juice and smoothie cleanse - day 1.


The schedule said to start 8AM, but as always the bed feels a lot nicer to stay in than to actually get on and live.
Even if this was planned I had some trouble the day before to get all the ingredients I needed, missing things like Grapefruit, spinach and more lemons.

As soon as I got up close to noon I got on with the first drink of the day: Warm inflammatory detox water, containing lemon, turmeric, cayenne, ginger and some honey for sweetness. Boiling most ingredients to add lemon and honey when the water cooled down a bit to save on the c-vitamin. And for some reason I've become terrified of warming honey after reading it becomes toxic. If this is true I can't tell, but I believe it's like roosting nuts, it doesn't get better in other words.
Also popping those Ayurvedic cleansing tablets around this time.

Next step was dry brushing, shower and oil massage before the actual breakfast.
I tried researching what juice is best to start with in the morning; green- or fruit juice. Couldn't really find a great answer so I went on to relying on a book I have that recommends a fruit juice to kickstart your morning, a vegetable juice for lunch and than a fruit juice again to carb up with, and to finish with something soothing for the night.

I usually eat honeydew melon for breaky so I found a recipe similar but with added carrot, celery and ginger, and some cardamom for taste. While making my first juice of the day I found it easier to just do all the juices at the same time. I have a slow juicer so the juice can be stored up to 48-72hours before it becoming useless. Of course, it's always to drink freshly made but that would mean a lot of dishing! I'm trying to make at least one pint of every juice.

I finished juicing but couldn't really finish drinking up my breakfast before I remembered I had an appointment at 1PM. Haha, I know, breakfast at 1PM?! You can say my schedule is to hell with by this time...

Coming home about an hour later with only half a pint of morning juice you'd maybe expect me to be cranky, maybe headachy, but no. I finish it and just went straight to my lunch which has the action name "Magnificent 7" (made up with seven power greens). I wish it tasted magnificent though...
Struggling with not pouring it down the sink, I managed to get it down my throat. Except for some minor refluxes I'm still on a good mood and feeling energized! But I have a feeling of a drop coming soon, so it's good to have a fruit juice to look forward to, or even a smoothie.

Around 4PM I feel signs of a blood sugar drop, but I head on to the mat to do some light detox yoga.
Afterwards I settled for my third juice, "Spring Clean". A detox juice made of cabbage, celery and pears. I made about a liter of this one because I didn't feel like saving the cabbage, we're going away soon so most things need to be eaten or drunk in this case.
Of all vegetables I would actually put cabbage as the number one detoxifying foods - yes, over kale and broccoli. It's cheap and the list of it's benefits is to long to remember, it's just one of those foods you take for granted.

Somewhere around six o'clock I felt the avalanche. I suddenly got hungry for real and felt very under carbed. I went on to making some smoothies, putting lots of bananas and a half avocado in one of them, but nothing seemed to satisfy my cravings.
My boyfriends started looking at me like, "Why are your doing this, you don't need to starve yourself?" But that is not how I see it.

At the end I had to turn to plan c - well, actually it was my body that was craving it - some purée soup. (Note that I did not think of bread, buns, or any "real food", soup was all in my mind.)
I went on making that and suddenly felt very satisfied. At least it was puréed, and I went a whole day without eating anything solid, which is the point of a detox like this. So yes, I'm kind of proud over myself there...

I've at least learned something, and so my mission for the next day is to drink more and more calorie rich juices.


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