all you need is your fingers to blend it it, et voilá!

January Glossybox Sweden 2013 Unboxing

So for the first Glossybox this year it was all about "Functional Beauty", don't know if I really get the theme of this month, but I am really pleased with what I got! They were all full size products except for the Burt's Bees cuticle cream, but really that tiny thing will last a very long time and is great to have in your purse!
Oliva by CCS Make Up Remover Wipes
Haven't yet tried them, but when I do be sure to check back here to read my verdict! I was very glad to get some facial wipes because my Yes To Cucumbers are starting to come to an end and I was thinking what shall I try next. These may not be 98% natural like the others, but 92% is a good close up. I just recently started using wipes, and I use them in the middle of the day, almost right after I come home from lunch (yes, what a waste of make up) but I've found my skin likes it, and I only use 'cause it's the only thing I have for now that has SPF. Maybe it's only SPF15, but it's better than nothing.
UPDATE: So now I've tried it and I really like them! They are a bit smaller and thinner than YTC I use, but for that they are much softer and kind of more hydrating, probably because they got olive oil. It took all of my make up off without stinging and being very gentle around the eye (which the YTC do but without irritating).
You get 24 wipes for 50SEK, while YTC at I get 30 wipes for almost less the price. But I will probably make these my go-to-wipes for when I'm too impatient to order online, 'cause the Oliva you can get at any pharmacy nearby and I really liked them.
Why I still choose YTC over the softer ones is basically because of the ingredients. YTC contains Aloe Vera, which I found out recently is very good for acneic skin, not only does it soothes but it contains all the vitamins and minerals in which are good in fighting acne (just research it!).
Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner
We've all heard of dry shampoo, but what about dry conditioner? Not sure if I've ever heard of the brand Percy & Reed but they seem to be innovative. About the product: it's a full size which is this little can of 50ml, and it's quite expensive. As I've you're supposed use it right the opposite of how you would use a dry shampoo, so instead of spraying where your hair is oily you would then spray this one where your hair is dry, like at the ends.
I don't know if this product convinces me that this is a must have, it is a fun idea, but with all the hair oils - and this one is no better with silicones in it - do we really need it? And I personally am not fond of the scent.
SB12 Toothpaste
When I saw this tube I immediately thought of the thing I wrote in my Korres Moisturiser-review, "... when I look at this jar I feel as it will add to my bathroom decor." And that's exactly how I feel about this tube! I also think it's fun to get a toothpaste, it's such a thing you always have to buy and it would be nice to get a free supply once in a while and spend your money on other stuff.
Elite Models Eye Pencil
I tried this pen yesterday, and to my surprise it wasn't black but had a little bit of glitter in it. And then I read that the color is "Secret Grey". I'm a little bit disappointed in that and don't know how much I will wear it, it feel more of something you'd put on when going out. But Peter assured me it looked ok as an everyday liner. The liner itself is waterproof, and a very good one for that matter! Reminds me of the Urban Decay 24/7-eye pencils. I tried to swatch it, but my camera is only good in flash and landscape photography so it fail, but I have to say, it was hell trying to wash it off my hand! If you like waterproof eyeliners that doesn't smudge I definitely recommend this one, and I will probably be looking into other colors 'cause I'm not into glitter.
Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream
This is something I would never buy myself (I did it once though) but it is always nice to get. And yes, now in winter my cuticles and nails tend to get on the dry side, although, there's nothing my hand cream or organic oils can't fix, and that's why I think something like a cuticle cream is just a waste of money. But this one is really nice and has scent of lemons. In fact, if I would make my own perfume, it would be something like this only with a hint of some flower (haven't decided yet what flower I like the most). It's just another brilliant products from Burt's!