juice & smoothie cleanse.

I'm not doing it because it's a week until the holidays. I wasn't really thinking of eating things I'm not supposed to. No, Christmas is going to be a mostly raw and plant based, substituting swedish meatballs for falafels and making things from the ground. The only sneaky thing we will have is Bigos - my Polish love dish! <3 My mom is making it with meat for the taste, but Peter and I will pick them out and add some mushrooms we picked this fall. But it's basically one of my top three favorite dishes that we serve every big holiday.
But back to the cleanse!
I've never done one before, but I kind of know what to expect. And because I know myself so well, I know that at the end of the day I will be craving something more "solid", so I'm extending it to include smoothies; it's pre-chewed and will also not waste time on digestion, which is the point of doing a cleanse, to let your system rest and go on with fixing the roof. I also think fibers are actually good in a cleanse, 'cause we all know the toxins won't just flush down one way...
And why am I doing this when I know silly fasting will only fuck up my metabolism and probably even make me binge and gain weight? It's not like I'm going for a weeks cleanse, more like three days or less. But I'm utterly intrigued to see if it can in someway boost my liver cleanse, and also maybe trigger some kind of come back to having more 100% raw days. I feel as if I lost it somewhere in the middle of the winter. But maybe Decmeber is just a big ol' cheat month?
We'll see how it goes, but I won't be surprised if I quit after 1 ½ days...
I will keep a journal of it.
Have you done a cleanse, how did it go?
Will you do any before/after the Holidays?


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